Kiss of Snow (Psy-Changeling 10) - Page 109

A shuddering breath. “Yes.”

Spreading her legs, he used a single claw to cut the sides of her panties. A tug later and they were gone. Every one of her muscles locked at the same moment, and when he looked up, her eyes were closed tight. His mouth watered to taste the drugging scent so rich and luscious against his tongue, but he wanted her with him.

Rising, he pressed a kiss to her stomach, to her chest, to her throat, to her lips. She opened to him without hesitation, dangerous and wild and Sienna. Only when her h*ps were undulating up toward him did he run his hand back down to the heat between her legs, caressing her desire-swollen folds with a single finger, his touch delicate. “You like this.”

“Yes.” A sigh, a roll of her h*ps as she searched for more.

He cupped her, stroking around the tight, wet entrance that had his c**k jerking in the confines of his pants. She cried out into his mouth and gripped his biceps, but he drew away to kiss his way down her body once more. This time her eyes stayed open, and on him.

SIENNA had just barely enough presence of mind to check the cold fire. It was nowhere near critical after the most recent purge, and her reinforced shields were holding. That meant she could enjoy this night, enjoy being with Hawke.

Right now, she wasn’t sure she’d survive what he intended to do, but oh, how she wanted it. Her body felt like a toy that had been wound up too tight, every part of her straining to reach for something she couldn’t quite touch. “Hawke, please.”

Wolf-blue eyes held her own. “Trust me.”

“Always.” There was no question of trust, never had been.

A wicked, wicked smile. “I told you it was my turn for dessert.”

With that sinful statement, he pulled her legs over his shoulders and gave her a kiss so intimate, her mind roiled with blackness before sparking in a fever of crimson. She’d never known, never understood. When she’d read about it in the women’s magazines, it had seemed like an act that would embarrass her. Right now, she wasn’t embarrassed. She was eager and needy and so pleasured it hurt.

If the first level of dissonance had been in effect, she would’ve passed out from the pain, but though the sensations were beyond anything she’d ever known, there was no agonizing backlash.

Her wolf had no inhibitions, refused to permit her any either. “A little more,” he said, spreading her thighs even farther to allow him better access to flesh swollen and flushed with passion. It made her hands clench on the sheets to imagine how he saw her. Slick and pink and open. Then he began to taste her in slow, wet strokes, one finger entering her in a prelude to the ultimate penetration, and her thoughts fractured into a long, shuddering submission.

She came to, to find a very satisfied wolf at her side. He was drawing patterns on the sweat-sheened skin of her navel with his finger. “How was dessert?” she asked, her throat a husky reminder that she’d screamed at the end.

A flash of teeth. “I plan to go back for seconds in a bit.”

She sucked in a breath. “Bad wolf.”

Sliding down his hand, he tugged at her damp curls. “Hungry wolf.”

Right then, Sienna knew she was sunk. Absolutely and gloriously. “I want you.”

Wolf-pale eyes gleamed at her from below a thick fan of lashes. “How much?” A tease and a dare in one.

Turning to push him onto his back, she kissed her way down his throat to bite at his pulse. His hand clenched in her hair, his muscles taut. He didn’t stop her when she smoothed one hand down that beautiful chest and lower, to the top button of his pants. She had no idea when he’d gotten rid of the belt but she was grateful—her fine-motor functions were somewhat impaired after the way he’d eaten up his dessert.

Now, she lifted her head, bracing herself with one hand on his shoulder as she looked down to watch her other try to undo the button. He hissed as her fingertips brushed the thrust of his erection, every one of his muscles going so rigid, she’d have thought him in pain except that she’d felt the kiss of raw sexual pleasure, understood.

Frustrated because her fingers kept sliding off the stubborn button, she ignored it and slid her hand under his waistband. To touch hot, hard flesh sheathed in delicate velvet. Her breath rushed out of her, but her hand was being pulled away before she was anywhere close to satisfied, and suddenly, she was flat on her back with a wolf at her mouth, at her throat, at her br**sts. He sucked her ni**les into his mouth, hard and wet, possessive hands plumping up her br**sts for his enjoyment.

She was used to the teeth by now . . . but not the way they made her feel.

Jerking, she went to wrap her leg around his waist, was halted by his hand on her thigh. “Pants,” he muttered and rose off the bed in a lightning fast move. A split second later, he was back, pulling her leg over his na**d hip.

Sienna tried to push at him. She wanted to see, wanted to pet and caress that hard male body. But then he ran his tongue along the lower curve of her breast, and she lost her train of thought, her hands clenching on the muscled silk of his shoulders. “Kiss me.” It was a needy whisper, and it was hardly out before he was there, one hand cupping her face while he braced himself above her with the other, his mouth teasing and playing with hers until she lost her breath, had to break the delicious contact.

“More?” the wolf asked.

She tried to suck in a breath. “You’re naked.”

A slow, slow smile. “So are you.” He slid his hand down her thigh, shifting to stroke through the softest, most sensitive part of her. “So slick,” he said, those eyes hot and hungry as he rubbed at the entrance to her body.