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He made sure I ate well and consumed plenty of water throughout the day. When his phone rang, he ignored it. He gave me one-hundred-ten percent of his attention. At one point when we entered a store and I wandered off to a look at some clothing, he shouted my name around the aisles frantically. When he found me, he embraced me with a tight hug and kiss. It was as if he thought that I was going to run away the moment we were apart. I assured him I wasn’t going anywhere. He would just nod and slightly smile, but his eyes were filled with uncertainty.

When we finally entered Dr. Lee’s office, I was in awe. The office was contemporary with high-end furniture and equipment. The entire building was extremely shiny and clean; I felt like I needed to take a sanitary shower before entering the building. Because of that, I added two points to my very own mental review. The super friendly staff and nurses made us feel welcome and comfortable, so I added another star. After meeting with Dr. Lee, I gave him a rank of five stars. I will never judge a male doctor again…he was gentle and made me feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

Peanut is the nickname we’d decided to give our little one. At six-weeks that’s exactly what the image on the small black-and-white screen appeared as, a tiny peanut. Marcus couldn’t wipe the grin off his face as we walked out of the doctor’s office side by side with my arm wrapped around his waist and his one arm slung over my shoulder, holding the small picture of our peanut.

“I can’t believe this little thing is our baby.” He said still mesmerized by the photo.

Laughing at him, I grabbed the picture so I could have a better look. “I know, right … our baby is already adorable.”

He pressed his lips on top of my head and kissed me. “If our child looks anything like his mother, then yeah, he’ll be one gorgeous baby.”

I could actually imagine an adorable little boy or girl with Marcus’ smile and dimple and my green eyes. Sighing with contentment, we stepped into the car.

“So where do you want to go now?” he asked, turning on the ignition.

I shifted my body to face him. “Marcus, I’m really tired right now. Do you think you could take me home?”

Caressing his thumb along my cheeks, he gently smiled. “Of course, baby. Elle will be happy to hear the news.”

“Uh Marc, ah, I don’t want to say anything to anyone until the second trimester. You heard what the doctor said, “There’s a possibility of complications.” I just don’t want to get anyone excited and then…” When I didn’t finish my sentence, he seemed to understand.

Nodding in agreement, “Sure, let’s go home.”

“Um, Marcus?” He turned to face me. I didn’t know how to say this without hurting his feelings. “I would like to go home, to my apartment. It’s not that I don’t like being at your place; I just haven’t been home in over a week, and I would just like to go home.”

Nodding in agreement, he turned on the ignition. “Okay, we’ll go to your apartment tonight. Not a problem.” What I really wanted was to be home alone. I needed me time, and I was exhausted, but I decided to just let him come with me. After the previous night’s fiasco, I’m sure he didn’t want to leave my sight.

The ride home was in silence. I looked out the window, thinking how so much had changed within the last two and a half months. Who would have known that night at Club21 when I met Marcus that I would be sitting here right now with him, holding his hand, twirling his fingers with mine, discussing baby names for our first born? How will it work with us living-arrangements-wise? Will he move in with me? Will I move in with him? Will we stay as is in separate households?

The thought of home brought me to Jeremy. I hadn’t spoken to him all week. We’d seen each other at work, but it wasn’t the same. There was so much we needed to discuss. I know I told Marcus I didn’t want anyone to know just yet, but maybe I could tell Jeremy. I wondered how he would react.

When Marcus finally found parking, my initial reaction was to look around to see if I found the black SUV. It was nowhere to be found. I wasn’t sure why I felt uneasy about the stupid car. It could be a new neighbor’s vehicle for all I knew.

Marcus made his way to my side of the car and opened the passenger door. Looking up at him, I witnessed the biggest smile on his face, and it was contagious. He was so happy. I giggled at his amusement. He gave me his hand, and I took it. Yanking my hand, he pulled me into him and kissed my forehead. “Marry me,” he said casually.

“What?” I looked at him baffled.

Chuckling, he tightened his arms around my waist. His face grew serious. “I know it’s not the ideal proposal, but I love you, Mia. I can’t see myself with anyone else; you’re my life. Now that you’re carrying a small piece of me, I want you to be in my life forever. Be my wife. Please say yes. Marry me.”

“No.” His head cocked back with widened eyes and his lips parted, trying to come up with some response to my unexpected answer. I bit down on my lip to keep from laughing.

“No? Why?”

“That was a half-assed proposal, Marcus! I will not say ‘yes’ unless it’s better prepared. You’re lucky I’m giving you a second chance at this; most men aren’t so lucky.” I arched my eyebrow playfully.

His face relaxed, pressing his forehead against mine, he laughed once. I looked into his wrinkled, joyous eyes. “You’re killing me, Mia … but I love you so much.”

We kissed again and walked towards my building. Jeremy’s car was nowhere in sight, so I guessed he was at Stacy’s again. I hadn’t been home all week, so I wondered if he even took the trash out. If not, I wondered if my pregnant hormones could handle the scent of trash juice.

We entered the building and walked up the stairs. Marcus was playfully slapping my behind with each step. I giggled and smacked his arm away. It just inspired him to torture me some more, so he began to tickle the side of my ribs.

Trying to get away, I began to run up the stairs giggling. When I turned the corner of the second floor, I rushed over to my door. He was chasing me. Adrenaline pumping from our childish chase, I tried to hurry and search for my keys before he got close.

“Mia?” Startled to hear my name by an unfamiliar voice, I turned towards the direction from where it came.

A few feet from my door a woman was seated on the floor, leaning against the wall. She slowly lifted herself up. I tilted my head to study her, wondering if I recognized her. She knew my name, but she didn’t look familiar.

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