Boss Meets Baby - Page 82

‘That’s because you inspire me, my darling…more…much— more than I can ever tell you!’

It was strange returning to Glenteign as Keir’s wife. But as they drew up outside the magnificent entrance and saw Moira with a few of the other staff, and Noah as well, all lined up to greet them, Georgia sensed that she would soon feel at home again. Every one of those people waiting to welcome them had an affectionate place in her heart. She’d grown close to them all in the weeks leading up to her marriage to Keir, so it wasn’t as if she were returning to start a new life amongst strangers.

She had legally made the house in Hounslow over to Noah, and now it was his to do with as he willed. She’d even suggested to him that he sell it and put some of the proceeds towards his business. They had both moved on, and so had Keir. They had all left the past behind, and there was only an increasingly bright future to look forward to.

Now, after their intense two weeks in Paris, when she and Keir had shut out the world—for a little while at least—their thoughts had turned more and more to the coming baby. Whether boy or girl, they both knew that their child would have all the love, affection— and support that Keir and his brother Robbie had so sadly lacked in their own childhood.

‘You look absolutely ravishing, sis!’ Noah caught her in one of his fierce brotherly hugs, and Georgia held onto him tightly for a moment before pulling back to look up into his endearingly handsome face. ‘Do you think that the ugly duckling has turned into a swan, then?’ she teased.

‘Ugly duckling, my foot!’ Noah shook his head. ‘You were always beautiful, Georgia—but that’s because you have such a beautiful heart. I’m just glad that you’ve found someone who appreciates you for all your assets!’

Turning round to catch her husband’s eye, Georgia saw him smile at her unreservedly. She knew without a single shred of a doubt that Keir loved her more than she’d ever dreamed she could be loved by a man, and indeed appreciated every one of her ‘assets’!

There was one more member of the household yet to greet them, and as the big Labrador bounded round the corner from the direction of the recently redesigned gardens and made a beeline for the master of the house Georgia saw how delighted her husband was with Hamish’s effusive greeting. He dropped down to his haunches to make a fuss of the family pet, and for a moment Georgia had a glimpse of the lonely little boy he had once been. Her heart all but leapt out of her chest with love for him.

‘I told you he loves you!’ she called out, laughing. Lifting his head, Keir grinned at her, and laughed right back…