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I smiled and said what every new mother wants to hear. “He is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!”

With a bright smile, she placed her phone back into her clutch. “Thanks! He is, isn’t he?” I nodded and glanced over at the dance floor.

Thankfully David asked his wife to dance, and she accepted. Jeremy stood up and walked toward a woman near the bar. They’d been eyeing each other for twenty minutes. They exchanged a few words, and then he led her to the dance floor. I was left alone by myself with no drink. To pass the time, I grabbed my phone out of my clutch. Scrolling through it, I noticed no new emails, texts, or missed calls. The disappointment of having no one contacting me made me feel…lonely. Where the hell was my drink!

I decided to read old text messages between Jeremy and me. The last text I received from him was an hour ago when David and Michelle arrived and were all over each other.


I laughed to myself again. My response was a simple LOL.

I was scrolling through my phone deleting junk emails, when I was presented with another drink. This time I didn’t look up at the waitress as I thanked her. I grabbed it and took another sip. Ah, it was even tastier than the first one. In the middle of indulging my, oh so good Cosmo, I heard the waitress’ startled voice, “Um, good evening, Mr. DeLuca. Would you like your usual?” Choking on my alcohol, I managed to keep my eyes on the glass. I heard a low, deep voice with a slight Boston accent. “Yes, that’s fine. Thank you.” I finally had the courage to look up. The waitress hurried to the bar: this was the fastest I’d seen her move the entire night.

The man standing before me was definitely God’s gift to women. He was tall, tanned, and had the most gorgeous big brown eyes I’d ever seen. His dark brown hair was neatly brushed with a loosened strand that lay on his perfectly thick arched eyebrows. He smiled at me with his full lips and perfect white teeth. He had one deep dimple on the right side of his cheek. I wanted to melt, but I held my composure. He was even more stunning in person. I’d seen pictures of him on his law firm’s website and in advertisements, but I’d never had the opportunity to meet this beautiful man in person.

He didn’t speak; instead, he slid over the chair until he was almost beside me. Gently placing my glass down, I hid my shaky hands under the table, laying them on my lap. I straightened my shoulders as he leaned in. Nodding at me, he lifted his right eyebrow. He must have sensed I was nervous because his smile broadened, and he seemed to be amused by his thoughts.

“Hi, I’m Marcus DeLuca, and you are?” He asked while reaching for his drink that magically appeared out of nowhere. I was instantly enthralled by his adorable smile; it was like a chain reaction, and I couldn’t help but flush in response. Oh my God, I felt my cheeks turn a burning red. I cleared my throat and prepared to respond.

“Hi, I’m Mia, Jeremy’s friend.” I tilted my head and glanced towards the dance floor where Jeremy was grinding behind a brunette this time. He had ditched the blonde. I glanced back at Mr. Hottie who nodded then took another sip of his drink. The strong liquor from his glass smelled to be whisky or brandy. I wasn’t sure which.

He put down his drink on top of the table and unhooked the single button on his navy blue suit jacket. I stared at him in awe: one of the side effects of my fourth or was it fifth Cosmo? Whatever, but the Cosmo must have had me feeling this way; he was so hot! I wanted to run my hands through his hair and suck on those lips. What the hell am I thinking? I shook the thought immediately away. He was staring at me suspiciously. Did he suspect my thoughts? It was beginning to feel extremely warm in there. Fanning my face with my hand to cool off didn’t work. My face burned, and I was uncomfortable from the heat.

“Are you Sullivan? Mia Sullivan?” he asked, folding his hands on-top of the table.

Biting my lip, I chanced a quick glance at him again. “Yes, how did you know?”

“Oh, ah, Jeremy mentioned you a few times. Also I texted him earlier to see if he knew you. I’ve heard a lot about the highly recommended, first-year law student, Mia Sullivan.” He playfully smiled. It was adorable.

I took a deep breath. “Yes, that’s me. I … I didn’t apply. Professor Johnson decided to apply on my behalf. He handed me the acceptance letter for the interview this morning actually.” His eyebrows creased. He grabbed his drink, and before taking a sip, he nodded his head, indicating the “I see” look. I’m not sure if it was a positive or negative response, but it made me wonder if I shouldn’t have mentioned that Professor Johnson submitted the application. What if he thinks I don’t want the position, or what if he doesn’t take me seriously?

“Hey, there you are! I see you met Mia!” Jeremy interrupted my thoughts. His white shirt was damp, and his face was glistening with sweat. At least I wasn’t the only one who felt warm. “Yes, we met.” DeLuca’s smile was replaced with a serious expression. I wondered, “Oh shit, did I screw up my only opportunity for this externship?” I felt queasy. “So Marc, sorry I can’t hang, but I kind of have this chick that wants to hook up.” Jeremy pointed his thumb to the brunette standing beside the bar. Marcus glanced over his shoulder then back at Jeremy expressionless.

Jeremy’s smile faded when he turned his head in my direction. “Mia, I know you had too many drinks tonight, will you be okay getting home? I’m going to take a cab back to this chick’s place. Also David and Michelle left like ten minutes ago. Are you going to be okay taking a cab home? I can wait for one with you if you like.” He’s mumbling.

I narrowed my eyes. What the hell makes him think I’ll be okay on my own? You’re my friend, Jeremy. You’re supposed to make sure I get home okay. I wanted to yell at him and I would’ve, if Gorgeous DeLuca weren’t sitting next to me. “I’ll drive her,” Marcus replied nonchalantly. I glanced at his drink. He must have read my mind after he followed my gaze. “This is the only drink I’ve had all night. I’m fine. I can drive her home. Go ahead, Jae; get out of here.” Jeremy’s excitement was pathetic. He practically ran out with the brunette after thanking DeLuca and placing a quick kiss on my cheek. Oh! I’ll get him tomorrow! I plan on it.

Gulping down the rest of my last Cosmo, I grabbed my clutch and slid over the sofa. I felt fine until I stood up and all the blood rushed to my head. I instantly felt dizzy, and the room seemed to spin. I felt unbalanced with my heels, but DeLuca placed his hand on my elbow, which allowed me to keep steady. I looked at him, and his face was still serious. Great, he must have been angry, having to babysit a drunken law student.

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