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Straightening her position, she smiled. “Oh, okay.” Then she giggled.

With my eyes and mouth wide open, I faced Marcus. “REALLY?” You could’ve done just a tad better Marcus, seriously!”

“Come on guys; let’s take this out of the hallway.” Jimmie chimed in. Marcus snapped his head in his direction.

He sneered. “Butt out, Jimmie. I think you’ve done enough … matter of fact, what were the two of you doing in a locked room … alone?” His face turned serious, and his eyes were beginning to grow sober.

Jimmie grew angry with the accusation. “Are you fucking kidding me, Bro? You need to get that shit out your fucking head. We were talking about you!”

“Huh? Funny, she won’t even talk to me about me, how did you manage that?” Marcus’ mocking expression faced me again.

“You won’t talk about yourself to me! That’s why you left me, remember?” I burst.

His eyes grew with anger. His stare was frightening, but I stood my ground and made sure to not show one moment of intimidation. Megan, though, was scared, and she inched over to my side; grabbing my arm, she began to pull me back. I stood in place, so she stopped pulling but kept her fingers firmly locked around my arm. Jimmie moved toward Marcus and placed his hand against his chest.

Marcus hovered out of his brother’s reach. Lifting his finger, he pointed in my direction. “You left me! You left me, Mia!” Breathing heavily, he glared at me. “I cared for you … I still care for you!”

Crossing my arms, I laughed once. “Oh yeah, well if I didn’t run into you just now, what were you going to do with her? Huh?” I asked, nudging my head in Barbie’s direction.

He slightly turned to look at her. Then rolling his eyes, his gaze met mine again. Smacking his lips to one side, he grew cocky. “I was gonna fuck her!” Sprawling his hands in the air, he nodded at my stunned expression. “Yeah that’s right, hard too! But the entire time I was going to think of you!”

Gawking at him, my heartbeat raised. “How fucking romantic!” I couldn’t believe he just admitted to that!

“Well what about you? Huh? What were you doing here? Trying to find someone to take home tonight?” He raised his eyebrows, arms still spread apart.

“You know, Marcus, I wasn’t thinking about it, but that’s actually a great idea! I’m sure I could find a man here willing to hook up with me tonight. As a matter of fact, I’m going to randomly choose a tall, tan, sexy, fuckable man as we speak. Have a great fucking night!” I turned on my heels and stormed down the hall.

He snapped. “The hell you’re fucking … over my dead fucking body, Mia. Mia!”

Turning my head, I looked over my shoulder; Jimmie was manhandling him. “Watch me!” I yelled and disappeared down the hall with Megan.

Chapter Twenty-six

We exited the club. Breathing in the cool air, we walked down Boston’s midtown strip in silence. Taking in what just happened, I couldn’t believe him! My anger was tripling. I wanted to go back in the club and smack him across his head. That was why I couldn’t be with him. That was why we weren’t meant to be together. All we did was argue and fight. It wasn’t worth it. My night began perfectly and ended in a nightmare. Ugh! I wanted to scream.

Megan hailed a cab, and we slid into the backseat.

“Wow, so I take it that was your ex, huh?” She spoke for the first time since we left the club.

“Yeah, can you see why we’re not together anymore?” I mumbled.

“Well, you can see he still loves you, and you clearly still love him.”

When I turned my head, she lightly shrugged at my pointed glare. “Didn’t you just witness what happened? How could that possibly be love?”

Shrugging again, she stared out the window. “What do I know? I’ve never been in love before.”


The next day I called Jimmie. I wanted to let him know that I didn’t blame him for last night’s episode. I knew Jimmie would blame himself. He apologized on behalf of Marcus and assured me that he didn’t leave with the girl. He said Marcus left her at the club alone, and he stormed off home. I wasn’t sure if Jimmie was telling the truth or not, but I didn’t care. Marcus DeLuca had put me through enough pain, tears, and heartache.

I was done crying over him. Well, okay, I cried last night and this morning, but I was trying to stop. It was so hard. Even with everything we’d been through in the last three months, I still loved him. Any outsider looking in on our relationship would call me stupid and naïve.

At one point I believed in our relationship. Now it was ruined. I would never love a man again, nor would I ever trust again. Though I knew I was strong and one day I’d be able to get over this, for now I’d just have to deal with it. Before hanging up with Jimmie, I promised him that I would take Elle this weekend for my promised girls’ day out. He said it wasn’t necessary, but I insisted. It was the least I could do for her and for Jimmie.

After hanging up the phone, I exited my room. Megan was sprawled across the couch knocked out. Jeremy was by the kitchen island making coffee. He saw the look on my face and slid the coffee he made for himself over to me. “Rough night?” he asked.

Laughing once, I just sipped on the cup. I closed my eyes when I inhaled the freshly brewed coffee: my second most favorite scent in the world. My first? I sighed when I thought of him again. The headache from this emotional roller coaster known as Marcus DeLuca seemed to get worse. Seriously, it was so bad I could actually hear a knocking sound at this moment. I looked up at Jeremy; his eyes trailed to the front door. The knocking happened again. Oh, it wasn’t me; it was the actual door.

“I got it.” Megan said while yawning. She stretched as she stood and happily skipped over to the front door in nothing but a t-shirt and lace panties. How could she possibly be so damn happy this early in the morning and after a night of drinking? I envied her for that.

She opened the door, and her smile broadened as she tilted her head. “Oh, you’re even more beautiful sober.”

Jeremy and I glanced at each other with furrowed brows and then back at the door. “Is Mia home?” Marcus’ straightforward tone sounded in my ears.

This could not be happening! He could not possibly be here, especially after last night. He has a lot of fucking balls, showing himself around here.

“Um, yeah, she’s here, but I truly doubt she wants to see you at this moment.” Megan giggled.

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