Kiss of Snow (Psy-Changeling 10) - Page 113


Taking a long, deep breath, she made a run for it. Her feet left the ground midway through the journey, and she barely had time to utter a short scream before he dumped her on the bed, the wildflowers scattering around them as he braced himself above her, all playful smile and wolf eyes. “I win.” A sharp nip to her lower lip. “What’s my prize?”

Chapter 46

OH DEAR GOD. She was melting into a pile of goo. He was big and beautiful and impossible . . . and hers. He was hers. Not as she’d once imagined he would be, but this bond that continued to grow between them? It was as strong, as precious. “I’ll brush your hair for you.”

He blinked, thought about it. “All right.”

Delighted, she waited for him to get off so she could rise. He stayed in place, his gaze never moving off her lips. She parted them, felt his breathing change. “Hawke?”

“I’ll get you the brush.”

She hadn’t even managed to catch her breath before he was back over her again. “Here.”

Taking the brush, she reached up to push one hand through the thick silk of his hair. It was cool, soft, stunning. A wolf’s pelt given human form. “Beautiful.”

“More.” He dipped his head, allowing her to run the bristles through the strands. A low growling sound of pleasure accompanied her first stroke, and he lowered his body a fraction, so she could feel his weight against her legs. “Harder.”

Obeying, she ran the brush through his hair over and over. “You’re closer to your wolf than any other changeling I’ve ever met.” It told her so much.

“I am as I am.” A wolf’s answer. It had no time for overthinking things. “Open your mouth.”

She dropped the brush. “Wh—” His mouth took hers.

The kiss was hot and deep and all kinds of sinful, his hand closing gently around her throat to hold her in place as his tongue played with hers and his thigh rubbed against the arousal between her legs. When he let her breathe, it was only for the barest instant before he was taking her again. Her hands clenched on his shoulders, muscle and tendon flexing so powerful and hot under her touch.

“Sienna,” he murmured against her lips. “Smart.” Another bite to her lower lip, this one softer. “Strong.” His body settled heavily on her own, his erection a demanding hardness between her thighs. “Mine.”

When she used her nails on his back, he growled and dipped his head to suck on the pulse in her neck, making her body arch. Or attempt to. He was too heavy to shift. Fisting one hand in his hair, she breathed in the scent of him and knew that tonight he’d demand more than surrender, more than submission. He’d demand everything she was, then ask for more.

“Your heart’s fluttering like a bird’s.” A lick over her pulse.

It took concentration to find the words, to put together a coherent sentence. “This is only my second time, you know.” Then she used her mouth on the strong cords of his neck.

He liked that, his chest rumbling against her. “I’ll make it good for you. You know I will.” Arrogant and sexy and tender, he braced himself on one arm, running the fingers of the other down her front, over the buttons of her shirt. “I don’t like this.”

The shirt tore down the middle.

As she sucked in a startled breath, he pressed an openmouthed kiss to the bared flesh of her abdomen, his hand stroking under and around the torn shirt to spread over her lower back.


Sliding his hand around to the front again, he moved it in slow circles over her navel. “Hmm?” Another kiss, this one on her breastbone. “Does something hurt, baby?”

She shook her head. “Kiss me.”

A wolf-sharp smile before he gave her exactly what she wanted. A kiss that tore her wide open with its sensual tenderness and reformed her anew. She nipped at his mouth this time, and he paused, gave her a look out of eyes slitted until she could only see a strip of wolf-blue. “You bit me.”

“I say it’s fair play.” She tapped her own lower lip. “You’ve done it more than once.”

He growled low in his throat, splaying his hand over her ribs. “Bite me again.”

Undone, she did. Then, deciding to play as wild as her lover, she dug her fingernails into his shoulders and gripped the taut tendon of his neck between her teeth. He froze above her, his entire body tense with expectation.

She bit down hard enough to leave a mark before releasing him.

He snarled at her—but she wasn’t fooled. She’d seen the wolf laughing in his eyes. “I marked you,” she said, smug.

His hand closed around her throat. “Maybe I’m mad at being marked up.”

“Are you?”

His answer was to move his hand, place it over her breast, her bra no protection against the primal heat of him. “I know where I’m going to mark you. Again.”

Feeling her flesh swell under his touch, she said, “What if I don’t like being marked up?”

“Tough.” A blur of movement and her bra was in so many shreds around the bed.

Sienna rose toward him in wicked invitation. He made a deep rumbling sound in his throat that peaked her ni**les to tight points, and then his lips were on her soft flesh, marking, branding, tasting, and sucking. Thought scattered, sensation crashed. Thrusting her hands into his hair, she held on for the ride of her life.

HAWKE tried to pull himself back, knowing Sienna wasn’t equipped to handle everything even after last night. He couldn’t do it. He’d waited too long for her—wolf and man wanted her with feral ferocity. “If you need to stop me,” he forced himself to say, lifting his head to meet her gaze, “do what you need to do.”