Deep in You - Page 15

Heart in my throat, my pussy still soaking wet and my clit oh so fucking heavy with lust, I slowly turn around on the bed, until my ass points in his direction. I lean forward, expecting him to fuck me from behind. “Did you bring condoms?” I remember to ask.

He laughs. “Of course. But we’re not quite there yet, Carmine…”

Then I feel his warm, thick hands parting the cheeks of my ass. I dare a peek over my shoulder, quivering with anticipation. Is he going to stick his finger up my ass?

That’s when I spy the anal plug in his hand, and my eyes go wide.

He picked the thick one, the one I’ve only just started to practice with. The end is thicker than his fingers, and he has thick fingers to start.

As if reading my mind, Caleb reaches past me for the dresser and grabs a bottle of my lube, the warming kind. He pops the lid and slathers it across the head of the plug.

“You told me you wanted to be stuffed, didn’t you dirty girl? Are you having second thoughts?”

Despite the tension in my throat and the way it makes me knees quiver—hell, my elbows too, in this position—I shake my head. “No way in hell. I want you to stuff me so full I’m screaming, Caleb.”

His grin widens. “There’s that filthy mouth.” He places the head of the anal plug at the tight little pucker of my ass. “You’re going to have to relax again. Unless you want this to hurt…”

I take a deep breath and spread my legs a little wider, willing myself to let go. To surrender to him. Caleb is in charge now. He’s in control, and my body is his plaything. I’ll do whatever he wants me to do.

No guy has ever made me feel like this before.

He pushes the tip of the plug into my ass and I gasp, eyes going wide. Unlike the beads, the plug is a constant, slow, stretching sensation, increasing with every centimeter further that Caleb presses it into my ass. He doesn’t slow down, but doesn’t go too fast either. He gives me time to breathe in deep, adjust to the sensation as, inch by inch, he stretches my ass wider.

Then, without warning, his other hand slips between my legs to cup my pussy. He spreads my lips and circles my entrance, swirling his finger around in my juices, coating himself nice and well. I moan with desire, unable to help myself, as he keeps pressing against the plug, driving it farther into my ass.

“God you are so fucking filthy, aren’t you?” There’s a soft approving sound in his voice, along with that throaty white-hot desire.

“No one’s ever taken me like this before,” I manage to gasp between rotations of his finger.

He laughs softly. “You haven’t seen anything yet, dirty girl.” He presses his index finger into my pussy, and I cry out loud at the feeling of both my holes being filled at once.

It doesn’t last long. He draws his index finger straight back out again, somewhat to my disappointment. But then he circles it across my clit, making my knees lock and my body shiver.

My clit is already sensitive as hell from the spit-roasting earlier, and from how fucking hot Caleb makes me. It only takes a few slow, masterful rotations of his finger, pressing just the right amount, to bring me quivering to the brink of an orgasm.

“Fuck,” I hiss between my clenched teeth. “I’m going to come.”

“Come as I push this plug all the way inside your ass, Carmine. Come for me.” He keeps pressing, keeps swirling his index finger, and at the same time, he gives one last hard push against my ass. The plug glides the rest of the way into me with a pop, stretching me to my limit.

My mouth falls open, a guttural cry escaping as I hit my orgasm. It washes over me in a wave, the searing pleasure mingled with the pain in my ass of the stretch, the plug hitting home.

I’m still shaking from the force of that orgasm when I hear the sound of a condom wrapper. In no time at all, I feel the bed shift under me as Caleb kneels between my legs.

Then I feel the press of his cock at my entrance, his fingers spreading my pussy lips wide to give him access.

I gasp and tense, realizing he’s going to fuck me with the plug in my ass. No man has ever done that before. Not even when I asked—practically begged— my exes. They worried it would be too painful, too weird, too kinky. They didn’t understand.

Caleb does. Caleb is as filthy as I am.

“I’m going to fuck you, Carmine,” he murmurs, that accent of his making the words even sexier than they already are. “I’m going to fuck you with your ass already stuffed. I’m going to stretch your tight little pussy so fucking wide.”

I moan with desire. “Fuck me, Caleb. Fuck me so fucking hard. Fuck me until I can’t walk straight.”