Where I Belong (Alabama Summer #1) - Page 42

He puts a hand on my shoulder and applies mild pressure. “Pretty damn good, man. Especially if the test results come back with more than just alcohol in her system. That on top of the class E felony she’s getting charged with should give you full custody.” I knew under law she was facing up to four years of jail time for having a minor in the car with her. And I figured I’ll have a damn good chance of getting full custody of Nolan. But I wanted to hear it out loud. I needed to hear those words. I wanted certainty.

I nod at Rollins, thanking him before walking back toward Luke and Tessa. She is watching me while he is watching her. And by the look on both their faces, they still aren’t talking. “I’m going to stay at Mom and Dad’s tonight with Nolan. Did you drive here or did Mia?”

“I did. I’ll meet you at home.” She turns on her heel without giving Luke a glance.

“Tessa, come on. Will you at least talk to me for a minute?” Luke calls out. She hears him but she doesn’t respond, not even with a look over her shoulder. He runs his hands down his face and lets out a grunt behind them. “I’ll see you tomorrow, man. I’m glad Nolan’s okay.” He walks away looking defeated which is not a look he wears often. Especially pertaining to women. I feel bad for the guy.

I talk to some other officers before finally walking to the truck. Mia is holding Nolan against her chest in the front seat, both of them asleep. I open her door and pry him out of her hands so that I can put him in his car seat. She stirs at the loss of his weight on her.

“Hey.” She places her hand on my cheek after I settle into the driver’s seat. “Are you okay?”

I turn my face into her palm and kiss it. “I am now.”

She doesn’t ask me any questions on the drive back to my parents’ house. It’s as if she knows I need the silence right now. My brain is working out the possible scenarios that could’ve transpired tonight. All of them involving Nolan injured somehow. My grip keeps tightening on the wheel and every time it does, Mia tightens her hold on my hand. She keeps her other hand on the back of my neck, massaging it gently and relieving the tension that is beginning to permanently set in. When we get to the house, I carry Nolan inside and lay him down in the middle of the bed he sleeps in when he spends the night here. I can’t leave him. Not yet. So I sit on the edge of his bed and watch his chest rise and fall.

I could’ve lost him.

I’d never be able to watch him sleep again. I’d never hear his husky voice ringing throughout the house or see him slaying invisible dragons. I’d have three years of memories to live off of for the rest of my life and it wouldn’t be enough. He is my world, and now because of his mother’s reckless decision, he’s all mine. I’ll never have to miss another moment with him. I’ll never have to beg to see my son on days that aren’t technically mine. And I feel like a complete shit for feeling slightly grateful for the events that unfolded tonight.

What the fuck is wrong with me?

I have no idea how long I sit there but when I eventually get up and turn around, Mia is leaning against the doorframe. I walk over to her and she wraps her arms around my waist, pressing her face to my chest.

“You know if you want to talk about it, I’m here.” She turns her face up and I kiss her forehead.

“I’m glad it happened. How fucked up is that?”

Her hands grab my face. “You’re not glad it happened. You’d never want Nolan to be in any sort of danger. The fact that you’ll probably never have to split your time with him again because of Angie’s poor judgment is a small silver lining. But Nolan’s well-being is the only real thing that matters to you. You’d give up all your time with him if it meant keeping him safe. I know you would.”

I love you.

The words burn the back of my throat, aching to be released. I have no idea how long getting Nolan’s custody arrangement sorted out will take. And I can’t take him to Georgia until that happens. The legal system takes its fucking time when you want it to hurry the hell up. And Mia may have to leave me before I can take him out of the state. Plus I’ll need to get a job lined up out there. It could be weeks, months before I’m with her again. And I won’t make this harder on her. So I swallow those same three words again, not letting them out. Not yet.

I bend down and lift her by her ass, prompting her to wrap her legs around my waist. “I need you,” I whisper against her lips.

“You have me.”

I carry her into her bedroom and drop her in the middle of the bed. “Take all of that off.” She sits up and pulls her dress over her head, revealing herself to me in only a pair of white panties. “Fuck. I need to be inside you, angel.”

She sits back on her hands, pushing her perfect tits out and teasing me with them. “I’m waiting.”

I practically rip my shirt off, and when I start loosening my belt, she lies back and slips her hand into the front of her panties. “Jesus, Mia.” I step out of my pants and move over her, letting my cock drag up the length of her body.

“Get in me,” she pleads, her hand still working between us and her eyes rolling closed.

“Not yet. I need to taste you first.”

Her eyes shoot open with that flirtatious glint and her hand wraps around my cock. “So do I.”

Her panties are torn from her body before I pick her up and position her over me so that she’s straddling my face. I feel her warm breath tickling my cock as I nip at the soft skin of her inner thigh. “Those pretty lips of yours better find themselves wrapped around my dick in two seconds.”

Her soft laugh fills the room. “And if they don’t?”

I lick up her length, not being able to hold out any longer. Her taste fills my mouth and her moan vibrates against my lips. I savor her with my tongue, letting everything fade out around me. I’m a junkie getting his fix. But instead of the hit dulling out my senses, I feel my pulse quicken and my bones begin to vibrate. I’m a fucking king between her legs and when she finally swallows my cock, I grab onto her hips and bury my face into her pussy.

She releases it with a pop and presses down on my pelvis with her hands, her back bowing in pleasure. “Oh my God. I’m not going to be able to focus if you keep doing that.” Her voice breaks with another moan when I don’t let up and her hand takes over where her mouth was.

I groan against her clit before biting down on it gently. She gasps and I release it. “Bend down and suck my dick, Mia. I’m coming in that mouth tonight.”

“Then you’re going to have to let up a little.”

Yeah, that’s not happening. I smile against her. “Nothing could pull me away from your pussy, angel. Put my dick in your mouth and don’t be fucking gentle about it. I want to feel the back of your throat when I’m coming.”

I feel her weight shift and her tongue licks the head of my cock. I’m about to tell her not to tease me when she deep throats me like a fucking champion and scraps her teeth along my shaft.

“Mia!” I grunt out, digging my fingers into her ass. She sucks me like her life depends on it and I flatten my tongue against her clit, stroking it in a rhythm that makes her lips vibrate against my cock. And then it’s about getting her off before me. I alternate between sucking on her clit and fucking her with my tongue, pulling her hips down so hard I’m practically being smothered. I feel her pulse against my tongue and when she releases my cock and digs her nails into my hip, I know I have her. She rocks against me, fucking my face and riding out her orgasm while she softly chants my name. I press my lips once more to her clit before she collapses on top of me, her face now resting on my thigh.

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