Play of Passion (Psy-Changeling 9) - Page 77

He tapped her lightly on the bottom. “Touch any other man and I’ll tie you na**d to the bed and keep you that way until you realize the error of your ways.”

She smiled against his mouth. “Just so we’re clear.”

“Crystal.” And then he was sliding hilt-deep into her, and she couldn’t contain her cry of delight.

Drew caught it with his mouth, moving up his hands to pull down the top of her dress until her br**sts popped free of their confines. Murmuring rough, sexual words of appreciation and pleasure, he licked and kissed and petted as he let her set the pace. Bracing herself with her feet on the rungs of his chair, her hands on his jacket-covered shoulders, she went slow and easy . . . for the first few strokes. But it had been too long. She’d missed him too much.

So when he dropped his hands back down to her h*ps and urged her to pick up the pace, she made no argument. Instead, she fused her mouth with his as he set a far more punishing rhythm, rocking them both to an orgasm that had been days in the making.

“I cannot believe you talked me into sex in a public place,” Indigo said later that night as they strolled down the corridor to the hotel room they’d decided to take in the city. They needed to spend some time alone, apart from everyone. Things had changed, and they both needed time to accept and assess.

Drew stroked his hand over her bottom in that possessive way of his as he opened the door and ushered her inside. “As I keep telling you, there are advantages to dating a younger man.”

She felt her lips twitch. “I’m beginning to see that.” It was a lighthearted comment, but there was an element of truth in it. Drew’s sexuality was wild, open, exuberant. Of course, she thought, most of that was simply who he was. Age made little difference. He’d probably be ambushing her with kisses well into his eighth decade.

Wasn’t that a thought . . . that they might make it, be together that long.

About to kick off her heels now that they were in the privacy of the room, she was halted by Drew’s hands on her hips. “Keep them on?” It was a husky request, his body strong and hard behind hers.

Reaching back with her arms, she wrapped them around his neck. “The zipper is hidden along the side.”

Andrew stroked his hand down Indigo’s side, curving his fingers over her breast and smoothing them over her hip before stroking back up to find the cleverly hidden tag. One pull and the black material began to part in a sensuous whisper. She was na**d beneath the dress, the remains of her panties stuffed in one of his pockets.

His wolf grinned as it remembered the way she’d glared at him when he’d teased her by suggesting they leave it behind to shock the waiter. “I like this dress,” he murmured. The zipper was almost to her hip now and the dress was all but falling off her body.

“That’s because it allows you easy access.” Giving a little shimmer that was unalterably feminine, she dropped her arms from around his neck as the dress fell off her body. Stepping out of it, she nudged it delicately to the side.

He didn’t say anything—because his brain seemed to have deserted him. Still wearing those spiked heels, and unashamedly na**d otherwise, she was a fantasy come to life, strong and sexy and so pettable that he couldn’t keep his hands from roaming. When she shivered and leaned back into him, his wolf growled with pride. Mine, he thought, she’s mine.

Sliding his hands up her rib cage to cup her br**sts, he teased her ni**les before caressing her with a slightly rougher touch. She made a low, throaty sound of pleasure but pulled away. As he watched, she walked to the bed and climbed on to lie on her front facing him. Bracing herself up on her elbows, she bent her knees up and crossed her ankles, those sexy heels in the air. “Strip.” It was a sensual order.

But more, Andrew realized with a leap of joy in his soul, it was an invitation to play. And the lieutenant rarely initiated their play.

“Your wish. My command.” Bowing with a theatrical flourish, he shrugged off his jacket and hung it carefully on a chair before moving his fingers to the bow tie at his throat. The strip of black fabric took bare seconds to slip out from around his neck, but he spent several more placing it over the jacket with care.

Only then did he move his fingers to his cuff links, aware of Indigo watching his every move, the perfume of her desire scenting the air in a rich musk that made his c**k throb. Cuff links in hand, he walked to place them on the dresser, then returned to stand in front of her and began to unbutton his shirt. Halfway down, he said, “Shoes first, don’t you think?”

Her nod was slow, her eyes on the strip of skin revealed by the open sides of his shirt. Masculine pride shot warmth through every part of him as he got rid of his shoes and socks.

“Faster,” she commanded, every inch the imperious female, when he rose back to his full height.

He obeyed, tugging his shirt out from his pants and beginning to undo the remaining buttons even as he used his gaze to caress the lush curves of her br**sts, the sleek length of her legs, the sexy dip of her spine.

“An . . . drew . . .” Indigo drawled out his name and only then did he realize he’d finished with the buttons.

Too delighted in the moment to care how much of his emotions he was exposing, he shrugged off the shirt and threw it carelessly on the chair. “Shouldn’t there be some whipped cream and oil at this point?”

Bright indigo-colored eyes met his. “I’ll make a note of that for next time.” The words were a sultry promise. “You planning to take off your pants anytime soon?”