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He leaned on his elbows, and his expression grew serious. Running his fingers through my hair, he licked his lips before speaking. “Mia, before you I was lost … and the moment I laid eyes on your beautiful face, I knew … I just knew I had to make you mine. I found a woman that makes me terrified to love for the first time … and finally I found the only woman that I want to spend the rest of my life with. I’m not asking; I’m begging you if you would do me the honor of becoming my wife.”

My heart swelled with each word. The love we had may not have been perfect, but it was love and no less. I had a beautiful, strong man, who was more damaged than I was, and throughout everything we could still hold on even through the tears and laughter. How could I have given that up? Tears stung my eyes as I blurted out, “Yes.”

“Really?” He asked uncertain by my answer.

“Yes, I’ll marry you, Marcus. I know fifty years from now in your arms is where I want to be.” His eyes sparkled with his smile. He breathed out in relief and kissed me deeply and passionately.

We allowed ourselves to forget everything because at that moment we were happy and nothing could ruin it.


After Marcus fell asleep, I spent some time with Jeremy in the living room. We watched a comedy, snacked on junk food, and talked about the past week. I told him everything that happened, minus Marcus’ second life, but I spent hours telling him about my long-lost mother, the pregnancy, and the proposal. He was shocked, concerned, and happy for me. Jeremy was more worried about my career. I assured him that I was going to finish school, and even though it might take me an extra year, I was going to finish, no matter what.

He was very supportive and confident that I would be a wonderful mother. Although, I wasn’t certain that I could, I vowed that I would try my absolute best to show unconditional love and support throughout my child’s life.

The next few days were better than expected. Morning sickness, for some unexplained reason occurred at noon and in the evenings as well! Every smell bothered me except for one: Marcus. He was thankful for that, afraid that I would end up hating him. He said he read an article that said some women began to hate or resent their partner during pregnancy. I couldn’t see how that was possible; if anything, I felt clingier towards him. I wanted him around, and every time he left the room to even use the bathroom, I was emotional. It was super pathetic I know, but for some reason I had to be near him always.

That weekend he surprised me with a beautiful ring. I knew he was going to get me one even though I told him I didn’t need it. The look on his face was unforgettable when he handed me the small red box. He bit on his bottom lip, nervously awaiting my reaction, and his eyes gleamed with excitement.

When I flipped open the small lid, a glistening four-carat princess-cut diamond brightened my eyes. Tiny diamonds wrapped around the platinum band. It had an antique style to it. I was surprised by how breathtaking a piece of jewelry could be. I was afraid to touch such an elegant piece, so he slid it on my finger. I’m such a simple person, never going crazy with jewelry, and although the ring was big and elegant, it was simple. I loved it.

Everything was going well, and we continued to keep the pregnancy hidden for a while. Marcus was a little upset that I told Jeremy about the pregnancy. So I allowed him to tell Jimmie, but that was it. We did announce our engagement to his entire family at Sunday dinner. Everyone was ecstatic, especially Theresa and Elle. Theresa began to plan the wedding at the dinner table.

Marcus and I tried to tell her we were in no rush and didn’t want anything big. She refused to listen, claiming that a winter wedding would be beautiful, and the family was too big not to have a huge wedding. I didn’t know how I would feel walking down the aisle with a huge belly. I allowed her to share her ideas and decided once we announced the pregnancy…we could convince her to wait until after the baby was born.

Rumors began to spread very quickly at the office. Some were that I was knocked-up; that’s why he was marrying me. That wasn’t entirely false, but still. Others were that I was only marrying him for his money. That was completely false. I never thought of Marcus’ money once. I never even thought about how much he or his firm was worth, because it was never my intention to get his money. It bothered me that people thought that of me. Marcus didn’t allow any of the rumors to bother him. I envied that about him: how he just let it slide off his shoulders, not allowing any comment to affect him. I guess he was used to worse speculations spreading throughout the media, and simple office gossip didn’t faze him.

After a couple weeks, it was the beginning of August and my externship was over. The first day spent without Marcus was dreadful, so I focused on spending time with Sara. We met up every day for the next few days. My mother explained that she mailed another letter hoping that Michael would have a change of heart. When the letter returned from the post office, she began to search for a new address. That was when she found out about his death. It was a little difficult for her to find me since I wasn’t listed, so she hired a private detective. That explained the black SUV. The entire time I thought it had something to do with Marcus. I was completely wrong!

We managed to slowly establish a relationship. I wasn’t sure what type of relationship it was, but we were working on that. I finally felt that my life was coming together. I’d gained a beautiful family with the DeLucas. Jeremy and I still had our close relationship. Soon I would be a mother, and recently I gained my mother. At one point in my life, I was at my lowest and thought nothing could possibly lift me from the miserable grief I’d suffered. Now I could honestly say I was the happiest I’d ever been.

Nothing could go wrong.

Chapter Twenty-one

“Oh, Mia, thank you so much!” Theresa jumped from the couch and rushed to the door as soon as I entered. Grabbing her purse, she was halfway out before I could answer. Turning back, she finished the rest of her sentence. “The last time she ate was this afternoon. She’s in her room playing her game. Oh and also I’ve been meaning to tell you I want to plan a surprise birthday party for Marcus’ thirtieth.”

I’d almost forgotten his birthday; it was the next month at the end of September. “Can I help with the planning?” Theresa is very big on events, but I really wanted to help her with this.

She smiled before answering, “Of course! I have to run … see you soon, and thanks again for watching Elle at last minute.”

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