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“No!” Okay, so maybe I kind of overreacted, but there was no way I was going to that club. No way at all.

Her hands fell to the counter, and her lips pouted. “Why? I thought it would be great before you started school.”

Shaking my head, I was not backing down. “No, and out of all clubs why did you choose that one? Why can’t we go to where you work?”

“Because I called out sick tonight, so I could take you out. Besides, a co-worker of mine told me about Club21. Her cousin works for the owner, so she was able to get me VIP tickets.” She flashed that smile again as she pulled out two tickets from her back pocket.

“What’s her cousin’s name?” Okay, so maybe I shouldn’t care, but I did wonder if it was someone I knew … or someone that was possibly new … or his ex-assistant. Grrrgh.

“I don’t know, but she’s going to be there. Her cousin is throwing her a birthday bash. She really wanted me to go, and I thought it would be nice to take you out.” She pouted again. “Oh come on, Mia, you act like an eighty-year-old woman sometimes. You need to go out and have fun. You’re only twenty-four. Gosh, I would hate to see how you act when you’re thirty!”

I most certainly do not act like an eighty-year-old woman. I gave her a wicked glare for that rude comment. I’m just more laid back. Yeah, that’s it laid back. I’d rather sit at home, reading a book, or watching a movie, sipping on wine or coffee far away from the outside cruel world. Oh my God, I do act like an eighty-year-old woman! Narrowing my eyes at her, I watched as she placed her folded hands under her chin, pouting her lips and widening her eyes. She was giving me the most pathetic puppy face I’d ever seen. She even went as far as to whimper like a crying puppy.

“Fine!” Giving in, I rolled my eyes again.

She squealed and ran to my side, jumping up and down. “Oh we are going to have so much fun!”

I shot a pointed stare and brought a finger up, “But if I say let’s go, you have to promise me we go. Promise?”

“Of course, Mia, but I’m sure you’re not going to want to leave. I heard it’s a really nice place. Come on, let’s go beautify ourselves. Oh and I’ll need to borrow something of yours.” She bit down on her lip and then giggled. I shook my head, and we headed to my bedroom to “beautify” ourselves. I just hoped that night would go down smoothly.


“This is called a club. In here you can act your age.”

Megan’s sarcastic tone ripped through the pounding music and through my hazy daze. Since we walked in five minutes ago, I had done nothing but search around the dance floor, by the bars, up towards the VIP rooms, and everywhere else to see if I could find anyone I recognized. Well I was more eager to see if I could find one person I recognized; I could care less about anyone else.

“Huh? What? Oh, yeah, I know …” I returned my attention to her, and she rolled her eyes before grabbing two shot glasses from the bartender.

She handed me one. “Here, this should loosen you up.” Tossing her head back, she chugged down the shot without hesitating. She scrunched her face for a second and wiggled her shoulders. “That was good!”

Shrugging, I saluted with my glass and chugged back the shot. The warm liquid soothed my throat but burned once it reached my chest. I shimmied like Megan hoping, it would help the burn. It didn’t. I was also sure by her amused expression that I made a sourpuss face. “Atta girl!” she shouted over the loud music.

We took a few more shots before heading to our VIP room. Nothing was different: it was exactly how I remembered it. Megan’s co-worker, Jasmine, was completely hammered by the time we entered. Her cousin, the one who works for the DeLuca firm, was there as well. To my surprise, I didn’t recognize her. Thank God! She probably worked in one of the other departments.

After some shots and a few Cosmos, I was beginning to loosen up. I hadn’t felt this … good in a while. The room was occupied by fifteen other girls. Jasmine wore a pink and zebra print sash with “Birthday Girl” printed in glitter across it. Her tiara was slanted on her head. It had been straight at one point during the night.

The other girls were close to my age, and I was surprised to learn that we had a lot in common. Who knew that girls were actually fun to be around? As the night progressed, I bravely danced with them on the dance floor, took more shots, played karaoke in our private room, took more shots, danced some more, and had more shots!

Before I knew it I was laughing, really laughing. I hadn’t had this much fun since … well I couldn’t even remember when I had this much fun! I was being myself again—something I thought would never happen. It was as if the cure was tequila, music, and a girl’s night. Could it be possible that my life would go back to normal? Could I eventually go a day without crying over him? And then it hit me … no, not a reverie … the aching and pounding of my bladder. Standing, I made my way to Megan and grabbed her arm. “I have to go to the bathroom, come with me!” I yelled over the music. She nodded and grabbed her clutch.

No matter how modern and huge a club is, there is always a line at the ladies’ room. I was considering going to the first level where the dance floor was. Though not wanting to chance losing my spot, I stayed put. Staring at the men’s bathroom across from me, I even highly considered walking in. There was no line, and I had yet to see anyone go in or out. Megan must’ve sensed my thoughts as she stared also at the men’s bathroom door. “You thinking what I’m thinking?” I nodded.

“Come on then.” Grabbing my arm, she dragged me across the hall. Stretching her other hand, she reached for the door. Before she was able to touch it, the door swung open. Losing balance, she released my grip and fell into a firm athletic male. Megan’s scared-then-pleased expression forced me to burst into laughter. She giggled as she flexed her fingers along the muscular bicep. Looking over her shoulder at me, she wiggled her eyebrows. It made me laugh even harder. She finally looked up at the man she had landed on, and I followed her gaze.

My mouth dropped, and I stood frozen. My laughter instantly came to a halt, and I believe my heart stopped beating.

“Hello, Mia.” The familiar voice brought my chest back to life and sped up my heart. Extending his arms and firm grip around Megan’s shoulders, Jimmie pulled her away. She looked up at him and then back down at me.

Standing between us, she studied me as I stared into his light green eyes. “Do you know him, Mia?” She asked, pointing her thumb over her shoulder. When I nodded, her smile broadened, and fixing her attention back on him, she patted his shoulder. “Good, so you don’t mind if we hit the men’s room? The ladies’ room is kind of occupied.” She thumbed the long line of females.

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