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“No, I just wish I was warned. I knew she still worked for you, but as your assistant? That’s, I don’t know, going to be hard for me to get used to.”

“The same way it’s going to be hard for me to know that Jeremy sleeps in the same apartment as you every single night.” I sighed. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t throw Jeremy in your face.”

“No you’re right. How about we just leave our past sexual relationships in the past and just focus on us? We have to trust each other, right?”

“Agreed,” he said while bringing that gorgeous dimple back to life. His large strong hands wrapped around my face as he lowered his head and pressed his soft lips against mine. After a few seconds, he leaned back from the kiss and smiled. “Oh, I almost forgot. Come over to my house next Sunday for dinner with my family.”

That caught me off guard. It was so random. “What? Your family?”

“Yeah, we all have dinner every Sunday. We usually take turns in each of our homes. Next week is my house. I’d like to introduce you to them.” He seemed ecstatic about the idea.

“Oh, I don’t know, Marcus, what about your brother?” I would love to meet his family, but if they were anything like his brother, I’d rather not. He leaned in and ran his fingers through my hair and the tension immediately evaporated.

“I spoke to my brother this morning, and my family will love you. I promise.”

“How did your brother take it?” I bit the corner of my lip, anticipating the rejection.

“He’ll get over it.” His hands trailed down my lower back, and he pulled me closer to him.

“Why doesn’t he like me?” It hurt to think that his brother thought so little of me.

He shook his head. “It’s not you per se. He just thinks you’ll be a distraction.”

“A distraction from what?”

He shut his eyes and heavily sighed. “Mia, I can’t tell you that.” And that was the moment when I realized he was in something deeper than I thought. Marcus had just admitted to me that there was another part of his life he couldn’t tell me about. The question was whether I was willing to live that way. Then I thought of Jeremy and our talk this morning when he said that you could be with someone for ten years and not fully know them.

I gave him an understanding smile. “Okay Marcus, but you’ll have to tell me one day. I’m not saying tomorrow, but one day, even if it’s a year from now, promise?” He nodded.


The rest of the morning went well. We met with Mr. Di Angele, and he loved me. He was impressed with all the case law I found relevant to his case; he even went so far as to ask me to be present at his trial. Marcus, of course, said it was fine. I was thrilled.

After the meeting, we went around the office, and he further introduced me to a few attorneys, the partners of the firm, and some of the paralegals, all who learned that we were dating. At first it was awkward, but after the third person it started to sound nice being introduced as an item.

I was a little disappointed that Marcus couldn’t have lunch with me. He already had plans, and Jeremy asked Stacy out for lunch, so I was left to fend for myself. I decided to grab something from the deli up the block and hide in my office.

Halfway through my sandwich, I was getting ready to send a “thinking of you” text message to Marcus when I heard his office door open and close. Two sets of footsteps stomped across the floor. Then there were low voices. I couldn’t hear what was going on, so I dragged my chair closer to the wall to have a better listen.

A man’s voice began speaking first. “So Marky, are you going to finish what you started with this job, or are you going to bail on me like you did Saturday?” The man’s strong Boston accent and similar raspy tone allowed me to place the voice as Uncle Louie.

“When do you need me?” Marcus made sure his tone was lower. I’m guessing since he knew I heard his last conversation, he was trying to be safe. I thanked myself that I didn’t tell him I could hear everything.

“Next Friday night, meet at the warehouse usual time.”

Marcus loudly sighed before answering. “Fine.”

“What are you so beat up about, huh?” The loud sound of a chair squeaked which allowed me to believe that one of them took a seat.

“Nothing. Is there anything else I can do for you, Lou?”

“Nope, just make sure your ass is at the warehouse next week. If you’re a minute late, your ass will be deep down the Charles river, if yah know what I mean.”

“Sure, sure, whatever you say, Lou.”

“Sunday dinner this week?”

“Nope, you know we don’t do those anymore.”

“That’s just a damn shame. I still ask your brother every week just in case. I always look forward to your mom’s cooking, especially her famous lasagna.”

“Yeah, me too. Anything else, Lou?” Marcus asked clearly irritated.

“Why do I have the feeling that you want to get rid of me? And all through lunch you referred to me as Lou. What are we not family anymore, Marky?”

“Sorry, I’ve been a little distracted.”

“Forgiven for now, well I’ll let you get back to work. I know you’re a busy young man. See you next week, Marky.”

“Yep, see you then L- uh, Uncle Lou.” The sound of the door closing was the last sound that emanated through the walls. I rushed back behind the desk and popped the earphones into my ears. Did he cancel the Sunday dinner, or was that just something he said to Lou to keep him from coming? I was getting the feeling that Uncle Lou wasn’t really family, but if he’s not related to him, then who is he?

Marcus walked through the door, breaking my thoughts. He smiled at me, and I pulled the earphones out of my ears.

“You didn’t go out to lunch with Jeremy?” He asked, making his way to me.

“Nope, he had a lunch date with Stacy.” I frowned.

“Aw babe, I’m sorry. If I could’ve gotten out of this lunch appointment, I would have, but I canceled on this guy last week.” He reached my desk and shook his head when he saw the half-eaten sandwich on top of its wrapper. “Look at you eating by yourself; I feel terrible now.”

“Don’t worry about it. Seriously I’m fine. It was kind of relaxing sitting here, surfing the web, listening to music. It was okay. I promise.” He eyed me suspiciously then grabbed my hand. With one swift movement I was lifted from the chair, turned, and placed on his lap after he took my position on the seat.

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