Cautious (Disastrous 2) - Page 1


As I entered the room, my blood was still pumping with adrenaline from what just happened. I blinked a few times as the cloud of smoke from the gunfire filled the room. My eyes searched for the one person I feared for the most. It was a rampage and guns continued to fire. I quickly ran around searching but could not find that familiar face.

My heart picked up its pace as I hovered over lifeless bodies and held a tight grip on the gun in my hand, ready for anyone who got in the way. As I continued my search, I finally spotted Jimmie. He was kneeling on the ground, hovering over someone. My throat closed, and my entire body stilled as I saw the person before him. For a mere second, I grew faint but managed to force my trembling legs toward them.

Jimmie quickly turned and aimed his gun at my approach. His mouth dropped opened in relief at the sight of me. Tears swelled in his bloodshot eyes, and breathing heavily, he stared at me, ready to break. “I’m so sorry. I tried, but I . . . Fuck! I fuckin’ tried . . .” Immediately, he turned his attention back to the person before him. “Come on, don’t do this to me.” With bloody hands, he pressed against the wound as he grunted. My body shuddered, terrified as I leaned over his shoulder to have a closer look.

My heart was ripped out of my chest as I gasped. My mind was screaming and yelling, but I stood mute. I collapsed beside Jimmie, and the gun I held dropped onto the cement floor, making a distant clinking noise. Forcing Jimmie aside, I looked down and witnessed the one person that I loved more than anything in the world covered in blood. I couldn’t breathe as my beloved was gasping for a last breath. I watched as the face of my truelove turned slightly blue while continuing to gulp for air, and then the eyes locked with mine before the lids shut closed and the jaw spread open.

Traumatized by what I was witnessing, my throat collapsed as fear coursed through my veins. Reaching down, I gathered the body and pulled it into mine. With a shaky hand, I tried to locate the gunshot wound.

I shook my head viciously. This could not be happening. This had to be another nightmare. I’m not going to lose you. Come on, wake up. Come on, wake up! My eyes blurred with tears, and I blinked them away as I brought that face against my chest. “Come on, baby . . . Come on, you need to get up.” With bloody hands, I caressed the perfect skin. I tried to wipe the blood off, but it continued to smear along the perfect cheek bones.

I wanted to scream from the top of my lungs as I rocked back and forth, trying to keep myself from breaking down. I wanted so badly to be strong. There wasn’t much I could do, but I needed to do something as I pressed my fingers along the soft eyelids. “Come on, baby, open your eyes. Just wake up for me.” AHHH! I needed to do something. I was useless! The love of my life was motionless and helpless, and there was nothing I could do about it.

I felt a hand press firmly against my shoulder, pulling me away, telling me that help was close by.

But help wasn’t there at that moment. Something needed to be done now! “No, I have to do something. I have to at least try.” Still rocking, I pressed my lips against the frigid lips that I had kissed a thousand times before, those perfect lips that used to make my every worry and bit of stress disappear once they touched mine.

In between small gentle kisses, I began CPR. “Come on, baby, don’t leave me. I need you.”


Nine weeks earlier


Mia let out a slight moan as her back slammed against the wall. She was so fucking beautiful in every way. Her hair, still soaked from the rain, framed her face as strands lay along her collarbone. Her shirt clung to her body, exposing her breasts as she breathed heavily. I should have savored this very moment and taken things slowly, but the past three weeks without her had been nothing but excruciating. She was finally mine, and I was not going to let time slip away. Before I realized that moment might’ve been a dream, I attacked her with all I had. Forcing my body into her, I gripped her wrists and pinned them against the wall over her head.

With our faces mere inches away, her breath hitched, and my eyes traced from the most beautiful green eyes down to the perfect plump lips. Those lips I’d missed and wished to kiss over and over again. Before another moment was wasted, our mouths crushed into each other’s. Her lips were still cold and moist from the rain. I devoured that kiss, breathing her in, tasting and remembering exactly how she felt.

Letting go of her wrists, I dug my fingers into her damp hair and wrestled my tongue with hers. The tiniest whimper escaped her. Fuck, I’d missed her so much. She was all I’d ever wanted and needed. There was no way I was ever letting her go again.

Mia arched into me as my name escaped her in a soft sigh. The way she said my name with so much yearning sent me over the fucking edge. Groaning, I shoved my tongue further into her mouth, forcing her to lift to her toes. She moaned again as her body fell weakly in my arms. Very slowly, she dragged her hands over my shoulders and made her way toward the back of my neck. Mia pulled me in closer, bit down on my bottom lip, and dragged her teeth along my flesh. What the fuck? That’s when I lost control. Her sweet scent, the way she felt underneath my touch, her lips, everything about her made me go wild for her and only her.

“God, Mia, I want you so bad.” My hips flexed into hers, and she flashed her eyes open with a pleasurable sigh. Her lips slightly parted as her breathing became heavier.

“I’m yours, Marcus. You just have to take me.” She demanded as the burning desire in her eyes pierced into mine.

I did just that. I reached down, gripped her thighs, lifted her, and wrapped her legs around my waist. Screw the fucking stairs. I went straight into my office and sat her on top of my desk. I stood back to admire her. How could I have ever walked away from her?

With my hands, I framed her delicate face and lowered my head so that we were at eye level. “We’re never going to be without each other like that again. Do you understand?” She simply nodded. I shook my head at her response and firmly held my grip on her face. A nod wasn’t good enough for me. I needed to hear it. “Say it, Mia. We are never going to be without each other again. I won’t be able to survive it another time.”

Her emerald green eyes glistened with unshed tears. “I love you, Marcus.” Was that all she could give me? It wasn’t the promise I wanted, but hearing those words from her felt as if someone had dug into my chest and began tugging at the thrashing muscle. It was a painful but pleasurable feeling. How could she ever love a man like me?