Cautious (Disastrous 2) - Page 37

“I do.” I drew my fingers along the soft skin of her torso.

She brought her head around, and her eyes filled with desire and burned into mine. “Well, what are you going to do about it?” She then grabbed the hem of my t-shirt, pulled it over my head, and tossed it to the ground. “Better yet, the question should be, ‘What am I going to do about it?’”

I cocked my head aside and flashed a grin. “Tell me. What are you going to do?”

A playful smile formed along her lips, “Well, for starters, you’re too covered up. I need to get these jeans off of you.” Her fingers danced along my belt buckle. Unhooking it, she pulled it from the hoops of the jeans, and threw it along the floor beside my shirt.

Mia stood up and crossed her arms under her rounded breasts. I sucked in air, pleased and completely turned on with her playfulness. Her eyes traced down to my jeans. She then raised a hand toward her face and tapped a finger along her chin as if she were thinking. She gently shook her head. “See, that’s a problem. What I need is hidden under those jeans.” Her eyes flashed back to mine. “They’re getting in the way of what I want.” I leaned back in the chair as I felt myself grow underneath the denim fabric. Fuck. She managed to do that every time: even a simple word spoken by her gave me a fucking hard on.

Mia reached over and began to remove my jeans and briefs. She tossed my shoes off along the way. Excitement and craving washed through her eyes as she caught sight of my full-blown erection. Without hesitation, she straddled me, both of her legs on the outside of mine, not yet allowing me to fill her. She rested her forearms along my chest as her fingers dug in the back of my hair. “Have you decided what you’re going to do?” I asked my voice hoarse.

With a sparkle in her green eyes, her lips curled into a devilish grin. “Oh, I have a few things in mind.” She raised her hips and slowly sank down on me. My head settled back into the wingback chair at our joining. There was no greater feeling than when I was with her. She was always ready for me—wet and sleek as she glided up and down my cock. Her lips parted with a gasp, her body trembled, and her nipples hardened as she continued to ride me. She was a beautiful sight.

I gripped her hips and thrust her up and down in a faster motion. Mia’s breathing became unsteady. She tightened her walls around my cock, and I groaned at how fucking good it felt. Her nipples peaked in yearning, and I leaned in, sucking on her breast. A moan escaped her, inciting her to move faster. My tongue twirled around, and I tugged on her nipple. Mia began to pant; she gripped my jaw, shoved my head back, and crushed her lips against mine.

Ferociously, she sucked and tangled her tongue with mine. The minty taste of the toothpaste, the scent of her body soap, and the way my cock felt inside of her as she slammed her hips down into mine drove me in-fucking-sane. I gripped the back of her hair and pulled her in, needing and wanting her closer. She moaned as our tongues crushed against one another. My other hand continued to grip her hip, forcing her deeper as she slammed down with each descent. She cried out, and I groaned as she tugged at my hair.

A deeper craving coursed through me: I lifted her from the chair and slammed her back against the carpet floor. Kneeling between her legs, I lifted her hips from the ground and pounded inside of her. She whimpered, as she arched her back, tightened her eyes shut, and gripped my wrists. Digging her nails into my flesh, she cried out my name. Her body jerked beneath me as she released the building pressure. The pleasure in her expression as she came ignited me, causing me to pound into her harder over and over again. Her breasts bounced as I continued to nail her. The sound of our hips slamming against each other, her continued cry of my name, all of it took me over the edge, and I couldn’t take it anymore. I fucking exploded deep and hard within her. “Fuck.” I groaned beneath my breath.

I collapsed beside her. Both of us tried to catch our breath as we stared at the ceiling. Mia let out an exhausted and pleasurable laugh, causing me to do so as well. After we calmed and our heartbeats settled, she laid her head on top of my chest. I traced my fingers up and down her spine as she sighed in contentment.

With all that had been going on, I knew I had to tell her what happened and the reason I’d been acting the way I was. It wasn’t fair to keep her in the dark. Mia didn’t push the issue, allowing me to deal with the problem on my own, but I knew she wanted in, to know more. I loved that about her—how she was so passionate about me that she wanted to be a part of my struggles, stress, and pain.

As a guy, it was hard to express my feelings, not because I couldn’t, but because it was more of a way to show strength, to show that I could handle it on my own. Sometimes it was difficult to deal with all the bullshit. I would use liquor as a way to escape or cope. I was trying to fight against it, to control it in another way.

Mia was my other way. When she was around, there was nothing else. There was no bullshit, no issues, no lies, nothing. In an awkward way, it was as if we were similar; we both needed each other to fill the emptiness we both had. I understood it and she did as well. It was why we meshed so well.

Mia lifted her head to look at me. “What are you thinking?” She asked in a low tone. I reached up and cupped my hand under her chin. My stare dropped from her eyes and followed as I began tracing my thumb along her soft plump lips. “I’m sorry if I’ve been acting awkward or off lately. It’s just that I’ve been going through some things, and I’m not sure how to—”

“Marcus, I need to tell you something.” Mia cleared her throat.

Puzzled by her instant change in demeanor, I tugged at her chin and brought her eyes back to mine. “What is it?” At that moment I was concerned by the look in her eyes. She seemed to be struggling with whatever she wanted to say. “What is it, Mia?” I asked again, that time my tone a bit stern.

Nodding as if she knew she had to say it, she let out a shaky breath and continued, “I know why you’ve been distant.” She paused and stared as my eyebrows kneaded in confusion. “I know about your mother.”

I blinked. “W-what?” I untangled from her and jerked up to sit. What the fuck did she mean she knew about my mother? Had she known all along?

“Marcus, hear me out, okay?” Mia stood along with me and followed me into the bedroom. Her eyes followed my every move as I pulled on my briefs and then glanced over at her.

“You knew? For how long, Mia?”

She reached for a t-shirt and tossed it on. Then she sat down on the bed, staring at me, her eyes pleading with me to understand. I couldn’t understand at that moment because I was upset. Pissed. Fucking irate. I widened my eyes for her to go on. “A few weeks ago, your mother came to me and confided her secret. She begged me not to say anything.” Mia bowed her head and focused on her fidgeting fingers. “I wanted to tell you. Many times I almost did, but it wasn’t my secret to tell.”