Billionaire Unloved - Page 62

“I have no idea,” he said, his warm breath wafting over my ear. “All I can feel right now is you.”

He moved back, and our eyes met. I could see the strain of holding back on his face.

“Then fuck me, Jett. Please. The pain is gone. All I want is you.”

“This might not last long,” he warned. “I’ve wanted you for too long, and you feel way too good wrapped around my cock.”

He pulled back slowly, and then buried himself again, which elicited a deep, wanton moan to escape my lips. “Jett,” I said desperately, helpless to find any other words.

I didn’t care how long it lasted. I just wanted the connection I felt with him to end with him coming apart like I’d done a few minutes ago.

“Tell me what to do,” I whispered in his ear.

“Enjoy the ride,” he rumbled.

Before I could say anything, my breath left me in a rush as Jett started to move with much more urgency.

“Yes,” I babbled, wrapping my arms tighter around his neck. “Fuck me.”

My encouraging words seemed to spur him on, and his thrusts became deeper and faster, more frenzied with each stroke.

I became hungry for more, and I started lifting my hips to meet every fierce plunge, my legs wrapping instinctively around his waist.

Just as he’d predicted, we were both sweating and lost in the pounding rhythm of a dance so carnal that I could hardly breathe. All I knew was the brutal hunger and incessant reaching to get to a place where my body gave me some relief.

I love you, Jett. I love you so much!

I wanted to scream those words out loud, but I didn’t.

Maybe he didn’t feel the same way, or maybe he did. But the last thing I wanted was for him to back away like he had when I’d seen him gloriously naked for the first time.

“I need you, Jett. Please!” The plea was accurate for the way I was feeling. I wanted to crawl inside him, wallow in him, and never come out again.

He moved, changing position and hefting his upper body up so our gazes met and clashed with a violent passion that nearly made me crumble from the intensity.

The strong muscles in his arms held him steady as he pummeled into me, and I met him stroke for stroke as I surged to meet his powerful thrusts.

My fists clawed at the bedspread, trying to keep my body grounded.

He’d moved into a position where his cock flirted with my clit, and the sensation of him pounding into me and the stimulation of the small, sensitive nub was more than I could bear at the same time.

“You’re killing me!” I screamed as my climax steamrolled me.

We lost eye contact when I couldn’t take anymore. I arched my back and gave myself over to the pleasure and the tension that Jett had built up inside me.

I felt my inner muscles clench around his cock, and his groan was definitely a sign that he was close.

“Fuck!” he yelled out as he continued to piston into me with longer, harder movements.

As I started to find my way back to earth, I watched Jett as he orgasmed, his head thrown back with abandon, the muscles in his neck flexing as he found his own release.

It was the most earthy, beautiful thing I’d ever watched.

He collapsed on top of me, but I welcomed his impressive body mass as I wrapped my arms around him tightly. I felt vulnerable, but I knew he was there to keep me safe.

There was no sound except our harsh, uneven attempts to take in air while we both tried to catch our breath.

He rolled onto his back, taking me with him so I was sprawled on top of his chest.

“I’m not even going to try to explain what just happened,” Jett said coarsely as his breathing started to become normal again.

“If sex is always like that, then I missed out.”

Jett tightened his arms around me. “It’s not.”

“Then I’m glad I waited for you,” I murmured.

“I’m glad you did, too,” he answered in a rough baritone.

As my eyes grew heavy, and my body sluggish, I fell asleep in the arms of the man I knew I couldn’t live without.

And that thought really didn’t frighten me anymore at all.


From the moment I entered the Lawson complex the following morning in a custom power suit and tie, everyone was blatantly staring.

I didn’t really blame them. I hadn’t set foot in our offices since my accident.