Deep in You - Page 27

That lets me relax when we finally pull into my driveway. Which is lucky, because as soon as I turn to face Caleb, neither of us can keep our hands off one another long enough to park the car, let alone stumble up the steps toward the bedroom. We leave a trail of clothing in our wake—my shirt on the bottom of the steps, my bra somewhere near the top, his pants on the landing, his shirt looped over my bedroom door.

“I can’t wait to be inside you,” he murmurs as he kisses his way down the side of my neck, still walking me backwards toward the bed, our arms locked around each other. I’m down to just my thong now, and I know that won’t last long. Not with Caleb completely naked before me.

“I want to taste your sexy fucking cock again.” I lean back and kiss down his chest, but he stops me. Tilts my head back to smirk down at me.

“You will,” he promises. “Tomorrow morning when I get you on your knees in the shower.”

I shiver at the thought of that. But at the same time, I lift my eyebrows in response. “Oh really? And what do you have on our schedule instead tonight, Mr. Dirty Boy?”

“Don’t you worry, Dirty Girl. It’s a surprise.” He pins me against the wall and kisses down to my chest, sucking one nipple into his mouth and gently swirling his tongue around it. It hardens at his touch, and my other nipple does too as he drops a hand to massage my other breast. “Spread your legs,” he says, then nips at my breast again, just hard enough to make me gasp.

I spread my legs and shiver as he runs a hand up my inner thigh, the warm skin of his calloused hand grazing the edge of my thong, already growing wet.

I lean into him, but he presses me back against the wall with a smirk. “So impatient,” he remarks.

“What can I say?” I lift an eyebrow. “You make me hungry for more.”

“You’ll get your fill.” He grasps my hands, pulls them up over my head and pins them against the wall. Using his free hand, he reaches for my drawer of goodies beside us.

“Promises, promises,” I say.

That makes him pause in his search and grab my waist again, pulling my body against his as he leans down, his lips just a scarce inch away from mine. “Don’t believe I can fill you up? You’ve had my cock inside you. Not to mention down your throat. Wasn’t that enough for you, Dirty Girl?”

“I can never get enough of you,” I respond, my voice low and throaty.

He laughs softly. “That’s what I like to hear.”

I hear a soft clinking sound. Metal. I realize what it is just before he clamps them around my wrists. Handcuffs. He hooks the chain between the cuffs over a coat hook on my wall, leaving me with my arms pinned over my head and my legs spread wide before him while he turns to rummage in my drawer again.

“You like to tie your girls up?” I ask with a sly grin.

“I do when they’re mine,” he says. His eyes when they catch mine again could burn straight through my skin, that look is so hot. “And you’re all mine now, Carmine.”

When I see what he’s pulling out of the drawer next, I bite my lip with nerves. I haven’t actually had the nerve to try these yet—I got them in that sex toy of the month club, but never actually put them to use.

He weighs the two vibrators, attached by a long cord, in his palms. They're small, almost like my bullet, sleek and smooth and designed to hit just the right spots. Plural.

Caleb grins and tests the length of the cord. "Hmm. Shall we test your limits yet again?" he murmurs, that sly grin never leaving his face.

"’Shall we?’" I smirk. "So British of you, Caleb."

He steps closer and runs his hand up my arms. "Are you complaining?"

"Of course not. That accent's the reason I started falling for you." I answer without thinking about it, automatically.

I immediately clamp my mouth shut, wishing I could take it back. But Caleb leans in close, his mouth just an inch from mine, that infuriating, addictive grin still fixed on his lips.

"Falling for me, huh?" he murmurs.

"Only the accent," I reply, defiant. My voice comes out a whisper.

"Mm. Understandable." He brushes his lips across mine, feather-light. "Because I'm definitely falling for your dirty mouth, Carmine."

"Just my mouth?" I smirk.

He kisses me again, harder. Longer. "Maybe more than just your mouth." His hand slides between my legs, and I gasp softly at the cool press of the vibrator cupped in his palm.

I arch toward him, straining against the cuffs that keep my arms pinned over my head. "Fuck, Caleb," I gasp.

"I love driving you wild." He kisses along my neck as he circles the vibrator against my pussy lips, not yet turning it on. The smooth metal warms as he continues to roll it across my skin. "And I love how fucking kinky you are..."