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When I entered my floor, he was still sitting on the hardwood surface. Rolling my eyes, I hovered over him with my hand on my hip, looking down. His eyes looked up. “What are you doing, Marcus?”

A simple smile crossed his face. “I told you, Mia. I’m not going anywhere until you talk to me.”

“There’s nothing to say, Marcus … go home … you’re wasting your time.”

Lowering his head, he shook it. “Nope, I’m not going.”

Rolling my eyes again, I stormed back into my apartment. He can’t stay in that hallway all night. Who the hell does he think he is? Besides it gets chilly. Ugh, rummaging through my linen closet, I pulled out a quilt and pillow. Walking back out front, I opened the door and threw them on his lap. “This is only because I don’t want a frozen dead man in front of my door when I wake up … and I’ll leave the door open, so you can use the bathroom, but that’s it! Only to use the bathroom! I refuse to have my hallways smell like piss ... and wipe the grin off your face, DeLuca! I’m not doing this to be kind. I’m looking out for my tenants.”

He pressed his lips together to hold in his laughter. Ugh! Why did I even bother to give him the stuff? Walking back in, I closed the door behind me without locking it. This was going to be interesting. I wondered how long it would last—I was sure not long at all. I locked my bedroom door though in case he tried to sneak in.

Chapter Twenty-seven

Day One

I woke up the next morning refreshed and peaceful. It was the first full night’s sleep I’d had in a long while. Even though Marcus was not in my room, something about having him a few feet away was comforting. That scared me a little.

Today marked a new day, and I decided the moment I awoke that I would not allow anything to ruin my day, not even Marcus. I was actually excited to start school as I began my morning ritual. Something about the familiar surroundings of Harvard made me secretly squeal.

After showering and humming, yes I was actually humming, I threw on my sweats, school logo t-shirt, and a red cap. Ah, this feels more like home.

Jeremy was asleep. He would begin his first class on Wednesday, so I made coffee for one and quietly sat on the stool, eating my breakfast. Once I was done, I placed the dishes in the sink. Grabbing my backpack, I headed out the door.

Marcus was standing before me, freshly showered and newly dressed. He had the biggest grin on his face as he held up the folded quilt and pillow I gave him last night. I studied him; he was in jeans and a blue t-shirt. He must’ve left early this morning to shower, change, and come back. Narrowing my eyes, I snatched the things out of his hand and placed them on top of the couch. Did he even sleep here last night? Walking out the door, I briskly passed him and hurried down the stairs. I could hear his footsteps behind me.

After exiting the building, I picked up speed. It was a nice morning, and I wanted to walk to school. His pocket change rattled as he hurried behind me to keep up. Feeling his presence beside me, I closed my eyes for a second and inhaled. He will not ruin my morning; he will not ruin my morning. I lowered my cap when I felt his stare. From my peripheral vision, I could see the huge smile stretched across his face. Why was he so damn happy? Ignoring him, I continued at the same pace; he managed to keep up.

“Ethics, huh?” he asked, pointing at the textbook I held tightly secured against my chest. I quickly glanced down and then straightened again. I nodded as I refused to speak or look at him. Yes, I was giving him the silent treatment. Maybe he’d get the hint.

“I did very well in Ethics; maybe I could help you if you run into any problems … Well I’m sure you won’t, but if you do …”

Snapping my head at him, I laughed once. I rolled my eyes and focused on ahead of me. He did well in Ethics? I snorted. Maybe in the classroom and the legal world he aced it, but when involving his relationship and personal life, his ethics sucked big time! He must’ve sensed my thoughts because the rest of the walk he remained quiet. Still not leaving my side, he took it upon himself to walk me all the way to school. Once we reached the building, I hurried inside, not glancing his way or saying goodbye.

The rest of the day went very well. Surprisingly, I enjoyed both my Ethics and Criminal Law classes. When it came to school, I was always attentive, making sure to scribble everything down. Yeah I’m that student! Since it was the first day, though, I allowed my mind to drift away at some point and think of Marcus … What was his plan? To bug me every day until I gave in? Couldn’t he see it wasn’t that simple? Our relationship was nothing but a mere emotional, dramatic roller coaster.

I couldn’t help but think that in just over four months we’d been through so much more than most couples who’d put in years into their relationship. Being with Marcus DeLuca was draining, frustrating, confusing, and extraordinary all at the same time. It didn’t make sense; our relationship didn’t make sense! We both had our issues, and two wrongs surely did not make a right.

After school, I met with my mother and Megan for dinner. Megan had exciting news as she was going to begin classes next week at the local community college. I was so excited for her. She skipped college straight after high school in the hopes of “finding” herself. Now more eager than ever, she was majoring in Interior Design with a minor in Business. My mother also shared great news; she was able to find work at a local clinic as a medical assistant. With their exceptional news and my first day of school, we celebrated with a few glass of wine.

That evening, Marcus was seated across from my apartment door as he was the night before. He stared at me when I walked past him. The hope in his eyes was slowly beginning to fade. Not saying a word, I grabbed the quilt and pillow from the couch and handed it to him. He smiled gently, and I went back to prepare myself for the next day.

The next few days were similar. He would greet me with a bright smile early in the morning and quietly walk by my side to school. At night, his smile faded when I briskly passed him, though he was hopeful every day. I was beginning to get used to seeing him, and although I acted sternly by not saying a word, my heart ached for his not giving up. Even with the many eye rolls, snorts, and cocky attitude I was giving him, he didn’t budge and slowly my guard was beginning to fall.

Day Five

I awoke to day five feeling a slight pinch in my stomach. Marcus had worked so hard in getting my attention, and I enjoyed our quiet walks to school together. My attitude wasn’t fair to him, so I decided that today I’d be nicer. Today I would give him a shot. Though, today he wasn’t there. His gorgeous dimple didn’t greet me this morning. The quilt and pillow I laid out were sprawled out across the floor instead of neatly folded in his hands. My heart hitched at what could have kept him away. Then my mind reared towards Lou. I’d bet my entire life Marcus had a job that he couldn’t keep away from.

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