Caressed By Ice (Psy-Changeling 3) - Page 107

Her mouth fell open. "Oh." A sigh whispered through her whole body. "I'm going to have to get used to this all over again."

"You're welcome to forget the clothing anytime you like."

"Thanks. But you don't get a vote - you lust after my body." Her teeth nipped at his lower lip. "Why do you think it came back now?"

"Maybe it was time - you were ready for it."

She gave him a sweet kiss. "I think you helped with that. Made me understand that my soul hadn't been destroyed by that monster. That I survived in every way."

He didn't agree. She was the one who'd fought to reclaim her life. "Your courage amazes me."

"And your love makes me whole." She made her confession without shame.

He wanted so much to say it back but the words stuck in the fading grip of Silence. He'd never be easy saying love words.

Her lips brushed his. "I know, baby. I can feel you loving me deep inside."

Judd figured he must've done something right along the way. How else could a rebel Arrow have earned the right to call this amazing woman his own? Even if it was a mistake, too damn bad. He was never giving her up.

In the psychic plane of the LaurenNet, a wave of love traveled in every direction, emanating from a bond that was not Psy but changeling, a bond that tied an assassin to a wolf, a bond that was...unbreakable.