Burning Attraction Complete - Page 7

She bit her lips as he squeezed and played with her nipples. Her clit throbbed and pulsed with each touch. She wanted him to fuck her, needed him to shove his cock into her. The wetness on her back from his pre-cum told her he was ready.

“I’m going to touch your pussy now.” Jake slid his hand over her belly, an inch at a time. Sarah moaned. Who’d have thought dirty talk could make her so wild and crazy with need?

His eased her legs even further apart. “Oh god!” Did he want her to beg?

He tweaked one taunt nipple hard enough that she gasped. “No talking unless I ask you a question.” One hand slid between her legs and stroked her through her wet panties.

Sarah trembled. Her muscles contracted.

“You come when I say and not before. Understand?”

“Ye…yes. Yes Sir!” She fought the urge to press herself into his hand and come right there and then. Damn, she was beyond ready.

Jake stroked lightly, the pad of his finger barely touching her. Her hips bucked.

His other hand cupped her hard from behind, stroking from anus to clit, pressing her into the heel of his hand. Oh god, oh god, oh god. She was going to come.

Jake removed his hands. Her body jerked. “You are so damn hot. My cock is hard. I’m going to fuck you now, Sarah. On your hands and knees,” he ordered softly as he pulled her thong down.

She lifted each knee in turn. “Yes! Yes! Fuck me.” Sarah sobbed as she dropped onto all fours. Jake covered her body, his head beside hers. He nipped her ear. “The rules, Sarah.”

Rules? How could she think of rules when her body was on fire for him? “Oh god,” she moaned, feeling his hot, heavy cock between her legs. “Please, Sir, fuck me. Fuck me hard.” She clenched her thighs.

“When I say!” he bit harder.

Sarah panted. “Yes Sir.”

“What do you want?”

“I want your cock inside me.” She nearly screamed the words.

Jake gripped her hips and slid into her hot, wet pussy one teasing, agonizing inch at a time until she thought she’d scream. He was huge, stretching her, filling her completely. Unsure whether she was allowed to make noise, Sarah bit her lips as she tightened her muscles, gripping him.

And was rewarded by a sharp slap to her bottom. The stinging pain startled her.

“You will not move.” He slid out of her then back in. Over and over with agonizing slowness.

Sarah trembled and shook with the force of the need to come building inside her. Sex, making love, had never been this intense, overwhelming, shattering need.

Jake bent back over her, pressing her down to her forearms so her ass was in the air. He held her tight against him. One hand rubbed her ass where he’d spanked her. “You have a nice ass and a tight, wet pussy, Sarah. Did you know that I watch you in the office, and I think about this when we’re working together?”

“God, Mr. Anders. Sir. Please.” She shuddered as he fondled her ass, his finger stroking along her crack. He found her swollen clit and circled her hard tip. She bucked back against him, sobbing with need.

“Come for me. Come now!”

Sarah didn’t need to be told twice. He moved inside her, thrusting deeper, harder and his fingers were sliding up along her wet folds. Then he concentrated on her clit, rubbing, circling until she screamed his name. Her orgasm ripped through her, spasm after spasm.

Jake gripped her hips and thrust his cock hard and deep. Over and over, driving her toward another orgasm.

“Jake!” She shuddered as waves of another intense orgasm claimed her body and mind. Behind her, Jake gave one last thrust, pulled out, and shot his seed across her ass.

Good god, that was the best sex she’d ever had. She lifted herself up to thank Jake.

“I’m not done.”

Sarah blinked. “Aren’t you?”

He chuckled behind her. “Oh no, my hot, sexy Sarah. I think I can go another round or two.”

“Oh my god, you’re a sex fiend.” She felt him wiping his cum from her ass.


“Hell no.”

“My rules. Remember.” His voice deepened in warning.

As she’d just had the best sex she’d ever had, on either side of the Rockies, she nodded.

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