Cautious (Disastrous 2) - Page 47

His mocking laughter erupted in the room. After it subsided, he adjusted his jacket and leaned against the breakfast bar. “I’m sorry to tell you this, but that’s not happening.”

“And why is that exactly?” I grew more agitated as his cocky fucking grin grew wider.

“Because there are only two reasons why you leave the family.” He lifted two fingers, as he referred to the mob as the family. Family my fucking ball sack. “One, you turned on us and are a fuckin’ rat, or, two, you’re a fuckin’ pig. Which one is it, Marky?”

“I’m neither. I’m not a fuckin’ cop, nor am I a fuckin’ snitch. I’m just finished with it all. Done. I’m out, Lou. If you don’t like it, then tough shit.” I turned my back on him to make my way through the hall. I came to a complete fucking stop at the sound of his gun being cocked. Slowly, I turned around. Lou stood there with his gun pointed directly at me. “You’re going to fuckin’ shoot me, Lou?” I wasn’t surprised, I didn’t expect anything less. I still didn’t stop as the rage pumped through me. I ripped off my jacket, tossed it on the ground and raised my arms. “Shoot.” His eyes grew in amusement as he tilted his head aside. “If you’re going to point a gun at me, then use it, Lou. I’m not backing down. If I stay in this shit, I’m a fuckin’ dead man anyway, sooner or later. So go the fuck ahead. Shoot.”

Laughing once, he slightly jiggled the gun, playing with it, and then he brought his hand down to his side. I dropped my arms, nodded once, and spun back around. “Marky?” I stopped in my tracks but didn’t face him again. “I know about your little girlfriend.” My heart skipped a beat as I faced him again. He held a smug grin. “The lovely Mia Sullivan, sister of the undercover BPD Michael Sullivan.” He cocked his head to the other side. “Oh, did you think I wouldn’t figure it out?”

I didn’t respond as I bit down, clenching my jaw tight.

“I’ve had my men all over you and her for weeks now. I know every fuckin’ move both of you make. I know Mia’s school schedule. I know what she fuckin’ ate for breakfast this fuckin’ morning. I even know when she last sucked your fuckin’ cock.” His expression fell as it grew with anger. “Don’t fuck with me, you fuckin’ bastard. I hold the key to both of your fuckin’ lives. I can make one fuckin’ phone call, and just like that,” he snapped his fingers, “she’s dead.”

“You fuckin’ asshole, if you lay a hand on her . . .” I went to surge toward him but was instantly held back. Arms wrapped around me and pinned me in.

“Not a fuckin’ move.” Gio growled.

I struggled against him as Lou made his way toward us. “It’s fine, Gio. Let him go.” Gio was hesitant at first but then released me.

“Fucker.” I spat as I shoved Gio against the fucking wall.

Gio swung at me, but I ducked in time and quickly jabbed him in the rib with a tight fist. He winced on contact. I jabbed him again with a right hook, and his head jerked back into the wall. In a matter of seconds, he regained conscious and flung himself at me, wrapping his hands around my neck. Blood. I wanted to see blood. With a white-knuckled tight fist, I slammed it against his fucking nose and continued to slam against his face over and over again. Blood gushed from his face. A bit satisfied and with a sly smile, I shoved him against the wall and continued to pound my fist into him.


The sound of a gun going off forced the both of us to stop fighting. Gio and I both turned towards Lou. He held his arm up with the gun in his hand pointed at the ceiling. Debris from the sheetrock drifted to the ground.

“Now, that I have both of you fuckers’ attention.” I tugged away from Gio and groaned. I could taste the blood from my busted lip.

Gio wiped the back of his hand over his nose.

“Marky, we’re still using the fuckin’ club. You want out of the jobs, so be it. I don’t trust you’ll be successful with them anymore anyway, but the trades will still happen in the club with or without your presence.”

My chest heaved in and out as I breathed heavily. “And Mia?”

He arched a brow. “Do you agree on the club?”

“You can have the fuckin’ club.”

“Then Mia is no longer an issue.”

That was all I needed to hear. I bent over, grabbed my jacket from the ground, faced Gio with a narrow glare, and got the fuck out of there.

As I entered my car, I reached for my phone and dialed Jimmie’s number. He wasn’t going to be thrilled with my news.

“What the fuck, Marcus?” Jimmie’s voice pierced through the car speakers as I sped down the highway.

“I had enough, Jimmie.”

“Did you honestly believe Lou would just let you walk out scot free?”

“No, I don’t, but that’s where you come in. We need to figure out who was working with Michael. Fast. I can’t risk the chances of Mia getting hurt.”

Jimmie cursed under his breath. “You just fuckin’ signed your death warrant.” He blew out through the phone. “I’ll see what I can do. At first, I wasn’t successful, but I just got some information that may lead me somewhere.”

“Good. Oh, and Jimmie, don’t mention this to Mia. I don’t want to scare her.”

“She has to know soon. What if she’s confronted by one of Lou’s men?”

“I’ll take care of that. Just take care of the Michael situation.”

“Alright, I’m on it.”


The scorching water hit my aching muscles. I bowed my head and allowed the steamy water from the shower to drench my skin and seize all of the tension. With a drained sigh, I thought of Mia. I had a busted lip and bruised face. There was no way I could see her that night. She would only question me, and all I wanted to do was to protect her from it all.

I felt as if I were being pulled apart in so many fucking directions: one toward Mia and another toward the dark fucking path my life had been heading before I met her. Mia kept me grounded and at that very moment, there was no room to be weak. I needed to focus on protecting her and bringing down Lou. I had no clue how, but I was starting with Mia. I wasn’t sure whom to trust because anyone could be working with Lou.

After my shower, I dressed and drove to Mia’s apartment, parked out front, and stayed in the car all night until the early morning. That was all I could do for now.