Billionaire Unloved - Page 60

She looked up and I searched her face. The only thing I could see was the same fucking longing I was feeling. “I didn’t doubt you, Ruby. I doubted myself.”

“You hurt me,” she said with brutal honesty.

My gut ached as I looked at the hint of sadness in her beautiful dark eyes.

“I know. I’m sorry,” I answered.

She shrugged. “Shit happens. I doubt it will be the first time we’ll piss each other off.”

I grinned. “At least I know you’re perfectly capable of standing up for yourself.”

She shook her head. “That wasn’t just for me. It was for you, too. Your reality isn’t mine, Jett. I want you to see yourself as you really are instead of through your distorted lens. When I look at you, I see a strong, handsome man who got hurt trying to save people from death or permanent captivity and torture. You put your own well-being on the line without hesitation. And you have the scars to prove it. You’re my hero, Jett. Don’t you know that?”

I had to swallow the enormous lump in my throat before I could answer, “And you’re mine.”

Emotionally, I hadn’t been in a good place when I’d met Ruby. But she’d changed me for the better when she’d crashed into my life, healing all my open emotional wounds that I’d gotten from the accident and my agonizing recovery.

“Can I touch you now?” she asked with a sultry expression. “I feel like I’ve been waiting forever.”

“Yeah,” I croaked.

As she dropped to her knees, I wondered what I’d just agreed to, and whether I was going to live through it.


My heart was racing like crazy as I lowered myself to my knees to touch Jett’s leg.

It wasn’t exactly the gnarled mess that Jett made it out to be, but it was incredibly scarred, and my heart ached for all the pain he had gone through because of his injuries.

But God, the man was otherwise gorgeous.

I traced his scars, and then ran my hands down his rock-hard abs. He hit the exercise room every single morning, and it showed. There wasn’t an ounce of spare flesh on his body. He was all hard muscle and hot skin.

After a couple of years of physical therapy, Jett knew his exercise routine for his knee by heart. He did his PT and then got down to business on the rest of his body, and his routine was brutal, keeping his ripped form perfect.

I crawled behind him to finally cop a feel of his tight ass in all of its glory. I didn’t feel the least bit guilty as I stroked over his hard glutes, thinking that I could bounce a quarter off his tight butt and send it into the stratosphere. I leaned forward to put my mouth on one cheek, then bit down hard.

“Jesus! Did you just bite my ass?” Jett grumbled.

I grinned up at him as I moved back in front of him. “Do you really think I was going to miss the chance?”

As my gaze rolled down his body, I finally looked directly at his cock, and it hadn’t gotten any smaller over the last few minutes.

I wrapped my fist around the erect shaft, and then ran a thumb over the head. The ache in my core became more like agony.

“Stop, Ruby,” Jett growled as he grabbed my wrist and then took my hands and pulled me up. “We’re going to do this right.”

He slammed the shower off, and then urged me to step out. He followed closely behind me.

“I didn’t actually wash myself,” I said breathlessly.

“Doesn’t matter. I plan to get you sweaty so you’ll need it again anyway.”

An electric tingle shot down my spine as I thought about getting hot and sweaty with Jett.

He quickly dried himself, and then ran the towel over my body sensually, every touch stoking my need for him.

Finally, he tossed the towel to the floor and cupped my breasts in his hands, his thumbs lightly caressing my hard nipples.

“You’re so fucking beautiful, Ruby,” he said gruffly, and then pulled me into the attached bedroom.

My ass hit the mattress, and Jett came down beside me.

I watched him roll toward the side table to fumble for something inside.

“I’m already on birth control,” I told him. “I have been since soon after I ran away. I went to the free clinics just in case something happened when I was on the streets.”