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“I gotta go. I’ll drop Nolan off around three on Saturday.” I walk away from her with my hard on, thinking back to her last text message about being able to tuck it away, making it less obvious. I do just that with an agitated shake of my head.

“Oh, okay. See ya!” she yells out, but I don’t turn to look at her. I can’t.

Christ, the fucking sounds are filling my ears again and I need a release. I get in my truck, liking the distance my parking spot gives me from her and pull out my painful hard on. I stroke it fast, keeping my grip tight to not prolong my climax. I need to do this and get the hell out of here before I fuck everything up.

“Aw, fuck.”

I think of her mouth wrapped around me, those full lips teasing the head and pressing softly to my shaft. She’d take me in all the way, I knew she would. Her mouth could handle everything I gave her and I wouldn’t hold anything back. I’d grip her hair and thrust my hips into her eager mouth and she’d suck me until her cheeks hollowed and her eyes watered.

“Oh God. Yeah.”

She’d swallow because she’d know that I’d love it. She’d love it too because she’s my dirty girl. My filthy little angel that tells me her panties are soaked. And then she’d ride me, hard and fast, her perfect tits bouncing in my face. I’d suck on them until she screamed like she did the other night. I’d tell her that I’d be coming all over them soon, because I would. She’d get off on my words, my mouth, and my cock, and then she’d come perfectly around me. Her skin would blush across her chest, blooming up toward her neck as she threw her head back. The sight of her orgasm would push me over the edge. I’d come inside her, this time without a condom because I need to fucking feel her. I’d bury my face in her tits, my cock in her pussy, and I’d fucking give her everything.

“Fuck.” My thighs tense and I can feel my release surging through me. I open my eyes and grab a few napkins out of my consul, holding them against the tip while I come by myself for the countless time this week. I wipe myself clean and then crumple up the napkins, shoving them into my cup holder. I feel better, but not by much. I can still see her tight little body in the distance and I want the real thing, not just the fantasy. But that isn’t going to happen. It can’t happen. Not yet.

I start up my truck and pull out my phone, scrolling to her last text.

Mia: I was so unbelievably horny today. Guys are lucky. They can just tuck their erections away and go on about their day like they aren’t sporting wood. Girls can’t do that. I had to change my panties twice before lunch.

After I reread it six times, I finally give her the response she wants.

Me: Even a tucked erection is still obvious. Trust me. And you aren’t the only one that’s been unbelievably horny lately.

I press send and get the fuck out of there before I do something I’ll regret. I’m only a man, God damn it. She wanted me to respond to her, so I did. I can handle dirty text messages with the girl that I’m falling in love…

Fuck me. That’s what’s happening. I’m falling in love with Mia Corelli.

* * *

Chapter Twelve


“Okay, be honest. Tell me if I’ve completely outdone myself here.” I place my hands on my hips and survey the massive amount of babysitting supplies I picked up at the store. “I’ve got chips, cookies, popcorn, ice cream, mini cupcakes that I had to get because they had little shields on them.” I stand on my toes to see the rest of my purchases better. “Organic chocolate milk, organic strawberry milk, carrot sticks, grapes, and pita chips.”

“He’s going to freak out when he sees what you did back there. And did you just say carrot sticks?” Tessa calls out, strolling toward me from the direction of the bedrooms. “Seriously? He’s three. He’s more likely to use those as mini swords.” Her eyes widen at the sight of my purchases. “And he’s one kid. Jesus Christ, Mia. Have you ever babysat before? This is enough to feed a small army.”

I nudge her with my elbow. “Yes, I’ve babysat before. But I didn’t know what Nolan liked, so I kind of got one of everything. Ooohhh check it out.” I reach over the bags of chips and grab the two red box rentals, holding them out for Tessa to grab. “I got Frozen and something called Mike the Knight. I figured that one was right up his alley. The little cartoon knight reminded me of Nolan, minus the dimples.”

“Wow.” Tessa shakes her head and hands me back the movies. “You’re making a serious play, aren’t you?” She sits on the edge of the couch, smiling widely at me. My puzzled expression gets across exactly what I’m feeling, prompting her to elaborate. “You love him,” she states with a satisfactory smile.

“Sure, yeah I love Nolan. How could you not love him?”

Tessa had already started to shake her head as soon as I said Nolan’s name. “No, that’s not who I’m referring to.” She pauses, giving me the chance to connect the pieces on my own. It doesn’t take me long.

I wave her off with my hand. “I do not love Ben if that’s who you’re foolishly referring to.” No. I’d know if I loved Ben. I want to bang his back out, but that’s not love.

“It is, and you do. Or you’re at least open to loving him now. You’re not just trying to impress my nephew with all of this.” She motions toward my snack pile. “And you’re desperately trying to pull him out of the friend zone he so stupidly put you two in. How many slutty text messages have you sent him?” she teases.

Tessa and I never keep secrets from each other. Hell, she was the one who suggested the scandalous text message idea after I told her that I wanted Ben to see me as more than a friend. She predicted he’d drop everything and come at me hard after the first one I sent. But no, I’m either really bad at getting someone hot with my words or he’s completely immune to them. I cover my eyes with my hand and grunt my frustration. “Not enough apparently. I threw my best stuff at him and he barely flinched.” I drop my hand and look at her. “I’m running out of ways to spell this out for him.”

She stands up and walks over toward the sliding glass door. “Get naked. That’ll definitely spell it out.” She waves and smiles at what I assume is Nolan. “Don’t tell my brother about the pregnancy, okay?”

I walk up to her, putting her hand in mine. Nolan is in Ben’s arms, swinging his sword in the air as they walk around the pool. “It’s your news to tell, not mine. And the first person that needs to know about it is Luke.”

After the initial shock of the possible pregnancy sank in the other night, Tessa and I stayed up for hours talking about it. She was scared, but she was also really happy about having a baby with Luke. The only problem was the two of them weren’t supposed to be serious. And throwing a baby into the mix would definitely change that.

She sighs heavily. “I’ll tell him. I’m just waiting for the right time.”

“Like tonight?” I ask, smiling at Nolan’s face as it comes inching closer to the glass. Tessa shrugs her response. “You can do it. You know he cares about you. And if you need me, I’ll be right here.” She leans her head on my shoulder as the boys come up to the door, sliding it open.

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