Forty 2 Days (The Billionaire Banker 2) - Page 19

He keeps my head in place with his hands as his thrusts become more and more urgent until with rigid muscles and a fierce groan, he buckles, and I feels his hot seed jet to the back of my throat. It is slick and leaves a tang on the back of my tongue as I swallow. He stays in my mouth, his head thrown back for a few moments more. My eyes look up at him, waiting for what I do not know. His face drops down, shadowed, to look at me, my mouth stuffed with his meat.

‘Very pretty,’ he says softly. ‘You were born to suck dick. I’m surprised I never realized it before.’ He pulls out of me. ‘Now go and sit on the bed.’

I stand and simply look at him. He wants to humiliate me. It will be a cold day in hell before I allow him to succeed. Naked and barefoot, but head held high I walk to the bedroom. I go up to the bed and as instructed sit on the edge. He appears at the door. Again he is fully clothed and in control while I am naked and defenseless.

‘No, with your back against the headboard.’

I scoot up and lean against the plump pillows.

He comes and sits on the bed beside me. His voice is casual, conversational. ‘What did you do for sex in the past year?’

I flush.

Some hardness barely leashed has crept into his voice. ‘Did you take a lover?’

I shake my head.

‘Did you go without?’ Curious.

I shake my head again.

‘Show me what you did?’

‘I can’t,’ I whisper.

‘Show me.’ An order.

I open my mouth, but he silences me with a finger on my lips, his head shaking gently. ‘You obviously don’t understand how this works,’ he explains. ‘The only words I want to hear pass those delectable lips are yes, please, and more.’ He takes his finger off my lips. ‘Was it any of those words or a combination of them?’

I shake my head slowly.

‘I thought so. Show me,’ he says, and now his voice is coldly authoritative.

I press my lips together. I feel that flash of defiance return. That’s what he wants. He wants to watch me masturbate in front of him. Fine. Let him see that. He has seen everything else. He folds his arms. Slowly I open my legs. He smiles slightly at my submission. I bring my fingers to my clit and close my eyes.

‘Open your eyes.’

My eyes snap open. Locking my gaze with his glittering ones I move a finger into the opening of my sex. The folds are covered in slick juices, and collecting some from the opening I move my fingers around the sensitive nub, slowly teasing it to attention.

His carefully guarded eyes never leave me. ‘What did you think of while playing with yourself?’


His expression doesn’t change, but his eyes flicker. ‘Didn’t you miss my dick inside you?’

‘Very much.’

He makes a small disbelieving sound and reaches over to what had always been his bedside table. He opens the drawer and I am surprised to see it full of sex toys. All of them still in their packaging. I even catch the glimpse of a pair of handcuffs. Rummaging around he finds and fetches a vibrator to our bed. It is black and bright orange and large. Scary large. I close my legs in horror. This has nothing to do with sex. This is him punishing me. Filling me up with a large black and orange object. Reducing me to a piece of meat. Letting me know I’m nothing to him. My resolution to be strong and my conviction that he can never humiliate me if I don’t allow it crumble into dust.

‘Don’t worry. This won’t hurt a bit,’ he promises, and switches it on. It makes a whirring sound.

I open my eyes and look at it humming in his hand. ‘Don’t, Blake. Please don’t,’ I beg.

‘Open your legs.’

I shake my head. ‘Please. If you insist on punishing me like this… I’ll run away.’

‘No you won’t. Remember I paid for this. Mine to do with as I please. We had a deal. I give you what you want and you give me what I want. I gave you what you wanted. Now it’s your turn to give me what I want. And I want to see this big black and orange machine buried inside that sweet, tight pu**y of yours.’

I swallow a lump in my throat and lick my lips. ‘Why do we need that when we have your cock?’

‘Because,’ he explains patiently as if he is talking to a particularly obtuse child, ‘you won’t always have my cock.’

I look into his eyes. I am looking for the passionate lover I adore, but his eyes are purposely blank. I know I will do anything to bring him back to me. From deep inside me I find the strength. He wants to push that inanimate object into me. Let’s give him what he wants and see what comes up. Let’s see how he fares!

‘All right,’ I say and open my legs wide.

If he is surprised by my defiant submission he does not let it show. He lets the vibrator touch my clit. I jump.

‘Too sensitive?’ he queries softly, and moves it slightly away.

He runs the vibrating tip along the wet folds, and very slowly while watching my face he inserts it into me. While I gasp with shock at its size he pushes it into me up to the hilt.’

‘Good?’ he asks.

‘Good,’ I reply, my chin lifted, my eyes widened, my fingers grasping the silk duvet underneath.

So he f**ks me with it and even though I beg him not to look at me as I crack apart, he stares at me possessively as I come.

Then he gets up and leaves me.

I lay there spread-eagled with the vibrator still inside me staring at the ceiling. The gadget makes a soft muffled sound that I have not noticed during my humiliation. I want to pull it out of me, but my limbs feel like lead. I am in love with him and he just hates me. If he had cared anything for me I would have seen in his eyes, but nothing! I finally understand. I am just a demon that must be exorcised before he marries the daughter of the Earl. I hear the front door close and the first sob escapes me. I try to be brave, hold them back, but they will not be stopped.

Suddenly he is standing at the door. Through swimming eyes I watch him come to me. He sits beside me, pulls the vibrator out; it makes a sucking sound. He switches it off and bending his head licks a tear from my cheek.

‘Damn you, Blake,’ I whisper.

He buries his face in my hair. ‘I’m sorry,’ he says.

I stare at the ceiling. I am sadder than I have ever been. The doctor, the solicitor, Fleur, Madam Yula, The Fat Duck. ‘Are you re-creating everything so you can destroy it, Blake?’


‘What do you want?’

‘I thought I knew, but I don’t anymore,’ he confesses honestly.