Stepbrother Jerk - Page 11

She did and I lubricated the toy before bringing the tip of it to her asshole. “It’s thick and long. Not as big as my cock, which is dying to fuck your ass right now, but big. You’ll wear it all night while you serve us, and, when instructed, you’ll bend over and flip your skirt up to show the boys.”

“Yes, Sir.”

I began to fuck her with the toy as I took her clit between two fingers. As soon as I did, as soon as I began to manipulate that little nub, her asshole opened up to me and I pushed the plug through, twisting it a little at the widest point, and when I heard her cry out, I thrust it in to the hilt, filling her ass as she came in my hand, her body trembling with pleasure, her whimpers music to my ears.

The doorbell rang as I finished, and I slapped her ass, looking down at the gorgeous tail between her cheeks.

“Go clean up. I’ll let our guests in. I expect you back in three minutes, ready to serve drinks.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“And, Lisa?”


“No one will touch you but me tonight. They can look. They can want. But only I get to have you, understand?”

She nodded and laughed a nervous little laugh.

Chapter 5


Only I get to have you…

I couldn’t believe what was happening. What had just happened between Jace and I. What I was about to do. But, sure enough, with each step, the soft fur of the tail reminded me precisely of my predicament. Although some part of me, a part I should perhaps be ashamed of, thrived in this role. I liked being looked at. I liked doing as I was told. I liked men watching me, knowing I had power over them even in submission. Knowing they wanted me. Knowing all the while that I was safe. That Jace would take care of me. He wouldn’t let anyone else touch me.

This thing between us — I wondered if this was his plan for the weekend all along, the business with the pot just an excuse. I didn’t know if it was or if he’d gotten caught up in this game. He was attracted to me, as attracted as I was to him. He had licked my pussy. He’d made me come. And, in his words, he’d promised more.

Once I was ready, I walked nervously into the living room where three sets of eyes turned immediately to me, two shocked, one grinning, holding a paddle in his hand, suddenly making me realize the spanking I’d received earlier was most likely not my last. But would he do it in front of his friends? I wasn’t sure what I felt about that. What I should feel versus what my belly did at the thought of it, of submitting to Jace, of bending over and baring my ass to be paddled while his friends watched.

“Boys, you remember Lisa?”

“Sure do,” Vance said.

“How you doing, Lisa?” Nick asked. “You look fucking amazing.”

“Um, thanks.”

“Lisa is going to serve us tonight.”

“How’d you manage that?”

“She lost a bet,” Jace said, winking at me.

“Well, I won’t complain,” one of them said, but I wasn’t sure which one because my attention was wholly on Jace.

“Why don’t you come closer and show the boys your outfit.”

I swallowed, my clit throbbing as I walked on leaden legs. The top of the uniform barely covered the front of my breasts but left me almost wholly exposed on each side. The skirt skimmed the very tops of my thighs and it stood shorter around the back, which I became very aware of as I, at Jace’s command, turned to give them a view of my ass.

“Holy fuck,” one of the men said.

“Lean forward and lift your skirt. Show them your pretty little tail.”

I leaned a little forward, arching my back, my sex on fire as I reached back to raise my skirt, this act of baring myself so fucking arousing I felt the trickling of it at my thighs. The tail tickled the backs of my legs as someone played with it, lifting it to look at me while I remained as I was, allowing this inspection of my most private parts.

“She has a great ass, doesn’t she?”

“That she does.”

Jace dropped my skirt and tapped my hip. “We need some drinks, but, one thing first, Lisa,” he said, checking his watch. “I told you, you had three minutes. You took ten.”

“Oh. I…I’m sorry.”

“You’re sorry, what?”

I looked at the two watching Jace and I, their arousal evident both at the crotch of their pants and in their eyes. I realized this wasn’t going to be about me parading around while they watched with their tongues wagging. Jace had a plan. And I knew the paddle in his hand would play a leading role in that plan. The fact that his buddies would witness what he would require of me? It only made me hotter.