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Tracing his hand down my neck to my aching breast, he plucked and teased my nipples with his thumb. I moaned on his lips, and he wouldn’t take them away from mine. His hand continued to trace down to my belly, down my hip and along my thigh. He could touch me a thousand times, and each time I still felt the electricity of his touch as if it were the first time.

Gripping my thighs, he lifted them and wrapped my legs around his waist. Allowing him to go deeper inside of me, I grunted at the sensation. He groaned, and the vibration of the tone trembled against my lips. Biting my bottom lip, he began to move at a slightly faster pace. Our bodies melded into one another, allowing all of the feelings of almost losing each other to be relieved the only way we knew how, by making love.

Every emotion began to build, and my body trembled as I cried out his name and convulsed. Within a matter of seconds after I exploded, he did as well, groaning with relief.

Panting, I threw my head back into the plush mattress and shut my eyes with satisfied pleasure. I felt a tear fall down my face. Though I wasn’t crying when I opened my eyes, Marcus was staring at me, his face seriously deep in thought with one drip mark down the right side of his cheek. Reaching up, I wiped the watermark off his precious cheek and leaned up to kiss him long and hard. He didn’t want to let go, and neither did I.

The rest of the night we held each other tightly afraid that one or the other would walk away.


“Ava.” Marcus whispered while tracing small circles around my belly button. He was slumped on his side as he held his head up with his hand. I lay flat on my back, watching him trace all sorts of objects on my belly with his finger. It was very early in the morning, and we hadn’t slept since he walked in at three this morning.

Arching my brow, I wasn’t sure if I should be offended. “Huh?” I asked, wondering if he was calling me someone else’s name.

Looking up, he gently smiled. “Ava Marie DeLuca if it’s a girl.” I couldn’t help but grin widely at him. The past three hours, we made sweet love, kissed passionately, and held each other, but neither one of us had brought up our baby.

“Ava? Hmm … I like it.” I said. “And if it’s a boy?” I asked curious as to the name; I had one in mind already.

“A junior, of course.” He laughed. I raised my eyebrows. Don’t get me wrong I love Marcus’ name, but it wasn’t my first choice.

Laughing at my expression, he said, “What? You don’t like my name? What did you have in mind?” He chuckled.

“No, I love your name. I was just … well …”

He stopped his finger tracing and gently pressed the palm of his hand along my belly. His brows creased. “Go head, Mia. Tell me what name you have in mind.”

“Michael Marcus DeLuca.” I never expected to have a child, ever, and I wasn’t that type of girl that already had her children’s names picked out before she even got married. Though, the moment I knew I was pregnant, I just knew if it was a boy that I wanted to name him after my brother.

Marcus looked at me with gentle eyes, understanding the meaning behind the name I’d chosen. He smiled, lifting his head away from his hand and slowly lowered it to my belly. He gently traced small kisses there. I giggled with each brush of his lips on my ticklish skin. “I love it. Michael.” His lips stretched into a smile along my belly button when he said our unborn son’s name. I sighed in contentment.

He laid his head against my stomach, and his eyes met mine. As an instant reaction, I ran my fingers through his thick hair. His eyes were half closed. He must’ve been exhausted. I know I was. I knew he’d make a great father; he grew up with such a loving and amazing family and home. He’s a wonderful uncle to Elle.

Would I make a decent mother? I didn’t have anyone to pick up the traits from. At least Marcus was raised by his father until his teens. He always mentioned that his father made sure to put them first. I, on the other hand, didn’t have a mother. I wouldn’t know what a mother’s love and care felt like. I would never abandon my child.

Marcus eyes widened, and I didn’t realize I was frowning until I noticed the concerned look on his face. “What’s wrong, Mia?” His tone was uneasy.

“I … well I was just thinking. I know you’ll be a really good dad. I was just wondering, will I make a half-decent mom?” That last part was spoken very low.

Sitting up beside me, he leaned against the headboard. Wrapping his arm around my shoulder, he pulled me in till my head lay on his lap. Brushing his hand against the side of my face, he made my worries drift away.

His touch was so comforting I was beginning to drift off into a deep sleep. Before falling asleep, the last thing I heard was, “You’re going to be one of the best mothers I know.” The smoothness of his voice allowed me to dream peacefully.

Chapter Nineteen

We slept in until late afternoon that Sunday, not wanting to leave each other’s side and exhausted from the vivid night. When we finally awoke, we had dinner in bed. Marcus ordered pizza, and we watched old eighties’ movies while cuddling. He also emailed his new assistant and told her that we wouldn’t be at work the next day. Marcus stayed up the rest of the night, searching for the best OB-GYN in Boston. He was beginning to get a little annoying. When I found one that I really liked, he would shoot him down if there was one bad review. When Marcus said no…the answer was no.

I wanted to see Dr. Tracy Muller. She was known to be one of the top doctors in her field. There were numerous five-star reviews, but one previous patient gave her two stars, stating that when she was finally in labor, Dr. Muller was out of town. That review automatically changed Marcus’ opinion very quickly. I pouted after a while when he didn’t allow me to pick one. I mean after all it is my body. I should feel comfortable with the doctor.

After three hours of fussing, pouting, and a lot of disagreeing, we settled on Dr. Lee. He was after all the number-one ob-gyn in the entire State of Massachusetts with excellent credentials, background, and reviews. The only issue I had was that Dr. Lee is a male. I wasn’t sure how I would feel having another man exploring my personal … space. Marcus assured me that if I felt uncomfortable in any way, I could choose the next doctor, which put me at ease.

First thing Monday morning, Marcus contacted Dr. Lee’s office, and after intense negotiations, we were scheduled for that evening. I truly thought Marcus wouldn’t be able to get us in as Dr. Lee was booked until next year! Then again this was Marcus DeLuca; he could be very persuasive and persistent when he wanted his way. Since we had the entire morning and half of the afternoon free, Marcus wanted to take me out for a day in town. He didn’t leave my side, holding my hand, hugging me tight, and kissing me every chance he could. Although this was his regular routine, somehow today it seemed different.

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