Where I Belong (Alabama Summer #1) - Page 4

My panties are removed and that first lick nearly rockets me off the bed.

“Holy shit. That’s… oh wow.”

My thighs clamp his head so tightly, I’m surprised he’s managing to move his head at all. But he manages, and he’s eating me like this is all we’re going to do tonight. Like this is the only way he’ll get to experience my body. I can’t take my eyes off him while he does it and given the predatory look in his eyes right now, I’m not sure he’ll let me look away if I tried. He’s all over me, alternating his movements so I don’t get used to anything. And he seems to be enjoying it as much as I am, going at it with such gusto and humming against me. The vibration moves through my entire body, pulsing, pulsing, until I’m so close I can’t see straight. This is what oral sex is supposed to feel like. Raw. Uninhibited. Thank God I left my shyness at the door because he’s exploring every inch of my pussy. I’m tempted to lock him between my legs and never let him up for air. He’s incredible at this and I know without a doubt that given the chance, I would’ve never experienced anything even remotely close to this. This man. Holy fuck. This man right here knows exactly what he’s doing. I don’t want to come so quickly, but there’s no way I can slow down my body’s reaction to him. I arch my back off the bed, groaning loudly as my orgasm barrels through me like a shock wave. He licks my length once, and then again, making sure to soak up every last drop of what he’s earned.

“You’re fucking beautiful when you come.” He plants gentle kisses between my legs, his eyes glued to mine. “I need to see that again.” He kneels in between my legs, dropping his hand to the spot that he’s just worked like the world was about to end. I whimper as he teases me with one finger, slipping it inside as he keeps his eyes on me. “When you get yourself off, do you just focus on your clit or do you fuck your pussy like this?”

Hottest. Question. Ever.

I swallow loudly as he slips in another finger, loosening me, priming me for his cock. “Just my clit. I don’t think I can come from,” I gasp, “from that.”

Holy mother of God.

His eyes sparkle with mischief. “Challenge accepted.” He grabs my knee with his free hand and begins fingering me, ignoring my clit completely. I’d protest if it didn’t feel unfuckingbelievable. I feel him curl them up inside me, as if he’s beckoning me to come closer, to come all together. He’s rubbing some glorious spot that I never knew even existed. “What are you… oh my God, I’ve never, is that… are you?” I’m panting and arching into his magical touch. If I begin speaking in tongues, I won’t be surprised in the least.

“It’s your G-spot, angel. I’ll make you come in ways you never thought possible.” He presses up into that spot while his other hand pushes down on the front of my pelvis. I’m not sure if he feels the change that’s happening to me or if he sees it. But he knows exactly when it happens. “That’s it. Give me another. I fucking need it,” he growls and I obey, giving him exactly what he demands of me. I lock eyes with him as my orgasm rips through my body, shredding me into post climatic pieces.

“Holy shit. Come up here.” I reach for him, seeing him stand and slip his boxers off as he sucks on the fingers that were just inside me. My eyes wander lower, lower, until I focus in on what might possibly split me in two. He’s bigger than I thought. Way bigger. “Oh my God,” I blurt out, causing him to glance over at me with a puzzled expression. We both laugh together and I cover my face embarrassingly. “Sorry. That was a good Oh my God.”

“Christ, I hope so.” He slips on a condom and moves between my legs. “Let’s see if you have anything for me to oh my God at underneath this dress.” His hands grip the hem of my dress and I sit up, granting him access. “I’m betting you’re about to blow my fucking mind.”

I blush crimson as my dress is removed. Lying back on the bed, I watch his eyes run all over my body, stopping and widening as they land on my chest. Oh God. I’m completely naked in front of this man and he’s just staring at me. I should let him stare though, after that mind blowing orgasm. I should let him do whatever he wants with me. With a tongue like that and fingers that I’d give my life for, I can’t imagine how good the rest of his body is. Speaking of the rest of his body. My eyes drop to his massive erection and the need in me grows to a palpable hunger.

“Umm, is something wrong?” I whisper my fear, seeing his eyes jolt up to mine, finally leaving my breasts.

“Your tits are phenomenal.” His hands squeeze them and I arch my back off the mattress, pushing them farther into his palms. “I want to slide my cock right here and come all over them.” He trails a finger down the center, his eyes turning roguish. “I bet you’d look beautiful covered in me. I bet you’d like it too.” Jesus. This guy excels in the dirty talking department. And I never thought I’d be into that. But coming out of that mouth, those lips, I’m way the hell into it. I’ve never been so turned on in my life. He leans forward and presses my body into the mattress. The sensation of him over me is perfect. Every part of his body is touching mine and I never want him to move. His erection pushes against my clit and I moan into him as his mouth collides with mine. His tongue twists and dips, licking and swiping into my mouth. God, he’s so good at this. I feel like I’m just fumbling around but he isn’t complaining. I run along the muscles of his back with my hands, feeling them flex against my touch. His mouth breaks free of mine and he slides down slightly. “I gotta suck them, baby.” He flicks my nipple once, twice, and then draws it into his mouth.

“Oh yes.” I hold his head to my breast, not ever wanting him to stop this amazing sensation. He alternates between them, giving each nipple equal attention as he sucks, twists and bites. The pain is just enough that it blends into pleasure. Intense pleasure. It feels amazing. But I want more. I miss his cock already now that he’s moved down my body. “Can you, oh.”

His head tilts up. “Can I what?” He keeps his eyes on me as he licks my left nipple. “I’m not doing anything else to this beautiful body unless you beg me to do it.” His hands continue their sweet torture on my breasts. “You said back at the bar that you’ve never done this before. What did you mean exactly? Going home with a stranger? Or what you’re about to beg me to do?”

I glance down and meet his smirk. Christ, he’s sexy as hell and playful. Deadly combination. And he has every right to be cocky. I’m all for begging if it puts him inside me. “Um, both actually. I’ve never done anything like this. I’ve kissed boys and they’ve touched me a little, but that’s about the extent of my experience.”

“Are you sure you wanna do this? You don’t even know me. I could eat your pussy some more or fuck you again with my fingers. It doesn’t have to be my cock getting you off.”

I bite my lip playfully. “Tempting. But I want this to be with you.” Our eyes stay locked as he sits back between my legs. “You just seem so sweet. I’d like my first time to be with a sweet guy.”

“Show me you want this.” He holds me with his stare, commanding me to do what he’s asking. “Show me you want me to be the one to take it.”

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