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I stood in place as he moved in closer and said, “Because we love each other, because we deserve to be happy, and because we’re miserable without one another.”

I stared at him lost in thought. “You call this love, Marcus! We constantly fight, we hurt each other, we lie, and we keep secrets. How could you call that love?”

Looking down, he shook his head. The rain, now dying, dripped down his olive skin and clothing. His shirt clung to his chest, defining the muscular tone. Placing his hands to his hips, he stared at the ground for a while. I watched him as we both were at a loss for words.

Finally glancing into my eyes, he walked over, and his body hovered over mine. My heart hitched at the proximity. “I’m not perfect, Mia. And our relationship may not be perfect to you, but it is to me. You will never find one couple in this world without problems.” He tossed his hands in the air. “Hell, I bet there’s another man right now on the other side of this planet, standing in the pouring rain, fighting desperately for the woman he loves.”

Our breathing grew as we studied each other, searching for something. Cupping my face, his expression grew compassionate as he continued to speak. “Yes, we fight, who doesn’t? But I wouldn’t change any of it … nothing, not even your attitude.” I sucked my teeth and rolled my eyes.

Smiling, he continued. “See, like right there … I love you so much. Please, give me a chance to prove to you that this time around we could be happy. Let me prove to you that we are meant for each other. I’m so sorry for hurting you. Give us another chance, and I promise I’ll never hurt you again. I promise that I will make you happy … please?”

“Marcus,” I whispered. Staring into his pleading eyes, I brought my hands to his face. Why does he make it so hard for me to walk away? I do love him with all of my heart, and I would give my last breath for him. Though we walked a path that many would run away from … can I continue to walk it with him? “I’m scared.” I confessed. I was afraid … afraid if I caved in I would set myself up for failure.

Letting out a deep breath, he pressed his forehead down to mine. With his eyes closed, he whispered, “That’s what love is … It’s scary not knowing what’s expected … but I know it’ll be the best frightening love we’ve ever had.”

Seconds or minutes went by as I stood watching him. I loved him so much, and I was miserable without him, but could we do this? If this wasn’t love, then I wasn’t sure I wanted to experience love at all because what I have with him is something no one could ever replace. Without further thinking, I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him to me, locking our lips together.

His lips spread into a smile, and he slowly lifted me and tightened our embrace. We stood in the rain tangled with one another.

I wasn’t sure where our paths would take us, and although this felt both wrong yet so right, this time around I knew one thing for sure: as we gave ourselves a second chance, I had no choice but to be cautious.


Lou Sorrento

Taking a long-needed puff of my fine Cuban cigar, I leaned back on my chair as I watched the cloud of smoke dissipate into the air. I needed to get to the bottom of this fucking mess ASAP. If Marky keeps giving me the fucking run around, then I’ll have no choice but to take it upon myself.

Speak of the fucking devil, he stormed through my office doors with his clothes drenched. Eyeing him suspiciously, I thought he seemed fucking anxious.

“What’s so fucking important that I had to run down now?” He snapped.

He’s been getting a little rowdy these past few fucking days. I clenched my teeth and dabbed the tip of the cigar against the ashtray. Cracking my neck, I straightened in my chair to look at him. If he wasn’t family, I would’ve fucking cracked his head with the back of my hand.

I breathed deeply to keep myself from exploding. My temper’s something that gets the best of me, so I’ll start off in a nice way … see how it goes. “Why the fuck are you soaked?”

His arms spread as he looked down at his clothes and back at me like I’m the fucking dumb-cock fuck. “It’s pouring out, what else could it be?” His arms slammed back to his side.

“You don’t own a fucking umbrella or something?” He’s pissing me the fuck off.

“What do you want, Lou?” he snapped. Marky has grown a lot of fucking balls!

It’s time to show him who the fucking boss is! “I want to know,” I was now out of my chair hovering over my desk, and I yelled from the top of my lungs, “WHO THE FUCKING RAT IS!” He didn’t fucking flinch. He’s standing there staring at me like I had lost my fucking mind. This kid is going to give me a fucking heart attack!

Lowering my voice, I pressed a finger on top of my desk and glared at him. “You’ve been giving me the fucking runaround for the past few months! There have been FBI scumbags sniffing around my fucking warehouses! Either you find out who the rat is or I’ll do it myself, Marky.” I cocked my head, burning my eyes into his. “Unless you know something you’re keeping from me?”

Letting out a deep breath, he looked me square in the eye. “I don’t know shit. I’ve been dealing with personal things, but I’m back on track now … I’ll find that rat for yah. Can I go home to my girl now?”

Ever since he’s been with that fucking girl, he’s been one loose fucking canon. I stared at him for a long time. Laughing once, I adjusted my suit jacket and sat back in my chair. “That’s fine. Go back to Mia; tell her I said “hi” by the way.” Oh, he didn’t like that mmmh … His jaw clenched when I said her name.

I smirked at him. “You have another week; if I don’t have my rat, you’re off the job.”

Marky nodded, turned, and walked out the door. Vinnie walked in right after, closing the door behind him; he slowly walked over. Once he approached my desk, he reached into his inner leather jacket pocket, removing a large yellow envelope. He tossed it to me, and I grabbed it from the wood surface it just fell on. Smiling, I looked up at him. “Is this everything?”

“Yeah boss, everything you need to know about her.”

“Good, good … do me a favor. Keep a close eye on Marky … I want to know his every whereabouts.”

“Sure thing boss … anything else?”

“Nope, you did a great job, Vinnie. Make sure Stacy pays you before you leave.”

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