Where I Belong (Alabama Summer #1) - Page 32

This is heaven. It has to be. And we’ll talk about this whole forever thing later. There is no way in hell I’m ending this with her at the end of the summer. I don’t care how much distance there’ll be between us. “I don’t know what the hell I did to ever deserve you, but you’ll never take another breath without knowing how special you are to me.” I bend down and bring my mouth to hers, needing to feel her breath in me. Needing to swallow her sounds. She opens up and my tongue slides across hers, stroking deep into her mouth as she grips my neck with one hand and my shoulder with the other. I break the contact because I need more of her. I’ve gone almost four weeks without her taste and I want it running through me. I need it coursing through my system. I settle between her legs and she opens up with a soft sigh. “You want it, don’t you? You want my tongue to make you beg before my cock does.”

Her hand grabs my head and she pushes me down as her response. I grin against her clit before flicking it with my tongue. She arches her hips up to meet every stroke. Fuck, the way she tastes. Some pussies just taste better than others and Mia’s pussy is sinful. Addicting. She pulses against my tongue as I run up her length, lingering on her clit before pulling it into my mouth.

“Oh God, Ben.”

I suck hard then harder, needing her orgasm more than I need to breathe. Getting her off gets me off, and Mia is so responsive that it’s hard not to come along with her when she does it so perfectly. My eyes run up her body, over her tits that will be getting my attention very soon and our eyes lock. I knew she’d be watching me. Her hand tightens in my hair as I move in quick circles. She whispers my name, moaning and barely making any sense as her orgasm builds rapidly. She begs me over and over not to stop. That she’s right there. That she’s so close. She pins me between her legs, unraveling against me as I grip her thighs and consume all of her. And then she finally relaxes her body, her legs dropping to the sides in complete exhaustion as my angel comes back to earth.

“So, so good. I love your mouth. I mean, really. I love your cock too, but your mouth?” She sighs heavily as I crawl up her body, kissing every inch of her. “It really should come with some sort of warning label.”

“Mmm and what would it say? Multiple orgasms await you if you put this between your legs?” I suck her left nipple into my mouth, pulling another low groan out of her. Releasing it with a smirk, I drop my head between her tits and inhale her scent. That berries and cream scent that completely wrecks me. “I love how you smell. Especially right here.” I inhale again and growl against her, feeling her squirm underneath me. I glance up at her with a warning. “Don’t you dare try to hurry me along. Next to that gorgeous view between your legs, this is where I’d want to die. Right here.” I plant a kiss to her cleavage before moving up her body.

“I need you to fuck me now.” She sounds urgent, needy even. As if she didn’t just come all over my tongue. “Do you think you could do that?”

I slide straight into her pussy as my answer. “Holy fuck, Mia.” She’s soaked, her need for me just as strong as my need for her. I groan as she arches her back and presses her tits against my chest. Nothing has ever felt like this and I know without a doubt that there is no other woman I want to experience this with besides Mia. And I also know I’m done using condoms with her. I won’t take her any other way besides this fucking perfection. I’m all the way in her but I can’t move. Not yet. I am too fucking close to losing it and I want this to last. She wiggles beneath me, urging me on with her hands gripping my ass. “Give me a second, baby. You have no idea how good you feel right now and I don’t want to come in you just yet.” I drop my forehead to hers and steady my breathing.

Her tongue darts out and she licks her bottom lip. “Why not? Can’t you get hard again right away? I was hoping this wasn’t a one and done deal.”

I laugh, brushing against her lips with mine. “Are you challenging me? Do you want to see how hard I can fuck you and how hard I can get again just by looking at you? Just say the words and that’s what you’ll get.” She doesn’t say any words. Instead, she clenches down on me and squeezes me tighter than a vise grip. I rear up, grabbing her legs and pinning them against the mattress as I drive my hips into her. “Is this what you want? Fuck, baby. Is this how you want me to take you?” I can barely get my words out before I feel my orgasm building at an impressive rate. I’m fucking her like I haven’t had her in years, because that’s how I feel. I’m a man deprived and I won’t stop until she can’t imagine not having me between her legs. The room becomes filled with our moans and the loud slapping sound of our bodies crashing together.

“Yes! Oh God, Ben. Please.” She closes her eyes and arches off the bed, thrusting her chest into the air.

“Mia, I’m coming in you, baby. I’m coming in this sweet pussy.”

I give her everything and she takes it, coming on my cock as soon as I tell her I’m filling her. Her skin flushes pink then red, bursting across her chest and up to her neck. She reaches for me and claws down my chest, giving me the pain that she knows I need. She’s perfect when she comes, a beautiful angel underneath me. I pull out and she sits up on her elbows, staring between my legs at the erection that is fully hard just for her.

“You came, didn’t you?” she asks, her eyes full of shock. She doubts my desire for her, which she’ll never do again. I dip my finger into her and draw it to her mouth, coaxing her to taste what I gave her. She hits me with that seductive stare she mastered that night in the bar and sucks on my finger, releasing it with a pop. My cock lengthens even more at the sight of her. My girl likes it. “Mmm. I guess that answers that question. Wanna go again?”

I grab her, switching places so that I am now lying on the bed and she is kneeling next to me. “Ride me, baby. I want you to drive this time. Show me how much you want this cock that’s rock hard just for you.”

She straddles me without hesitation, gripping me in her hand and guiding me into her slick pussy. “Oh God.” Her head falls back until I get fully inside her. Then she hits me with those big brown eyes again. “I forgot how deep you are this way. It feels like you’re hitting my ribs.” She moves slowly, rocking her hips in a gentle rhythm. As if I’m the fragile one. I practically fucked her through the floor and now she’s looking at me as if I’m breakable. I’m not and she needs to know that.

I grab her neck firmly and pull her down, crashing her mouth against mine. “Do I look delicate to you? Or do I look like a man that’s been starving for this pussy.” I scrap my teeth along her bottom lip and she whimpers. “Fucking ride me, Mia.” Her eyes widen and she nods once, purposely. And then she reaches behind her and digs her nails into my thighs, rearing up and fucking me with wild abandon. “Yeah, just like that. So good. So fucking tight, baby.” I grunt my praise to her as my eyes wander between her mouth and her tits. I lean in and suck on them, making her scream out and ride me harder. She alternates between rocking her hips, first fast then faster, while crashing down on me. White spots blur my vision as she takes me to the edge.

“I need it, Ben. Oh God, I’m so close.” She scratches down my arms and I groan loudly, loving the pain that mingles with the pleasure. Christ, this woman knows exactly what I need and when to give it to me.

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