Stepbrother Jerk - Page 16

When I returned, twenty minutes later, Lisa stood facing the wall with her hands at her sides. The cane lay against the wall next to her and, as soon as she realized I was there, she stiffened, straightening a little.

Without speaking, I walked toward her, unbuttoning my shirt as I did, discarding it on the floor.

“Put your hands flat against the wall, elbows bent. Don’t speak. And don’t turn around.”

She almost turned but caught herself and extended her arms to either side.

“Push your ass out a little.” I picked up the cane, as she arched her back, then stepped up against her, pressing my erection against her hip. “First,” I whispered against her ear, her shiver making my cock harder. “Your caning. You know what you’re going to do to get that caning?”

She shook her head and rubbed the side of her face against mine.

“You’re going to bend over and press your hands against the wall until your back is flat and your ass is lifted and offered for punishment, understand? You may answer.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“You’re not going to move your hands from the wall until you’ve taken all eight of your strokes and, even then, you will wait for my instruction, clear?”

I was almost as breathless as her as I unzipped my jeans and rubbed my cock between her ass cheeks. “Yes. Yes, Sir.”

“When I’m done whipping that ass, I’m going to fuck you, but if you’re not good, if you take your hands from the wall, instead of fucking your dirty little cunt, I’m going to fuck your face instead and I won’t allow you to come until we have a repeat of the whole exercise, understand?”

She nodded desperately when I held the cane against one thigh and worked the fingers of my other hand over her pussy, feeling how wet the anticipation of punishment had made her.

“Good girl. Now, get into position.” I stepped back to watch. “Offer me your ass.”

She did glance back this time, a short little turn of the head, but I decided to let it go. She had eight coming. That would be plenty for my little novice. I watched her as she lowered herself so her back was flat and her hands pressed against the wall. She took her legs a little wider to balance herself and I knew she was ready when she arched her back and tilted her ass upward, the pink lips of her pussy peeking through between her cheeks.

The things I would do to her now that I knew she wanted them.

I moved slightly to the side and lined up the cane. “We’ll have one minute between each stroke. You are not to speak, not to beg me to stop, not anything. I suppose you won’t be able to help crying out, but you’ll learn in time to take your punishments in silence. Understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

I didn’t wait. Instead, I raised my hand and struck, her only warning the sound of the rattan whooshing through the air.

I waited, keeping the cane flat to her ass, counting the minute while she mewled, trying to keep quiet. I withdrew the cane to watch the dark pink welt rise on both cheeks and aimed the second stroke slightly above the first. Once the minute had passed, I struck, without a word, and watched her take it, listened to the sound she made as her legs trembled.

Another minute passed, and I administered the third stroke. This time, she let out a little scream, but I did not speak. I simply lined up her next stroke, rubbing the cane against the spot it would soon strike, making her anticipate, my cock growing harder as the next welt appeared on her bottom.

I delivered each stroke like this, watching, listening, but not speaking. Hearing her whimper and cry, waiting for her to resume her position each time she digressed, until all eight strokes had been delivered and accepted and her flesh was a canvas of beige and angry red lines, some swollen, all looking like lines of fire.

I set the cane down and touched a hand to her ass to gauge the temperature difference. The welts were degrees hotter than the unmolested flesh.

“You did well, Lisa,” I said, helping her to straighten but keeping her at the wall while I stripped off my jeans and underwear. “Are you ready to get fucked now?”

She sucked in a breath when I pressed against her, taking her now toward the bed, her back against my front, my cock already searching out the wet entrance to her cunt. At the bed, she knelt and I gripped her hair, keeping her upright, shoving her knees wide, one hand moving to her clit as I kissed her neck, turning her face so I could kiss her mouth as I gripped her shoulder to hold her steady and thrust hard to the hilt.

She cried out, her mouth open for me, hair sticking to the tears and sweat from her caning. I loved it, loved the feel of her hot ass against my belly, the tight fit of her little cunt stretching to accommodate my cock, her swelling clit as she moaned, trying to kiss me back but both of us too engrossed by the fucking. I pushed her forward, laying my weight on top of her, one hand working her hard nub as I fucked her harder, her pussy squeezing my cock as orgasm built and built, until, at last, she called out my name, the walls of her cunt squeezing my throbbing cock until I pulled out, coming all over her ass, her back, and her hair, forgetting everything in that moment but what fucking Lisa felt like, what owning her submission felt like.