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He slammed the drawer closed and rolled, pulling me down on top of him. “Do you know how crazy that makes me?” he rasped. “That you could have been raped or worse out on the streets alone?”

“I wasn’t,” I told him, stroking his jaw to make him relax.

“But you could have been,” he answered as he rolled me under him. “And I doubt I’ll ever be able to take your safety lightly because of it.”

I sighed and wrapped my arms around his neck. “Feel free to protect me.”

I kind of loved Jett’s alpha instinct to make sure I was always safe. After the life I’d lived the last six or seven years, it was comforting.

“Damn right I will,” he vowed harshly right before his mouth came crashing down on mine.

The fire that was always right underneath the surface when I was with Jett exploded the moment his lips touched mine.

The feel and taste of him was addictive, and I’d been waiting way too long for my fix.

I was panting when he released my mouth and moved lower to explore my breasts. My nipples were painfully hard, so when he bit down gently, I let out a tormented moan. The pleasure/pain made my pussy flood with heat.

He went back and forth, his tongue lashing over my nipples until I felt like I was losing my mind.

“Jett, please,” I gasped.

“Relax, baby,” he said against my sensitive skin. “This is going to be a long ride.”

Every muscle in my body was tense, and there was no way that was going to change. Not while he was tormenting me.

I let out a huff of relief as he moved lower, but my anticipation heightened as he parted my legs and moved between my thighs.

I knew he was going to taste me, just like he’d threatened to do the first time he’d made me come, but I wasn’t prepared for what it would feel like when his tongue stroked over my sensitive flesh. “Oh, God,” I moaned, my body responding so acutely to the sensation that I tried to pull back.

Without missing a beat, Jett cupped my ass to keep me in place while his mouth and tongue devoured me.

He licked from bottom to top, teasing my clit every time he reached the tiny bundle of nerves.

I speared my hands into his hair, trying to find something stable while my body flew out of control.

I wanted more.

I needed more.

But Jett seemed determined to merely explore.

I squirmed beneath him, not knowing exactly what I had to have, but hoping that he’d give it to me.

“Please,” I cried out desperately.

His hands tightened on my ass, and he dove harder, his tongue more focused and insistent on my clit.

“Yes,” I hissed as I started to climax, a sensation I was very familiar with now.

I tightened my grip on Jett’s hair, realizing this orgasm was different, even more powerful than I’d experienced in the past.

Lifting my hips, I welcomed every stroke of his tongue.

My back arched as I screamed, “I can’t take it, Jett.”

But he showed me that I could and would take everything he had to give.

I imploded as my orgasm crashed over me, my body shaking as Jett brought me slowly down to earth.

He crawled up my body and kissed me, letting me taste myself on his lips. The embrace was sensual and hot, and I wrapped my arms around his neck and savored the feel of our heated bodies skin-to-skin.

I was consumed by a pleasant haze of lust as I was coming back down to earth that I wasn’t prepared when Jett thrust his hips forward and firmly seated himself inside me.

There was some pain, but some primal need to be joined with him was so satisfied that I didn’t care.

I panted as Jett remained still. “Relax, sweetheart,” he said in a raspy voice near my ear. “We needed to get the bad part over quick.”

“I knew it wasn’t going to fit well. You’re too big.”

“Jesus, woman. You are good for my ego, but it fits. It just takes some getting used to. I think I’m exactly where I’ve always belonged.”

I understood. Somehow, I felt like I’d always been waiting for Jett.

The pain subsided, and all I could feel was Jett stretching me, filling me. And the sensation went beyond physical. My spirit was soaring.

“It’s better,” I said breathlessly. “Is your knee okay?”

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