Stepbrother Jerk - Page 10

She only raised her eyebrows.

“Go set the table now.”

She glared but went, and, after washing and drying my hands, I followed to find her staring at the item on the table. It was a tail: a beautiful, faux foxtail that would come to the backs of her knees.

“Wh…what’s that for?”

Well, from the way she stood — wide-eyed and open-mouthed — staring at it, I’d guessed wrong. She knew what it was.

“It’s a Valentine’s Day gift. For you.”

She turned huge eyes to me. “What?”

“It’s a butt plug.” I took the bottle of lube out of my pocket and set it on the table. “Put your hands on the table and bend over, Lisa.”

“Jace, they’ll all see.” Her voice was barely above a whisper, her face already blushing pink.

“Yes, they will. Are you aroused by that fact, Lisa?”

She opened her mouth to lick her lips then lowered her lashes to shield her eyes.

“I guess that’s my answer. Now, turn around.” I took a step toward her and she slowly complied, turning her back to me and waiting. “Hands on the table.” She leaned forward to do as she was told. “Bend deeper.” She did, enough so I could raise her skirt up over her lower back. But, as soon as I did, I saw she had modified — or added to — the French maid costume. “Tsk-tsk, Lisa.”

She’d put her panties on.

She craned her neck to look over her shoulder at me, knowing her error.

“Take them off.”

She remained unmoving. I wanted her to be a part of this, an active participant in her punishment. And I knew from the way her pupils had already dilated and how she licked her lips, she wanted it as much as I. She’d just need a bit of encouragement.

“Be a good girl and you’ll be rewarded.” I wondered if she got my meaning. Either way, she reached back, lowered the panties to the floor and stepped out of them then faced forward, waiting for me to continue.

I looked at her as she was, bent over, her short skirt flipped up over her back, her pretty little ass, which still showed the pink outline of my handprint, bared to me. Although I’d recently jerked off in the shower, my cock stood at attention once again, and I stepped closer, placing my hands on her buttocks, rubbing circles with my thumbs. She went down onto her forearms then, arching her back, lifting her ass higher. I pulled her ass cheeks wide and just looked at her, at her glistening pussy, all pink and soft, the lips gaping. Looked at her little dark asshole. Unable to resist, I knelt behind her, inhaling her scent before bringing my tongue to her pussy for a taste. I licked her cunt until she moaned, pressing her ass backward into my face. My cock throbbed against my jeans, but it wasn’t time for that. Not yet.

It took all I had to right myself, to walk away from that offered cunt, but I wanted her on edge. I wanted her hornier than she already was, sensitive to every touch, and in absolute need of release. I wanted her that way while she served my friends, her cute little ass cheeks peeking out from under her skirt, the tail tickling her thighs every time she moved, knowing we all knew she had a plug buried inside her ass, showing it to us on demand, ready to take punishment in order to receive pleasure.

“Why did you stop?” she asked, breathless.

“You have to be a good girl to come.” My voice sounded hoarse.

“I will be. I promise.”

“I know you will. Now, face forward while I get your pretty little asshole ready to take the plug.”

I could hear her swallow, and she did as she was told. I emptied half the bottle of lube on the crack of her ass and began to massage it around the tight hole.

“Oh, Jace, that’s…”

“You like me playing with your asshole, don’t you?”

She nodded.

“You think you’ll like my finger inside your ass?”

“Yes. Yes please.” I smiled, my cock wanting — no, needing — release as I pushed a finger inside her, her moan telling me she was enjoying this entirely too much

“You like being fucked in the ass, Lisa?”

She nodded her head once.

“Dirty girl. Are you going to show the boys your tail tonight?”

“Yes, Sir. Please, Jace, that’s so good.”

“Second finger, Lisa.”

She arched her back and I met with a little resistance as I pushed through the barrier, lubricating her inside to take the sizeable plug. It took all I had not to ejaculate right inside my pants like some fifteen year old kid while I finger fucked her ass, teasing her, not allowing her to come just yet.

“I think you’re ready to take your tail. Hand it to me.”