Deep in You - Page 10

“You’ve heard of us?” My cheeks really burn now.

“Of course. You’re all my sister can talk about lately.” He laughs softly. Then seems to remember himself, and shakes his head, stepping closer to me. “So, you’re too busy to date…”

“And, I… I find it difficult to find people who like… Um, the same things.”

“Judging by that message you sent describing what you like, I’d beg to differ,” he replies, tilting his head. He lets his eyes roam over my body, lingering a long time on my chest, then my legs below my skirt. He makes no bones about checking me out—in fact, checking me out seems like an understatement. More like he’s weighing me to decide if he can throw me over his shoulder and kidnap me for his own.

I’d let him, at this point.

I swallow, hard.

“I’ve got to say, Carmine, you caught my attention with that description. You were so detailed, so forthright.” He takes another step closer. I’m already back against the couch. I have nowhere to go but here. I plant my feet and tilt my head back to keep my eyes locked on his as he stands over me. God, he’s huge. I can only imagine what his cock must look like.

Bad Carmine, I scold myself.

Still imagining it though. Not to mention the fact that he’s talking about what I wrote on that site—that filthy description of my darkest secrets—as though it’s sexy to him.

“I appreciate a girl who’s upfront about what she wants.” He smirks and raises an eyebrow. “Not to mention someone who’s as fucking kinky as I am.”

We’ll see about that, I think. “It’s hard to find people who like the same things you do,” I answer honestly, for once. “Especially when it’s kinky.”

“I find it hard to believe that you have any shortage of guys wanting to fill you up,” he counters.

My face flushes bright red. “To be honest, a few have tried,” I respond. I lock eyes with him. If he scares easily, this is where it’ll happen. “But I’m very particular.”

“Good,” he answers right away, without thinking. He takes another step closer, so he’s just inches from me now. I can feel the heat radiating off his body, feel the ghost of his breath on my cheeks. “I prefer a challenge.”

My whole body flares. Goddamn. No man has ever responded quite like that before. But still, my mind races ahead of my traitor body. Reminds me what I came here to do. “Look, Caleb, I should tell you something…”

He lifts one hand to trail it up my arm, tracing all the way from my wrist up to my shoulder.

Fuck. That one touch sets my whole body alight. I feel a rush of desire curling in my gut. My pussy feels tight with anticipation, and my clit throbs with desire. My panties were already damp—now they’re going to be soaking by the time I get him out of here.

Should I get him out of here?

I shake my head. Of course. I need to. I can’t hook up with an escort. No matter how fucking sexy he might be. Or how into me he seems. Or how much he actually seems to like the same things I do.

He’s only into you because you’re paying him to be, I remind myself.

“I, um, there was a mistake with my form,” I manage to say.

He tilts his head to one side. “Did you forget to add something?” That smile widens. “Maybe a domination fantasy… Or if you’d like to be tied up, I have some rope in the car…”

My face could start a small forest fire now. “No, that’s not—I didn’t mean to confirm the appointment, that’s all.”

For a moment, I see something flash across his face. Something almost like… Disappointment?

That can’t be right.

“I’ll still pay you—you came all the way out here. I just didn’t mean to actually book you, I’m sorry.”

“Having second thoughts?” He lets his hand drop from my shoulder. My skin burns where his touch was a moment ago, still hot. It feels like he left a brand on my skin. I want him to touch me again. “That’s natural,” he says, backing up a step to give me space. Immediately I want him to move closer again too. “When you have a fantasy for a long time, it can feel strange to actually have the chance to live it out.”

“I…” I pause to lick my lips. The way he talks, it’s like he knows he can actually fulfill my dreams. Not like my exes or other guys I’ve hooked up with. Not nervous or worried or doubting. He’s so confident—so damned sure of himself. And so into this kink. It’s hot as hell. But I force myself to shake my head again. “It’s not that. I just didn’t mean to hire an…”