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“Yeah, you could say that.” I finish off the rest of my drink and stand, indicating that I’m ready to take this where we both want it to go. I can’t sit in this bar any longer with him touching me and not lose my mind right along with him. He gets to his feet and my eyes do a double take. Damn, he’s gorgeous. I couldn’t tell from his seated position, but the man has a torso that goes on for days. Broad and built, he definitely works out and often, with this type of physique. His narrow waist is fitted perfectly in a pair of jeans, and his legs are long and muscular. I can only imagine what the back of him looks like. I grab my clutch and look up, way up into his face. “I could seriously climb you like an oak tree.”

“Oh yeah? I think I’d like to see that.” His playful response makes me laugh and I’m quickly being pulled through the crowd and out the door. The sweet Alabama air blows my hair off my shoulders. “You wanna follow me or should I bring you back here to get your car? It’s up to you.” He stops once we reach the middle of the parking lot, my hand still firmly placed in his. I don’t want to pull it out of his to get in my car. I don’t want to be away from him for one second, because we’ll only have tonight. That’s how one-night stands work, or so I’ve heard. It’s not like I know what I’m doing here. But it would make more sense if we drove separately. Besides, if he’s some psycho, I’ll need a getaway vehicle.

I squeeze his hand, looking up at him from underneath my eyelashes. “I’ll follow you, but I’m going to need to feel those lips again first.”

He doesn’t waste any time. It’s as if he’s thinking the same thing, because before I can move in even slightly to affirm my desires, he’s on me. His lips work mine, our tongues stroking against each other’s with purpose. These aren’t teasing kisses. These are I want you right now, and if we don’t get to a bed soon, you’ll be taken right here kisses. I’ve never been kissed like this. Never. I could do this for hours. Days even. I feel it radiating throughout my body, pinging off every nerve ending. Our hands are still interlocked, the pressure of his hold intensifying with the kiss. He licks along my bottom lip slowly, ending the passionate embrace our mouths are so happy to be in. Well, at least my mouth anyway.

“Coconut,” he whispers against my mouth.


His lip curls up in the corner. “You taste like coconut. I fucking love coconut.” I grin as he flicks his head toward a jacked up truck. “That’s me. Follow close behind me, baby. I’d hate to lose you.”

“That would be a shame,” I tease, walking toward my cherry red jeep that’s parked only a few cars down from his. “I’d hate to have this night end after just one kiss.”

His eyes narrow in on my license plate. “One helluva kiss though, Georgia.”

I can’t keep the smile off my face as he pulls out of his parking spot and I follow closely behind him. We are only on the highway momentarily before we hit the Alabama back roads that I used to be so fond of. Tessa and I would go 4-wheeling on back roads like this, and I spent a lot of summers walking up and down the dirt paths, picking wild flowers. But the girl that did those things all those years ago isn’t currently following the black truck down these back roads. This is unfamiliar territory, completely new to me, and my stomach is beginning to do flips in anticipation of what is about to happen.

* * *

Chapter Two

His hand finds mine again as I follow him into his house, and he wastes no time walking straight up the stairs and into the bedroom. I place my clutch down on his dresser, stepping out of my heels. He isn’t far behind me, and I feel him the moment I place my right foot on the carpet. His hands caress down my arms, rough against soft, as I stay turned away from him, feeling his breath in my hair. My pulse begins to thrum in my neck as he takes all of my hair over one shoulder. He presses his lips along the line of my neck and I tilt my head to give him the access we both want him to have.

Oh God. I close my eyes and feel him. Everywhere. Even though he’s barely touching me, I feel him all over my body. The junction where my thighs meet is pulsating and my nipples are so hard they might just rip right through my dress. Jesus, this is intense. His lips work up my neck to my ear and he licks it before biting it. I shiver and he does it again. Who would have thought I’d like a little biting? He turns me in his arms, latching his mouth onto mine.

His tongue sweeps into my mouth and I groan, gripping his head to hold him to me. His hair is soft against my palms and I run my fingers along the base of his hair line. I feel his desire for me pressing into my stomach, and it isn’t a small desire. Thank you, Jesus. He moans into my mouth and sucks on my tongue, his hands roaming all over my back. Firmly planting them on my ass, he dips and lifts me off the ground in one quick motion.

My legs instinctively wrap around his waist as he carries me over to the bed, dropping me in the middle of it. I run my tongue along my bottom lip, tasting his mouth on mine. I’m ready. So ready. If he doesn’t touch me again soon, I might just resort to begging.

He’d probably like that.

“Christ, you’re so sexy. Look at you.” He stares down at me, eyes blazing as I stretch out on the bed beneath him. “You’ve no idea how close I was to pulling over on the side of the road and taking you right there.”

That would’ve been fun. Sex in a truck? A really bad ass looking truck? I’ll have to put that on my to-do list.

“Maybe next time,” I reply, but I know there won’t be a next time. Not with this guy anyway. I’ll probably never see him and I have to be okay with that.

My eyes enlarge as he pulls his T-shirt off with one hand. Oh wow. His bare chest is a sight to behold. Wide with a bit of dark hair in the middle, He’s all man and I don’t feel a bit ashamed about the staring I’m doing. He should be on billboards all over the city. He’s muscular, every cut of him visible from my angle. His right shoulder is completely covered in tattoos, stretching down to his elbow. And trust me when I say that tattoos have never looked this good. Six, no eight pack, maybe? The V. That freaking glorious V that leads to what I really want that’s hiding beneath his pants. He undoes his belt and his jeans fall to the floor, leaving a very impressive erection pressing against his boxers. My mouth waters instantly. I want to eat him up.

He drops to his knees at the foot of the bed and I lean up on my elbows to see him better. I’m about to ask him what he’s doing when my feet are grabbed and I’m pulled toward him. And now I’m very aware of what he plans on doing. I yelp and hear a small sound of amusement as my legs are dropped over his shoulders. “I need to taste this pussy.” His hands hike my dress up to reveal my lacy panties. My favorite pair actually. I felt losing my virginity warranted something besides my go-to boy shorts. “You wanna come on my lips, baby?”

Hell fucking yes I do. Would anyone in their right mind say no to that? “Uh huh,” is all I can give him at the moment. My brain is having difficulty forming a complete thought as I anticipate his mouth on me there.

He groans, deep and guttural, sliding his hand up my thigh until I feel his fingers running up and down the length of the lace. I’m shaking, fisting the sheets already and he’s barely touching me. “So wet and hot.” He presses his face between my thighs and inhales, his moan vibrating against my body. “Damn, you smell good. I bet you taste even better though.”

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