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I reach for his cock, sliding down the condom and rubbing his length. His groan vibrates through his entire body and I feel it tickling my palm. “Do you think you can make me come with this?” I whisper my tease. “I’m betting you can. I’m betting you can make me come all night with it.”

The biggest, sweetest grin spreads across his face and I swoon. I’m fucking swooning here. “That’s the plan, sweetheart. I’m gonna go slow, but I need you to tell me if it’s too much for you.” He braces himself on either side of my face, taking his weight on his forearms. I feel him at my entrance and he gently places kisses to my lips as he slowly slides in with a muted grunt. I inhale sharply and clamp my eyes shut. Holy shit, he’s big. Really fucking big. He stills, not all the way in, and I let out my air.

“Jesus. So damn tight.” He groans and drops his forehead to mine. “Are you okay?” His concerned words blow across my face. “Do you want me to pull out?”

I open my eyes and meet his. I have to keep going. I know the pleasure will come after the pain. “No, don’t pull out. I want you to fuck me.”

His hand strokes my cheek in the most intimate way. “Baby, I can’t fuck you until you’re ready for me. It’ll hurt if I try to do it right now.” He reaches down and grabs my hand, moving it around him. “Grab me and pull me into you. That way you’re controlling it.”

I nod once, grabbing on to him with both hands and guiding him into me. The pain hits me again and I tense. Every muscle in my body contracts against his. I can’t stop. I need to do this. I clamp my eyes shut as I pull him in. Deeper. Deeper. Fucking hell. My nails dig into his skin and I suck in my breath sharply again. “Oh God,” I pant. The pain begins to shift, slowly disappearing into nothing. I lock onto his eyes and bite my lip, seeing his apprehensive expression.

He’s just as tense as I am.

He doesn’t want to hurt me.

I chose the right guy.

I relax my body completely and become familiar with the sensation. “I’m okay,” I reassure him, seeing the tightness in his jaw disappear and his eyes light up.

He slowly pushes in all the way, gauging my reaction closely. Studying my face. His lips are parted slightly and his eyes are so bright they seem to light up the darkness of his bedroom. A deep guttural noise escapes his throat as I open up to him, spreading my legs as wide as they’ll go. “I’m all the way in you, baby, and it feels so damn good.” He brushes his lips against mine. “Fucking perfect,” he whispers.

“I’m ready for you to move,” I say, assurance in my tone. I’m more than ready. I tilt my pelvis up and wrap my legs around his waist.

He slowly slides back out, keeping his eyes on mine and watching me closely. The pain is gone and the only thing I feel is pure ecstasy. Elation. Fucking euphoria. I moan and lift my hips, urging him farther. Oh yes. That feels good. Amazingly good.

“Holy fuck,” he grunts, sliding back in slowly. He bends down and kisses the corner of my mouth. “Does it still hurt?” I smile against his lips and shake my head. “Good. I’m gonna really move now, pretty girl. I don’t know how long I’ll last though. You’re squeezing me so God damned tight, angel.” And then he picks up rhythm, his hips crashing against mine. My breasts bob against his muscular chest and I kiss him deeply, exploring every inch of his mouth with my tongue. The room fills with our moans that are in no way muffled. I’m certain people in the next state over can hear us.

Thrust. Thrust. Thrust.

“Oh my God,” I say as he licks and sucks my breast. And I know I’m close. I’m familiar now with what he can do to me and there’s no stopping it. The buildup is coming from deep within me and it’s coming quick. Like a wildfire spreading.

“You’re right there, baby. Are you ready?”

How fucking hot is it that he knows when I’m about to come? I don’t even need to tell him.

“Yes. God, yes,” I answer.

He slides his hand between us and rubs against my clit. Thrusting harder and harder, deeper than I thought possible and my orgasm rolls through me like a current. “Oh!” I’m coming, clutching his body, and this is even more intense than the first two.

First two. How lucky am I right now?

My entire body trembles against his as I dig my nails into his back and rake them along his skin.

“Do that again,” he demands urgently.

I repeat the action and he groans loudly, ramming into me and finding his release.

“Baby. Fuck!”

He twitches inside me and stills, relaxing his body against mine as we both slowly come down. But I don’t want to come down. I like this high. No, I love this high. This high is incredible. Now I understand what appeals to sex addicts. I’m elated and completely spent. I could actually die now and be okay with it. And I would like my tombstone to read the following:

Mia Blaire Corelli

Beloved daughter and friend.

Death by Orgasm. With a capital “O”

* * *

I had no intention of falling asleep. I had planned on surprising Tessa after my amazing night with my stranger, explaining that I was too excited to wait until the next day to leave. But after five orgasms, five, a girl can only take so much before she passes out. After taking a small break to catch our breaths, he took me from behind, bending me over the bed, and then he asked me to ride him. I was embarrassed about that at first. Me? Take charge? Then I took him in and realized how deep he was that way. So incredibly deep. I think that’s my favorite position now. Plus it gave him ultimate access to my breasts which he seemed to enjoy immensely. I believe his words were “best tits I’ve ever seen”. I’m still glowing from that compliment. And then to top off the best experience of my life, he held me. Like it meant just as much to him as it meant to me. Which is where we are now.

His arm is draped across my waist, his slow, steady breathing in my hair as I glance at the alarm clock on his nightstand. 10:14 a.m. I can’t believe I slept over. At a stranger’s house. A complete stranger. Well, not complete. He’s the only man that knows my body the way I want them to. And sweet Jesus does he know it. Plus, it felt natural to cuddle up next to him and fall asleep on his chest. It was almost intimate, our experience. It was hot as hell but also sweet. He was gentle with each new position, constantly asking if I was okay before he took me to that depth of passion and fucking owned me. And I felt his affection deep within me. But I pretended I didn’t. This wasn’t supposed to mean anything other than a hot fling.

His warm body was pressed up against mine the entire night, our legs a tangled mess under the covers. The intoxicating aroma of his scent filled my lungs and it was slowly becoming the only air I wanted to breathe. Nothing had ever smelt that divine. Complete manly deliciousness. I wished I could keep him.

I slip out from underneath his arm and scramble around the bed, picking up my dress and panties. After dressing and using the bathroom, I step into my heels and grab my clutch.

“Hey.” His sexy morning voice grabs my attention as I’m about to sneak out of his room. “Come here, pretty girl.” He props one hand behind his head, holding his other out to me. He looks positively adorable in that just woken up way, his hair sticking out a bit and his eyes still sleepy. I walk over to the bed and take his hand, bringing it up to my lips for a kiss. He smiles, weakening my knees with his dimples. “That’s my move, isn’t it?”

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