Caressed By Ice (Psy-Changeling 3) - Page 83

"It's time for my bite," he warned.

"Oh, God."

The desire in that groan made his erection pound in time with his heartbeat. "Which side should I start on?"

Swallowing, she licked her lower lip. "Your choice."

He cupped her left breast, shaped, stroked. And then he did what he'd threatened - he closed his teeth over one luscious side and pressed just hard enough to have her bucking under him. A long taste later, he did the same to her other breast. "Mmm," he murmured, raising his head. "I think I'll have seconds." And he did.

Her chest fell up and down in ragged bursts. "Baby, are all your plans so detailed and slow?"

"Why?" He nipped at the underside of one breast.

She shivered. "Because I think you might give me a pleasure-induced stroke at the rate you're going."

Running his hands along her rib cage and to the dip of her waist, he kissed his way down the valley of her br**sts and over her stomach. "Sometimes," he said, "I'll probably just pick you up, thrust you against a wall, and drive into you so hard, you'll scream." He used two fingers to pinch her clitoris in a firm grip as the last word left his mouth.

She exploded, her body arching so fiercely she lifted off the bed. Releasing the pearl of flesh that could cause such exquisite pleasure, he rose to kiss her neck as she shook with the aftereffects of her orgasm.

A feminine hand clenched in his hair. "You did that on purpose." Husky, pleasured.

"What?" He began tracing a return path down her body.

"The image of you driving into me and then the touch." She didn't stop him when he began to lay kisses along the waistband of her panties. "Your way of proving the mind-body connection."

He looked up with an internal scowl that he was sure had made it to his face. "You're supposed to be too sated to think." Or worry.

She chuckled. "My gorgeous, sexy Judd, at this point my brains are pure mush." She reached down to push sweat-damp strands of hair off his forehead. "But I know tenderness when I feel it."

He moved and his shadowed jaw brushed over her skin. She made a feminine sound of pleasure. "I don't think it's possible to come three times in one session."

Shifting further down, he rubbed his cheek along her thigh. "I love a challenge."

"And I love what you said about pounding me into a wall until I scream." A sensual confession. "When are you going to follow through?"

His erection seemed to get impossibly bigger, the blood vessels expanding to stretch his skin to bursting point. "Stop talking."


"You're derailing the plan."

She put one leg over his shoulder as he lay cradled so close to the core of her. "I think it's my turn anyway. I wanna touch."

He bit at the inside of that shapely thigh. "No."

She flinched but it wasn't the bad kind. "No fair." Her foot rubbed at his back.

He realized he'd have to move to get rid of her panties. "Are you particularly attached to these?" He fingered the lace around the crease where her thigh curved against the most intimate part of her.

"Wh-what?" Her hands dropped from his head to dig into the sheets.

He filed away her responsiveness when touched in that particular area. "I'll take that as a no." Gripping hold of the front, he tore the fragile fabric off her body. The scraps fell away like mist.

She made a shocked sound, then went completely still, as if conscious of how open she'd become to him. Sliding a hand up the inside of her thigh, he looked up, glad for the light that let him see the emotion flickering over her face. "Can I bite you here, too?"

Chapter 34

Her eyes went huge but it seemed to take her a few seconds to get the words out. "How" - she swallowed - "how do you know you'll even like the taste?"

His changeling was playing with him. And tonight, he could play back. "Good point. Let me do a taste test." Holding her gaze, he stroked a finger through her liquid heat, barely entering her body before withdrawing. Then he lifted that finger and sucked it into his mouth, aware of Brenna's body flushing around him.

When he withdrew the finger, she said, "So?" A very sexual question.

He answered by dipping his head and using his mouth on her. Her cry was husky, arousing. The heel of her foot pressed hard into his back as she twisted. When her other leg came up over his shoulder, he spread her open with the fingers of one hand and continued to taste. Taste as only a man who'd been starved could taste. With everything in him, with absolute concentration and utter focus.

Brenna was trying to breathe, but it wasn't working very well, her air coming in broken pants. Judd was - oh, Lord, he was destroying her with pleasure. For a man who had never done this before, he was blindingly good. It made her very curious as to just what kind of research he'd been doing.

He nipped at her with his teeth.

She whimpered and ordered herself to find some shred of control at the same time. Otherwise Judd's arrogance would become impossible. Except that he was doing the most exquisite things to her with that clever mouth and control seemed a foreign concept.

His finger touched her entrance, circled, teased. But he didn't push in. Then he did it again. And again. And again. By the time he did begin to slide that teasing finger inside of her, she was so crazy with anticipation that the spike of fear her mind associated with an invasion of her body was buried under an avalanche of sensation.

"You're too tight," he said, sounding completely and deliciously dominant.

She squeezed her inner muscles around his finger in retaliation. "Tight," she managed to say, "is considered good."