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He laughed out loud but instantly snapped out of it when he met my evil glare. By the time I found my sweats and put them on, Jeremy was comfortable on my bed with the back of his head leaning against my pillow. I scooted beside him and shifted under the covers. "So, how was your night?" I asked, trying to focus on anything other than the memory of Jeremy swinging my toy in the air with a wicked grin.

His hands covered his entire face, and he mumbled underneath his palms. “It was terrible! I followed this chick all the way to her place, but when we got there, she fell asleep! I was too tired and drunk to hop back in a cab, so I just crashed there. I left this morning before she awoke.”

I burst into laughter, and he peeked at me through his spread fingers. He wasn’t amused, which made me laugh harder. "Oh, Jeremy, Jeremy, Jeremy, so I take it Thor didn’t get any action either?” I teased, and I could tell he didn’t appreciate my sarcasm by his narrow eyes. I slapped his arm, “Oh don’t be so lame.”

Turning on my side to face him, I held my head up with my hand. He spread his arms over his head to stretch then brought his hands behind his head. I wasn’t uncomfortable with Jeremy beside me in bed. Jeremy spent many nights here, not just for sex. Before our relationship became more than just friends, he would lay beside me in bed to comfort me.

On days when I thought I would cry alone the entire night, he was there. He was a really good friend. Our relationship may have seemed awkward to an outsider, but he was my Jeremy. I didn’t see us going any further than we had. We were just comfortable with one another. I knew more about him than any female, and he knew more about me than…well more than anyone.

“So how was your night last night? I mean with being driven home by Marcus and all.” He yawned and closed his eyes.

Shit! I snapped back to reality. I’d totally forgotten DeLuca drove me home. I began to gather my thoughts of the night. I remembered bits and pieces: getting into his car … his waking me up when we were in front of the building. What else, oh yeah I knew he came in and guided me to my bedroom. Then I undressed. Oh no! I could feel the blood drain from my face. I undressed in front of him. What the hell!

What else happened? What else happened! My head hurt from straining to remember. I remembered being mad … but for what reason? Ugh, I walked over to my drawer and pulled out my vibrator. OH MY GOD! Did I pull out my vibrator in front of him? I think I’m going to be sick! I don’t know what happened next! Wait, I think I was too upset and tossed it. I didn’t use it, but did he see it? The blood rushed back to my head, and I quickly felt nauseated.

“So are you going to tell me, or am I going to have to ask him myself?” Jeremy teased with his eyes still closed. Good, he couldn’t see the red-faced, nauseous expression I was wearing.

“Uh, nothing happened: he drove me home, led me to the door, and then he left. I locked the door and went to bed.” Hopefully that would keep him from asking any questions about what I did or did not do with DeLuca. He nodded, and before I finally came up with another topic to discuss, he was fast asleep snoring.

I adjusted my pillow and shifted to lay on my right side, giving Jeremy my back. My stomach was in knots trying to recollect last night’s events. How could I have been so stupid and childish? The one thing I didn’t want to happen had happened! I made a complete fool of myself in front of not only a striking man but in front of a powerful, intelligent and way-out-of-my-league man.

Should I even show my face at this interview Friday? Ugh, I buried my face into the pillow. Hopefully he won’t be there to interview me, and if for some God-only-knows- reason I get this externship, hopefully I’ll work in a department far away from DeLuca so I won’t have to see him again.


I woke to the sound of the doorbell ringing. Forcing myself out of bed, I stumbled across the hardwood surface and opened the door. I froze when I saw him. His eyes were tense, his stance so masculine, his jaw line tight and strong, his full edible lips slightly parted, and his broad shoulders overpowering my energy. I took all of him in, studying every inch of this perfect man in awe before speaking.

“What are you doing here?” I breathed.

Seductively biting his bottom lip, he dragged his teeth across it. I melted. I wanted to drag my teeth across those lips too. “I’m here for you, Mia. I want you, and I want you now,” he growled. I gasped in air, aroused by his demand. Before I could respond, he wrapped me in his arms and crushed his lips on mine.

His kiss was so fierce and hard; his tongue overpowered mine, soft and moist. I felt the blood heat through my skin. My knees weakened, and I would have fainted to the ground if it hadn’t been for his strong arms holding me in place. His fingers were tangled in my hair, and he gently tugged at it. Pulling my head back to look into my eyes, he aggressively said, “Bed, now!” I nodded in response.

“Mia, Mia, wake up, Mia.” Jeremy nudged my leg, waking me from my sleep.

“Hmm, leave me alone; I was having a good dream,” I whined, throwing a pillow over my head.

“Mia, Marcus is here for you.” I yanked the pillow off.

“What?” I wasn’t sure if I’d heard him correctly.

“He says you left your purse and phone in his car last night; he’s dropping it off to you. I told him you were sleeping, but he wanted to hand it to you himself.” Jeremy stood over my bed, biting into an apple.

I turned to look at the time. It was 5:30P.M. I’d slept all day! “Okay, um, I’ll be out in five minutes.” Jeremy shrugged and walked out, closing the door behind him. I jumped out of bed and ran to the mirror standing by the corner of my room. Oh my God! I looked terrible: black eyeliner and mascara were smeared all over my eyes, and my hair was a wild mess.

Thankfully my bedroom had a private entrance to our main bathroom. I rushed in and quickly took a shower.

Fifteen minutes later, I was bathed, had my teeth brushed, and managed to put an outfit together with skinny jeans, black flats, and a fitted white t-shirt. I brushed my hair into a ponytail and threw on a pair of silver hoop earrings. On my way out I noticed a grey summer scarf on top of my dresser, and I quickly wrapped it around my neck.

Taking a deep breath, I headed out. At first I didn’t see anyone in the living room. When I heard Jeremy laughing, I knew they were in the kitchen. Marcus was sitting on a stool by the island with his back facing me. Jeremy looked up at me. “Five minutes, huh?” I grimaced at him, and he responded with a crooked smile. Marcus turned his head. Oh he was even more gorgeous while sober. I couldn’t believe I’d just had a dream about him!

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