Play of Passion (Psy-Changeling 9) - Page 65

Narrowing his eyes, he swiped up with a single precise claw.

Indigo jerked back, but not fast enough. Her mouth fell open as her camisole parted in two neat halves in front. “Hey!”

He traced the bared curves of her br**sts with his eyes. “Oops.”

Ripping off the camisole and throwing it to the side, Indigo prowled up his body, bracing herself with her palms on either side of his head. “You think you’re so clever.”

It was the most blinding pleasure to stroke his hands over her bu**ocks and lower back, to touch her as he would. “Yep.” Nudging her down just enough, he gripped a nipple between his teeth. When she thrust her hand into his hair, he released it before sucking it back in and tugging hard.

She shivered against him. “More.” It was an order and a demand in one.

Andrew smiled and bestowed the same caress on her neglected breast, bringing up a hand to fondle her with a proprietary pleasure he’d never bothered to hide.

“You,” she murmured against his mouth as she pulled away, “have a way of taking over in bed, but I have intentions of my own today.”

Dropping his head back on the pillows, he watched without breathing as she finger-walked her way down his chest and back to the raging hardness of his cock. This time, her fingers circled him with purpose, and there was no warning; one minute she was straddling him, the next, she’d shimmied down to take him into the wet heat of her mouth.

“Fuck!” It was torn out of him as pleasure short-circuited his senses. Reaching down, he thrust one hand into her hair.

When she pulled away, teasing him to madness, he nudged her forward. She let him feel her teeth. He growled. Laughter in the eyes that met his. And he knew he was sunk.

Groaning, he took everything she had to give, and he gloried in it. Mine, he thought as she laved pleasure upon pleasure, as she gave the wolf within her control, you’re mine.

Indigo brought Drew to the edge again and again, backing off a split second before he would’ve lost control. Her own need was at a keening pitch when she gave one final lick, got rid of her boxers, and straddled him once more.

His wolf was in his eyes, in the claws he’d dug into the bed, shredding the sheets. “I’d apologize,” he growled, following her gaze, “but I don’t think you deserve it.”

Even now, with hunger a voracious beast between them, he could make her smile. “In that case . . . maybe I’ll just do this for a while.” Lifting herself, she brushed her core against the tip of his cock.

It was meant to be a teasing punishment.

It drove her wild.

Drew’s hands clamped on her hips. “Down!” He pulled.

Sliding onto him in a hard rush, she cried out at the almost painful fullness. His hands flexed on her, and she realized he hadn’t sheathed his claws. That was alright. Hers were pricking into his chest as she braced herself.

“Indy?” A word so hoarse, she knew it had been a struggle for him to get it out.

Sucking in a breath, she squeezed her inner muscles, saw his eyes roll back in his head, and still his hands stayed her hips, keeping her from moving. “I’m okay,” she said, knowing his protective streak had risen to the fore with her cry. “You’re just a little more . . . significant in this position.”

A tug of his lips, a playful arrogance that made her want to tease and delight him in equal measures. Stroking away his hands, she clasped them with her own, and then she rode her wolf. The slick glide of flesh against flesh, the rich musk of their combined scents, the blazing fire of the heat in her belly, it all added to the exotic, erotic dance. But the most powerful sensation of all was seeing Drew’s eyes flicker from blue to copper and back again as both wolf and man surrendered to the inferno between them.

As he took her with him.


Henry picked up a transmitter similar to the ones he’d had his men place in SnowDancer territory. A pity they had been discovered; they would’ve offered him a small tactical advantage in the future—but it was nothing close to game over. Blinded by the weakness of their animal natures, the wolves hadn’t yet found the other pieces of technology.

By the time they did, it would be too late.


Midmorning the next day, Andrew walked into Hawke’s office just as his alpha finished a conversation with Judd via comm screen. Nodding to his brother-in-law before the screen blanked, he glanced at Hawke. “Where’s Judd?”

“Somewhere in South America.”

The answer wouldn’t have made sense to most people, given that Judd had been in the den until only a couple of hours ago. Only a limited few knew the man was a very powerful telekinetic. Not a true teleporter, but well able to teleport long distances.

“Still nothing to confirm why the transmitters were there?” he asked, grabbing a seat.

“Four possibilities.” Hawke raised a finger, his anger banked but no less lethal for it. “To act as locator beacons for teleportation or airborne vehicles”—a second finger—“a test to see how quickly we’d detect that type of intrusion”—a third finger—“or as markers on where to place explosives.”

Andrew blew out a breath. “Trying to cause a massive rock slide?”

Hawke gave a nod, tapping the scrawled diagram in front of him. “You blow this section, you not only cut off a chunk of our land, any invading army has far less distance to cover to get to the heart of den territory.”

“You said four possibilities. What’s the fourth?”

“We found these so fast, you’d think we were meant to find them.”