Blaze of Memory (Psy-Changeling 7) - Page 60

"Maybe." A playful word, but his face was all hard angles. "And this time, you can broadcast as loud as you like - the other guests are all out on some overnight trip, and the lady who checked us in was human."

He was speaking with utter calm . . . but making no effort whatsoever to hide the jut of his arousal. "I need to shower." It was true, but came out in a blurted rush.

"Don't take too long." Lifting his fingers to his shirt, he began to undo the buttons. "You do need to get some sleep tonight."

Overwhelmed, she grabbed her things and ducked into the bathroom. The shower cleaned off the grit, but did nothing to cool down her body. After she got out, she quickly dried her hair and was about to dress in loose fleece pants and a sweatshirt when she hesitated, her mind filling with memories of the way Dev had pinned her up against the wall, all heat and barely leashed male power.

Her entire body turned into one big pulse.

Swallowing, she pulled on a long-sleeved woolen shirt over nothing but bare skin. If Dev wanted her, she wasn't going to put any roadblocks in his path. She craved his touch. At first, after she'd woken, she'd thought any human touch would do. But she'd realized different in the days since - it hurt when she wasn't touched, but the idea of being touched by just anyone made her skin crawl.

Her body wanted Dev and only Dev.

Taking a deep breath, she left the duffel in the bathroom and opened the door . . . to find herself facing a na**d sweep of muscled flesh, his chest right there for her to stroke, touch, kiss, his hands gripping the doorjamb above her head. Having decided after last night that she'd take him any way and any time she could get him, she pressed her lips to the rough heat of him, the smoothness of his skin contrasting deliciously with the curling hairs sprinkled over it.

One hand thrust into her hair, holding her to him. Against her bare thighs, the denim of his jeans was a sweet abrasion as he pushed into her space, his erection nudging at the softness of her abdomen. Soft and hard. Male and female. Her skin tightened with pure need.

"Do you know something, Katya?" A husky male voice, his hand keeping her in place. Taking the hint, she began to kiss her way across his chest. It was the most luscious of tasks - he was just so bluntly male that it was impossible to feel anything but deliciously, sensually female.

"Are you listening to me?" A whisper against her ear, a little bite that made her suck in a breath, rise up on tiptoe.

He hesitated. "You liked that?"

Unable to answer with words, she simply angled her head to give him easier access. Taking it, he nibbled his way down her throat before untangling his hand from her hair and closing it about that throat with gentle possessiveness. The touch made her shudder, grip his waist harder. And when he lifted his head to press his lips demandingly against hers, she opened for him at once.

The bite on her lower lip, the sharp dart of pain, sent a rush of liquid to the juncture of her thighs. Dev's eyes were glittering when he raised his head. "Is it the pain or the control?"

Her fingers curled against his skin as shame flooded her cheeks. "I'm aberrant."

He nipped at her lip again, sharper this time. It was all she could do to keep her feet. "No," he said, stroking his thumb over the thudding pulse in her neck, "what you are is sexy as hell." Another kiss, one that threatened to tumble her straight to the floor, it was so full of hunger and demand.

"Bed," she whispered against his mouth. "Please."

Letting go of the doorjamb, he swept her into his arms in a single smooth move. Neither of them said a word until he'd laid her down on the fluffy white comforter, his body blocking out the light as he came over her. "Now," he said, putting one hand on her thigh, below the wool of her shirt, "answer the question."

"I don't know," she said honestly, unable to stop from smoothing her hands over his shoulders, his arms. "But I like it when you crowd me."

Dev's hand stroked up. A harsh exhalation. "You're not wearing any panties." Rubbing his thumb along the sensitive crease of her thigh, he lowered his body until all she could see was Dev, his skin, his eyes, him. "Is this what you like? Being covered by me?"

"Yes." She arched into him, wanting to feel his weight, feel crushed by the sheer life of him. "Closer."

"It's the sensation," he murmured, cupping her for a single electric second before returning to his previous maddening caress. "After the dark."

That he understood, it broke her. "There was nothing there," she whispered, nuzzling into his throat, drawing him into her lungs. "When they cut off my senses, when they put me into that chamber where I couldn't even feel my skin . . . it was like I was floating in nothingness. I went a little more mad with every hour that passed."

Dev brought his body down another fraction, allowing her to feel some of his weight. When she shuddered and grazed her teeth down his throat, he hissed out a breath. "The more contact, the better you feel."

"Yes." She rubbed her body against him - or tried to. He was too heavy, holding her down. Her skin shimmered with waves of pleasure. "But this . . . only with you, Dev. I trust you."

He pushed a thigh between her own, opening her up, claiming her. "That's a dangerous confession to make to a man like me." Shifting slightly, he braced himself on his elbows above her, a solid wall of muscle and strength. "I'll take everything you offer."

"Will you give anything back?" she somehow found the strength to ask.

A gleam of sensual amusement. "Wait and see."