Blaze of Memory (Psy-Changeling 7) - Page 62

"Impenetrable." She laughed and it came from the soul. "The bastard locked me in, but I bet he never realized he was giving me carte blanche to do whatever I wanted."

Devraj heard the laugh, but he also sensed the pain behind the laughter. It tore at the masculine heart of him to know that he'd never be able to wipe the memories of devastation from her mind. But there was also a fierce sense of pride. "You beat him once. You'll do it again."

Those huge hazel eyes widened. "That sounds like an order."

"Don't forget it." He stroked up to graze his thumb over her nipple. When she took a whispery breath, the angry protectiveness in him calmed. He hadn't been able to help her then, but he damn well would protect her now. No matter what. "So, where were we?"

"My hands," she said, lifting her mouth to his. "I want to touch you."

He nibbled on her lips. "Hmm."


Smiling at that tart feminine demand, he reached up and undid the soft bonds. Her hands immediately went to his shoulders, stroking and shaping. It was obvious she liked his body, and he was male enough to preen under the attention. Dipping his head, he kissed her with playful little nips and bites as she took her time learning him.

Of course, his c**k had other ideas. He was so f**king aroused it was a wonder he could form a sentence. When Katya's wandering hands moved over his chest, threatening to skim downward, he stopped her. "Not this time." Pressing into her, he reached between their bodies to part her curls.

She made an intrinsically feminine sound of delight, and that, coupled with the damp heat of her, was his undoing. He knew he must have risen to get rid of his pants and underwear, but he had no memory of it. She was wet and slick and wild under his fingers when he next blinked, and his control was beyond ragged.

Sliding a hand under one of her thighs, he urged her to lock her legs behind his body. She followed his lead with an enthusiasm that made sweat bead along his spine, his c**k pounding in time with every thudding beat of his heart. Bracing himself on one elbow, he guided himself inside her. . . and had to grit his teeth from swearing a blue streak as she clenched around the blunt tip of his erection, a hot, wet glove that was such an absolute fit he thought he might pass out from the pleasure of it.

"Dev!" Fingernails dug into his back as he pushed in, trying for slow but knowing he wasn't going to last. "Oh, God, more, please."

It was all the invitation his body needed. Control shattering, he thrust into her deep, so deep, catching her cry with his mouth. For an instant, he thought he might have gone too far, remembering too late that she'd never done this before, but then she tightened her grip on him and rolled her h*ps in sweet feminine welcome.

"Katya," he said against her ear, trying to draw breath, to not lose himself completely.

Her fingers thrust into his hair. "You feel so good."

The simple statement, made in that erotically husky voice, stole what small fragments of control he'd had left. Putting one hand on her hip, he pinned her in place as he began to stroke in and out in a hard, steady rhythm that had her clawing at him.

He didn't last long. But it was alright, his hazed brain told him. Because she shattered under him even as pleasure swept over his skin in a scorching wave. For an instant, he felt a strange pull, as if something was stretched taut inside him, but then the sensation just ended, as if it had been summarily cut off. He didn't have time to consider the odd feeling, because his entire body exploded at that very instant, every nerve and tendon taut with ecstasy.


18 September 2080: Your status has been noted. A supervisory team will be flying out on the 28th to make the decision as to any possible evacuation. Continue operations as per original instructions until then.

Chapter 37

"Dev?" Katya bit lightly at the ear of the man who was crushing her to the bed, his solid male body a perfect, wonderful blanket. Who needed to breathe? "Dev?"

This time, she got a grunt.

Smiling, she pressed her lips to his jaw, loving the roughness under her lips. "I like sex."

She saw the edge of a smile, and it made her own lips curve. "I really like it." Rubbing her heel over the back of his leg, she ran her hand down his muscled arm, wanting only to touch him. "When can we do it again?"

He sounded like he was choking as he said, "You're not acting like a Psy."

"Maybe if they tried sex with you, the others would change their minds, too." She scowled. "Dev?"

"I know, you like sex. Gimme a couple of minutes." It was a laughing complaint.

"No." She drew the sweat and man scent of him into her lungs, luxuriating in the sensations. "Are you planning on ha**ng s*x with someone else?"

He pinched her nipple hard enough to make her jump. "That's what you get for asking silly questions."

A slow smile spread across her face. "That hurt."

"You're just asking for trouble."

"Am I going to get it?" She bit his ear again.

His hand curved around her breast. "Keep that up and you're not going to get any sleep tonight."

"Sounds good to me."

Groaning, he rose up on his forearms. "No more sex for you. We shower off the sweat, and then we catch some sleep. We need to be ready to head out at dawn."

She reached up to press kisses along his chest, cradling his growing arousal against her lower abdomen. Swearing, he let her play, but only for a minute. "Shower." And this time, he wasn't budging. She found herself being thrust into a fast, hot shower, and then tumbled into bed.