Where I Belong (Alabama Summer #1) - Page 7

I pull up around back at my parents’ house and park my truck in the hardened mud. Nobody parks back here besides me, but that’s only because my truck is the only vehicle that won’t get stuck. Tessa’s car has had to be towed out of the muddy terrain back here several times when she’s tried to prove that her Rav 4 rallies mine in off-roading capabilities. She’s smartened up and wisely parks on the driveway now.

Walking through the grass, I spot two pair of legs bent on lawn chairs next to the pool, both forming an upside down V. My sister’s are a dead giveaway, considering she tans out here daily. The other pair contrasts against hers like the dark hair against my sheets last night. Fuck. Not the time to get a hard on. Don’t think about her. I stroll around the pool and over toward the two girls, stopping next to Tessa. Both girls have their faces covered with beach towels, but that’s not what I’m looking at. My eyes are glued to what can’t possibly be Mia Corelli’s body. No fucking way. So much for not getting hard.

“Ben! Jesus Christ, you scared the shit outta me.” Tessa sits up and drops her towel into her lap and I notice Mia’s body tense up in her chair. Her hands fist on the towel she’s lying on like she’s ready to knock my ass out at any second. “I thought you said an hour? I just got off the phone with you twenty minutes ago.”

“Yeah, well unfortunately, my plans escaped me.” I turn my attention to the tight little body wrapped so perfectly in that yellow bikini. “Mia, it’s nice to see you again.”

“Humph,” she replies.

I chuckle. Damn. Okay if that’s how she wants to play this. “You look a lot different since the last time I saw you. Still wear those nerdy glasses?” Tessa’s foot connects with my thigh and I grunt. “Ow. What?”

“You’re an asshole,” Tessa snaps. “Mia, ignore him. He’s just mad that he hasn’t gotten laid in three months.”

I move in front of the chairs, giving myself a better view of Mia but making sure to keep my eyes on my sister’s at the moment. “Fuck you. I just got laid last night for your information. And she was incredible.”

“Humph,” Mia mumbles again.

I step to the side of her chair, putting her gorgeous body right under my nose. Her tits are insane, full and barely wrapped up in the tiny piece of fabric. I want to shake the man’s hand that created this bikini. It was meant for this body. “Is my sex life amusing to you, Mia? Because if you’d really like to see what I can do, I’ll take you right here on this lawn chair. I’ll make you scream until your voice breaks.”

“No thanks. I, like you, got laid last night and am good for several months. Years even. My pussy is still humming after getting worked with that mouth of his.”

Her response is muffled by the towel but I definitely hear the word pussy. And my cock hears it too.

“Dayyyyum,” Tessa chuckles.

I place my hand on her knee, gripping it softly. She tenses. “I bet I can work it better than him.” My hand slides down her thigh, painfully slowly. Barely moving at all. Her skin is smooth and warm. She stops me with hers when I reach mid-thigh. “I’ll make you ride my face until you’re begging for my cock.”

“Jesus Chr…” She sits up mid-sentence, the towel dropping somewhere that I can’t seem to focus on. Because I can only focus on the face that can’t possibly be Mia Corelli. “You? Ben? Ben! Oh God. Oh my God.”

“Holy shit.” I’m shocked. Completely shocked. It’s her. Mia Corelli is her. What the fuck are the odds? “Mia I…” She quickly gets to her feet, her hips swaying as she storms toward the house. “Mia, wait up!” I yell, starting after her until Tessa puts her tiny frame in front of me and blocks me.

“What the hell was that? Did you really just tell Mia that you’d make her ride your face? You’re lucky she didn’t deck you.”

My sister is small so I can look over the top of her with no problem, and doing so I see Mia slide the door shut behind her. “It’s complicated. Move so I can go after her.” Not that I couldn’t move her myself, but if that happened, she’d just climb onto my back like she liked to do when I shoved her out of the way, and I needed Mia alone.

Her hands curl up into fists at her hips. “How is it complicated? You made her uncomfortable, like you always do, because you’re an asshole.”

I’m getting impatient. I grip Tessa’s shoulders and firmly plant her in her lawn chair. “Give me a few minutes with her. I’m not going to hurt her, I promise. I just want to talk to her.” My voice is sincere and Tessa knows it.

Her shoulders relax and she scoots back on her chair, resuming her favorite tanning position. “Five minutes. And if she’s crying when I come in there, I’m keying your precious baby.”

Nice threat. Keying my truck would be a way to cut me deep, but there’ll be no need for that. Mia wouldn’t be crying. I’d never make her cry. If I could fucking find her. I’m roaming the house, listening for any clues of where she might be, but dead silence fills the space. “Mia? Baby, please let me talk to you.”

I hear a door open and she emerges from the hallway, her eyes reddened and streaked with tears. “Don’t call me that. How dare you say those things to me out there?” Our legs bring us together but she pushes against my chest, not liking the closeness our bodies seem to crave. “I can’t believe this! I can’t believe it was you last night. This can’t be happening.” Tears run down her face and I wipe them away before she can reach up and stop me.

“I can’t believe it either. But fuck, Mia, if this isn’t the luckiest day of my life.” I bring my hands up to her face and hold her there, feeling her shudder against me. “I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you all morning. Last night was—”

“A mistake,” she interrupts curtly. Her hands pry mine from her face and she turns her body, staring out the window. “A huge mistake. If I’d have known it was you, it wouldn’t have happened. I’m sure you know that by now.”

“It wasn’t a mistake.” I move closer to her, bending to put my nose into her hair. Fuck. Nothing smelled this good. I’ll never get enough of it. “Something like that could never be a mistake. What you gave me. What we shared. Mia, I’ve never…” I pause, needing to choose my words carefully. “I felt it last night. Tell me you felt it too.” My hands run down her arms and the fact that she is still in her tiny bikini is making my dick harder than it’s ever been. “Baby, please.” Please back up into me. Please move my hands to your breasts. Please turn around and beg me to fuck you right here. I’ve never felt so completely geared up and so ready to unravel at the same time. But that’s definitely how I am feeling right now. Like I could snap at the slightest crook of her finger.

She moves quickly out of my grasp toward the hallway she just emerged from. “I didn’t feel anything. And it was a mistake, Ben. A huge mistake.” Her eyes reach mine with regret once more and I swear that there are tears in them again. “You can’t stop ruining my life, can you?”

I watch her disappear, unable to reply. Ruining her life? Fuck me. A door slams down the hallway just as the sliding glass door opens. Tessa looks at me with raised eyebrows and I motion toward the direction Mia fled to.

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