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It was the last thing I needed to worry about as well when I had the upcoming family dinner. Marcus hadn’t stopped talking about it. At first I thought it was canceled after hearing his conversation with Lou, but I put two and two together and realized he didn’t want Lou to be there.

It was Friday, and Marcus promised to come over that night. I was excited because Jeremy was leaving straight after work with Stacy to go to her parents’ shore home. That meant I had the entire apartment to myself, and I planned to take advantage of it. The last three days I had done nothing but make arrangements to ensure that this would be the most perfect night.

I just needed Marcus to stay away for a couple hours, so that I could have everything ready. It felt like the longest day of the week. What made me more eager for this evening was that Marcus and I hadn’t been together the past few days. Our time together was spent only in the office. He’d been busy in the evenings a lot. We talked over the phone and sent a few texts messages, but that’s all. I wasn’t complaining. I’d take what I could get as long as I could see him.

“Hey, babe.” Marcus poked his head through the door. Looking up from my computer screen, I smiled at him.

“Hi, baby. Is it five yet?” Grabbing my phone, I looked at the time to answer my own question.

“Yes, uh, I’m going to be a little late tonight. I have something that I have to do.” He carefully said, expecting me to be angry.

Perfect! This would give me plenty of time to set everything up. “Okay, what time do you think you’ll be over?”

“Ah, maybe eight. Is that too late?”

“No, it’s perfect. I can give you the spare key, just in case I’m in the shower or something.” Standing up, I dug into my purse. Locating my key chain, I slid the spare key from the ring, walked over and handed it to him.

“Okay, babe. I’ll shoot you a text when I’m on my way.” Leaning in, he quickly kissed me and hurried away.

Chapter Thirteen

Dinner was ready, dessert was in the oven, the table was set for two, and a couple bottles of wine were being chilled. The apartment and bedroom were set up just like I’d imagined. I stood in the living room admiring my master piece. Smiling at my work, I did a final check. The candles were lit, the lights were dim, and rose petals trailed into the bedroom. The new red satin sheets were neatly spread across the bed, and some cuffs that I purchased were lying on top. I’d never done anything like this before, and in a way I was nervous. He may pretend to think it’s silly, but I know he won’t actually think so. I glanced at the clock. It was only seven; he should arrive within the next hour or so.

Running towards the bathroom, I began to doll myself up. My makeup was flawless: I decided on the smoky-eye look. My hair was teased and wild; and the pink lip gloss definitely made my green eyes pop. I looked in the mirror, and I barely recognized myself. I looked HOT! The black lace corset enhanced my curves. The matching lace panties lay perfectly on my rounded ass, and the red pumps I wore gave the outfit the finishing touch.

Super excited about the night, I went into the kitchen to take the pie out of the oven. The flaky golden crust looked delicious. My stomach growled. I was starving…skipping lunch may have been a bad idea, now that I think about it. Now that everything was ready, I could sit back and wait for Marcus to arrive.

Me (8:35pm): Hey babe, u on ur way?

Me (9:00pm): Everything ok?

Me (9:38pm): I’m starting to get worried.

Me (10:15pm): Please call or text me.

Me (11:25pm): Babe?

Marcus (12:00am): I’m so sorry, on my way now.

Was he fucking kidding me! I was seriously upset. No, I was irate. No, better yet, I was furious! I’d been worried the past four hours, thinking something happened. I’d called him, leaving him voice message after message. And what did I receive? A text with a simple, “I’m sorry, on my way,” what kind of shit is that? Arrrgh! Stomping over to the beautifully decorated table, I grabbed the wine bottle out of the bucket that was filled with water from the melted ice. I poured myself a glass and drank, and drank some more, and then some more.

After the entire bottle was finished, I began the second one, and it was almost two in the morning with no Marcus. I was so angry with him at that moment that I didn’t even want to see him. Screw him! Deciding to lock the top lock since he couldn’t get in without that key, I stood to make my way to the front door.

Whoa. The entire room was spinning; too much wine at such a fast pace wasn’t doing me any good. Blinking a few times so the spinning could stop, I managed to have a clear view. Wobbling over to the door, I stopped when the door knob began to jiggle. He’d arrived. Just awesome! When the door opened, he froze, gawking at me with a huge grin from ear to ear.

“Baby.” He breathed, pleased with my appearance.

I rolled my eyes. I was too angry to blush over his reaction. “Don’t you baby, me.” I said, waving my finger at him while slapping my free hand on my hip.

His expression dropped instantly. Closing the door behind him, he didn’t take his eyes off me. “I’m so sorry. I am really, really, sorry.”

Waving my hand in the air dismissing his apology, I stomped over to the island in the kitchen and poured myself another glass of wine. “I don’t want to hear it, Marcus; I’m beyond angry right now. So save your apologies for someone else.” Taking a gulp of my drink, I watched through the glass as he looked around at the rose petals on the floor and the table perfectly set up for two.

He sighed, and his eyebrows pulled in. “You did all this for me?” he whispered.

“No, Marcus, I usually do extravagant shit like this once a month. You happened to walk in at the right time!” He looked down, clearly disappointed in himself. Plucking my shoes off, I made it a point to not stop there. Maybe it was the wine on an empty stomach, but I wanted him to feel crappy for standing me up.

“Yes, I did it for you. I’ve been planning it for three days. I cooked you dinner even made dessert. I didn’t eat…at first I was worried sick, thinking you may have gotten into a car accident or hurt. Then I got a text from you at midnight, four hours after you said you would be here!” Slapping both of my hands against my chest, I slightly lost balance but managed not to fall. “And you walk in here at two in the morning, and what? Am I supposed to welcome you with open arms? Oh, Marcus, I missed you; please eat my food and fuck me?” I looked at him through hazy eyes, waiting for him to respond.

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