Stepbrother Jerk - Page 8

You rejected me! But I couldn’t say that aloud. No way.

“Please. Sir. Please.”

He paused then and looked at me. I watched him through the mass of blonde hair that stuck to my face, feeling my ass throb as soon as he stopped smacking it.

“I’m doing this for your own good, Lisa.” As he said it, I realized something. I realized the thing that had been poking at my belly but that I’d not paid attention to considering the pain I was in, was his cock. He was hard as a rock.

“You’re enjoying this!” I cried out, furious.

He released my hands and I swiped one across my eyes and nose before pushing my hair back.

He smiled. “I never said I wouldn’t enjoy it.”

“You bastard!” My struggle began anew and, this time, Jace did laugh, easily grabbing up my hands, restraining me tighter than he had as he began a fresh volley of spanks that had me screaming every profanity I knew at him.

He was fucking enjoying this! The bastard was loving it!

“And, really, Lisa, I wasn’t going to say anything, but I do have a bird’s eye view of things here,” he said slowing down and resting his hand on my ass. “Look at me.”

“Fuck you.”

“Look at me,” he repeated, this time releasing my hands.

I craned my neck, glaring at him. He made a point of meeting my gaze as his hand suddenly slid between my cheeks, two fingers pressing against my sex.

My wet sex.

His eyes had gone darker and his grin wasn’t malicious, just dirty, as he raised that hand up, showing me evidence I didn’t need to see to know, before bringing those fingers to his nose and inhaling deeply. “You have to admit,” he said quietly, making me gasp as he licked my wetness from his fingers, my clit throbbing as he did. “There’s some part of you that’s more than a little aroused. I could smell it before you even lay down across my lap, and now.” He shifted his gaze to my ass, that hand pulling one cheek out to expose me, making my face go as hot as my ass felt. I closed my eyes, unable to look at him. “Christ, Lisa, you’re fucking dripping down your thighs.”

I lay limp across his lap, vanquished.

“Had enough?”

I nodded without looking at him.

“All right.” He raised me up, holding my wrists so I couldn’t rub my ass. I kept my eyes on his lap, on his thick erection. He was just as aroused as I was, and I met his gaze to make sure he knew I knew.

“Time to put that punished ass on display, Lisa.”

Any leverage I had flew out the window.

“No.” Not again. Those five minutes in the corner earlier were almost more humiliating than the spanking. Okay, more!

He stood and walked me into the living room, toward the couch in the center of the room, the one that faced the front door.

“Kneel on the seat facing the back of the sofa.”

“Jace — Sir — please.”


As humiliating as this was, as I knelt on the couch and he slowly positioned me as he wanted, my pussy dripped down my thighs.

“Lean forward, that’s right. Hands on the back of the couch, get your tits right over the back and push your ass out. I want it on display for myself, for anyone who comes to the door.”

I jumped, my expression one of shock.

“Relax. No one is due for another hour and you’ll only spend twenty minutes here thinking about your behavior. Now get into position and hold it, or I will make you greet our guests like this.”

“I hate you.” The timer went off as I said it. The cakes were ready.

“No you don’t.” He pressed against me so I could feel his cock on my ass as he leaned down, his erection pressing against my hip through his pants. “I think the opposite, in fact,” he whispered, his breath at my neck making me shudder before he abruptly walked away, taking the cakes out of the oven, leaving me alone and on display, my pussy dripping with need, my ass throbbing with residue from my first ever spanking administered by, of all people, my stepbrother.

Chapter 4


Would a decent man have had a cold shower after that?

With the alarm set, I left Lisa kneeling on the couch with her ass on display, unable to peel my eyes from it, from her, for the first ten minutes. In that position, her legs spread just wide enough that her pussy showed clear between her ass cheeks. Her hairless pussy, the lips wet and spread, so fucking inviting. What I would have given to stroke my cock then, to dip into that cunt just once. To jerk off and paint her ass with my cum.

This truly hadn’t been my intention when I’d proposed this whole thing. Well, not consciously. I was attracted to Lisa, had found her cute when she was younger, but now, she was fucking irresistible. And I liked her as a person. Or at least I liked the person I knew she was.