Deep in You - Page 14

I lick him from base to shaft, over and over, tracing the individual ridges of his veins, circling my tongue around his thick, bulbous tip. I reach up to cup his balls at the same time, toying with them as I continue to lick back and forth along him. I run my tongue over the top of his cock, then along the sides, and peer up at him at the same time. I love the way his lips part and his eyes go hungry as he watches me licking his cock, all the while thrusting back against the dildo, feeling it spear deep inside my pussy.

“Faster,” he orders, and I start to buck my hips faster, rocking back and forth between him and the dildo. If I close my eyes I can imagine I’m pinned between Caleb and another man, fucking me hard from behind while I lick Caleb’s cock, taste the salty bead of pre-cum that gathers on the top of his dick.

“Now, take my cock in your mouth,” he orders.

I can barely suppress the shiver of pure lust that runs through my body as I part my lips and take the head of his cock into my mouth. I can still feel the dildo deep inside my pussy, and it’s driving me wild to have him between my lips. He digs his hands into my hair, gripping tight enough to make my eyes water as he slowly inches himself farther into my mouth.

“Fuck yes, just like that, dirty girl,” he hisses between clenched teeth.

Inch by inch, I take him in, letting my tongue rove across his thick, veined shaft.

“You feel that?” he asks, his voice a low, throaty groan. “You feel how full you are Carmine? With my big cock in your sexy little mouth?”

I moan in response and I’m rewarded by his hands fisting in my hair, a faint gasp escaping him. I moan again, throatier this time, and that seems to set him over the edge. He thrusts deep into my mouth, all at once, his cock hitting the back of my throat. I tense, almost gagging, but he pulls my hair to get my attention. I look up at him and catch him watching me, eyes dark with lust.

“Relax, Carmine. Let me fill you completely.”

I let him take over, force my body to go slack. His cock slides into my throat, and I groan with desperation at the sensation of being so fucking full, my pussy tight around the dildo and my throat tight around his head.

Just when it becomes almost too much, when I struggle to breathe, Caleb pulls back, just far enough to let me catch my breath, the tip of his cock still between my lips. Then he thrusts into my mouth again, and I relax into him, finding our rhythm. He pumps his cock against my face mercilessly, the motion rocking me back against the dildo with every thrust until it feels like he’s fucking me from both ends at once. The whole time he keeps a tight hold on my hair, and every time I glance up at him, he’s watching me with indescribable, desperate lust, like he cannot drink in enough of what he’s seeing.

“Fuck yes you dirty little girl, take me all the way inside you. Take every inch of my thick cock. You feel that?”

I moan.

“You like that dirty girl? You like me stuffing both your holes at once?”

I reach up to cup his ass and pull him against my face in response, ramming his cock against the back of my throat again. He groans, a low sound, so guttural it almost sounds like a growl.

We’re close. I can feel it. My whole body is tense with the need to orgasm, and I can sense Caleb’s abs flexing in response for his own. I want it, so fucking badly. I want to taste his cum. I want him to come in my throat while he’s stuffing me full like this. I clench my fists tight around the muscles of his rock hard ass.

But just when we’re almost there, he pulls back. I gasp in protest as I lose my grip on him, and his cock drops out of my mouth. He steps back, away from me, leaving me on all fours, hips still against the wall, the dildo still deep in my pussy.

I was so fucking close. Dammit.

Caleb smirks at me, like he knows exactly what he’s doing. He does, I’m sure. “Did you think I’d let you finish that easily, Carmine?” He shakes his head, tsking a little, as if he’s disappointed.

Then he crooks a finger to me. “Come here.”

I hesitate. Slowly, I crawl away from the wall. The dildo pops out of my pussy with a slick wet sound, and his smirk widens.

“Enjoying yourself, were you?”

I swallow hard and manage to nod.

“Don’t worry. We’re only just getting started.” He tilts his head and eyes me, as though planning his next move. It makes my belly go tight, wondering what he could be planning. What he’ll do to me next. There are plenty of options given my collection of goodies. But somehow, I have a feeling whatever he does, I’ll be surprised.

“Turn around,” he says. It sounds even more commanding and sexy in his accent. The accent I can’t get enough of. If he never stopped talking once, I’d be happy.