The Billionaire's Wife - Page 63

And I’d never felt so satisfied.

To hell with dying. I might get hit by a bus tomorrow. Cole’s lungs might fail tonight. It didn’t matter. For now, we were together. We were going to live.

While I did my best to console and comfort him, Cole rested in his bed. He needed all of his strength for the visit, although it sounded like Alphonse Megami was already well aware of his condition.

The disease was clearly taking its toll on him, and he could no longer hide his affliction. We didn’t dare go into public for fear of the tabloids. If they snapped a picture of Cole pale as a ghost or sputtering up blood, it would start a media firestorm around the sick billionaire – the very last thing that he needed before this climactic meeting.

And before we knew it, the night in question was upon us.

But we could have never prepared ourselves for what that night was destined to bring…

Chapter 28


While I strolled across the departments, clipboard held to my chest, everyone was getting ready to head home for the evening. With a perky smile on my face, my thoughts drifted back months in time, before any of this had happened.

I knew that Cole Andrews didn’t remember that night. It had been commonplace for me to come over to his penthouse and brainstorm his schedule with him, and he was just so handsome and so powerful. Oh god, it was so fucking sexy.

Of course, he didn’t hire me to be that kind of executive assistant. I wasn’t there to suck him off beneath his desk, although I fantasized about it all the time. I imagined what it would be like to unsheathe his thick, heavy cock from his slacks, drop down between his knees, and feel his strong fingers grasp my ginger curls, forcing my mouth to accept more of him inside…

And one night, while celebrating a particularly victorious business deal of his, I got my wish…although he was way too drunk. I could smell the liquor on his breath as I pulled close, seeing the lack of coherency in his eyes when he looked at me.

His tongue was sloppy, soaked with alcohol. I knew I was taking advantage of him. I knew that I was crossing a line. But it wasn’t my fault – it was his. Cole had seen my advances and shut them all down. He’d even threatened to fire me over them. But it was clear to me that if I could just make him experience me the once, he’d see the truth.

We were meant to be together.

I had pushed him, encouraged him that night. I poured a few of his drinks, adding in a little too much alcohol. I’d even poured a little something extra in it, just to make him see things my way. It had worked, and I was in his lap and tugging at his clothes within an hour.

The feeling of his hot breath on my slickened sex was everything I’d hoped for and more. I grabbed at his tufts and pulled him close, riding his mouth until he pulled back, flipped me onto all fours, and fucked me like an animal.

I was his to do with as he pleased. Even with too much alcohol in his system, he’d been able to pummel my wet, slickened chasm into submission. With my hands pressed against the glass of his penthouse, the whole city sprawled beneath us, he fucked me like a monster uncontained.

That had been the most incredible fuck of my entire life.

But he’d been furious the following morning. He knew himself too well – knew that he would never succumb to that without pressure. I didn’t expect him to go so far as to have his blood tested that day – and when the evidence of my little help came up, there was no going back.

He didn’t fire me. Instead of being absolutely livid, as I had expected, he was incredibly disappointed.

For some reason, he just blamed himself.

That stung even more.

Keeping my job and working for the love of my life, a man whom I’d drugged and raped, and he didn’t destroy me. I couldn’t understand it. Why? Why keep me close after that? What did he see? Surely there were other assistants…other girls he could hire.

But he didn’t. He kept me.

And he never trusted me again. Not completely.

The trips to his penthouse stopped. He began to give me rougher assignments, slowly and gradually cutting me out of the finer points of his life. It was all professional now. But I still held on, hoping that he’d come back around. After all, I’d tasted his come on my tongue. I’d been filled with his seed. Despite my greatest hopes, I didn’t turn up pregnant.