Stepbrother Jerk - Page 13

“Yes, Sir.”

“Lisa?” he called out as I knelt on the couch.

“Yes, Sir?”

“Are you aroused? Don’t lie.”

I felt heat spread over my neck, face, and ears. “Yes, Sir.”

“Good girl.” Jace gestured for me to get on with it, and I positioned myself as he wanted, on my knees, my ass to his guests, and lifted my skirt up over my hips. I then settled in and waited until I was excused, all the while feeling the slippery evidence of my arousal dripping down my thighs.

Chapter 6


It wouldn’t have been possible for my cock to be any harder by the time Vance and Nick left. Their cocks, too, I imagined. Difference was, my happy ending was waiting for me on her knees, her ass bared, her cunt wet and greedy.

She’d been sent back to the couch after dessert, but one look at her dripping pussy told me she was as aroused as I.

“You were very good, Lisa.”

“You were a jerk.”

“I think you like me being a jerk.”

She didn’t affirm or deny. I pulled my shirt over my head as she watched, then undid my pants and pushed them and my underwear down to my knees.

“You make me hard,” I said, stroking my cock.

She watched, licking her lips, and I touched the head of it to her ass cheek, wiping the drop of pre-cum there.

“I don’t want to come in my hand, Lisa.”

She shook her head at the idea.

“I need to fuck you. I’ve been needing to since I licked your cunt. Hell, since I took you over my knee earlier today.”

“Me too, Jace. God, I’m dying here.”

“Then show me your cunt.”

With dark, lustful eyes, she reached back to twist the plug and lift the tail out of the way. She then arched her back and looked at me. “Fuck me, Jace. Give it to me hard. I need it.”

I gripped her hips, her words alone almost making me come. Pulling her backward, I positioned the head of my cock at her entrance and thrust in in one long, hard push. She was ready for me; the juices on her thighs and dripping cunt told me that much. She cried out, and I reached around to take her clit. Her cunt was tight and hot, and I fucked her hard, pressing the heel of my hand against the plug as I did, hearing her moans of pleasure, and, when her pussy squeezed my cock as she came, I throbbed inside her, filling her with my seed, calling out her name as I gripped a handful of hair to tug her head backward, wanting to watch her come, wanting her to watch me.


I looked over at Lisa asleep next to me. My head pounded and I squinted against the sunshine, making my way out of the bed quietly to pull the curtains closed. My brain asked me, not too gently, what the fuck I though I was doing. When I’d offered this weekend as an out for me not telling our parents about her latest run-in with the authorities, it truly was with the intention of teaching her a lesson, trying to break through the wall she had built around herself that made her so much — not herself. But then I’d gone and fucked her.


Had this been my motivation from the start? Could I be really honest with myself here? Was this my plan all along? To lure her into my bed?

I watched her quietly, her breathing deep, her face so completely relaxed. She really looked like the Lisa I remembered from a few years ago. The sweet, kind, lost one. The one who’d trusted me. The one who, when backed into a corner, I’d pretty much bent over the barrel and fucked.

I was depraved.

Head still pounding, I pulled on a pair of swim trunks and went out to the beach. I’d swim. It would clear my head. It would punish my body. It would hopefully help me make sense of what I’d done and how to now fix the mess I was in. The one we were both in.

Chapter 7


“Wake up, Lees. Time to go home.”

Groggy, I forced my eyes open as someone shook me again.


“Jace?” My stepbrother stood over me, his hair wet from a shower, dressed in a button-down shirt and jeans, his eyes looking worried. “What time is it?”

“Nine thirty.”

“Why are you waking me up so early?” Had he planned some new chore I had to do? “I’m sleepy.”

“Time to go home. Come on. I have your things ready. You can take the car. I’ll find a ride later.”

“What? Why?” I sat up, remembering the events of the day before, of the night before. The memory made me glance at his cock for a moment as I leaned against the headboard. But the look on his face made me worry. This was not the easygoing, devil-may-care Jace I knew. It wasn’t the one who had proposed this weekend in the first place. “What’s wrong? Did I do something wrong?”