PS. You're Mine - Page 11

“Katie,” I whisper, not wanting to pressure her into anything. I know she’s never done this before, so this is a big moment for her. And for us.

“Don’t make me beg, Mark.” Biting her lip, she undoes my belt and jeans and reaches inside.

Chapter Nine


I moan at the first touch of her fingers on my cock. Her hand goes further down, as if she’s exploring me, until she reaches the end of my shaft and cups my balls.

I look up to see her eyes are wide with shock.

“Oh God, you’re huge.” I can hear nervous panic in her voice, and I want to calm her.

“Let’s worry about him later. I think I need to see what’s under this dress of yours.”

Sitting back, I run my hands down her body, looking her over. “You’re too good looking for me. I’m going to have to carry my sidearm everywhere I take you.”

She giggles and blushes like crazy. Fuck, it’s gorgeous seeing her like this. “I love being able to reach out and touch you.” I emphasize my statement by rubbing up her sides and cupping her breasts.

Her giggles turn to moans as I reach behind her, unzipping the dress and exposing her hard nipples. My mouth goes directly to them, taking turns sucking each one into my mouth. Her nails go to my shoulders, scratching me and marking me.

I moan against her tits, loving her aggressive behavior. It lets me know she wants me as much as I want her. I know she’s shy, and I can’t get enough of how I’m bringing her out of her shell.

I pull her dress down her curvy hips and off her body, revealing a pair of white panties with pink hearts on them.

“This is just too fucking much. I’m not going to last sixty seconds.”

I revel in the sight of Katie dressed in just her panties and red heels, her blush moving from her cheek to her chest. She moves her hands to try to cover up her stomach, but I lean down, kissing her fingers and gently pushing them away as I kiss her tummy.

“You’re beautiful everywhere, baby,” I say against her belly. She’s soft here, and I nuzzle her flesh, loving that she cushions me. Her body already accepts me and wants me there. “So beautiful.” She’s soft everywhere I’m hard, and it makes us fit perfectly.

I hear her catch her breath as I start to kiss lower and run my hands up her legs. I move my palms to the insides of her thighs, spreading them wide for me as I move down between them.

“Mark.” There’s a little panic in her voice, and I’m sure it’s because she’s never done this before. Her hands go to cover her pussy, but again I just kiss them and gently move them away.

“I aim to kiss every inch of your body, Katie. Especially right here.” I gently press my lips to her panty-covered pussy and feel her shiver with desire.

There’s a damp spot on the material already, and I press my nose there, inhaling her sweet scent. My mouth waters, and I can’t wait anymore.

Pulling her panties to the side, I reveal her puffy pink lips, glistening with need. Her little hard clit, begs for attention and her virgin-tight opening clenches with need.

Not wanting to tease her or draw it out, I bury my face against her, holding her panties out of the way while I eat her.

“Oh God, Mark!” She shouts my name into the room, and I can’t help but smile against her pussy. Hearing my name on her lips is wonderful, but hearing my name on her lips when I’ve got my mouth full of her pussy is fucking heaven.

She tastes like cookies and sweet peaches all mixed together. I swear to God, I think she put brown sugar on it. I lick her juice up and nibble on her clit as her back bows off the bed, her hands going to my hair.

I slide two fingers inside her and feel how tight she is. I try to work in and out of her slowly, stretching her a little so my cock isn’t too much for her to take.

When I have both digits fully inside of her, I push in and out in a smooth glide, curling them up to hit her G-spot. I want her first orgasm with me to be the best she’s ever had. And then I want to spend the rest of our lives trying to top it.

“Cum on my face, baby. I’ve waited so long for this.” I mumble the words against her pussy, and I feel her clamp down on my fingers.

A few more careful touches as I suckle her clit and she’s arching up and screaming out. Her orgasm is strong, flowing through her body and making her tense up. I keep rubbing that sweet spot inside her gently so it drags out all her pleasure and makes her feel good.

As she comes down, I slow my strokes, just petting inside her as the last of her clenches stop. When she’s completely finished, I give her pussy one last kiss before leaning up and taking off my jeans and underwear.