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My body gave in, not able to take it anymore, and I convulsed around him as I came for the second time. He didn’t stop; he continued at the same pace, grunting with pleasure as he felt me weaken in his arms. “Marcus, please I can’t take it anymore,” I moaned. I could feel the pressure building up again within my lower belly. I couldn’t do it to myself. At that moment, it was painful but pleasing at the same time.

“Beg me to stop,” he whispered as he nibbled on my earlobe.

“Please stop,” I quietly begged as the pleasure of his lips caressed my neck. With my words, he thrust three more times before he exploded deep within me, groaning my name.

We stayed seated that way for what seemed like forever, catching our breaths. Finally he lifted his head from my neck, planting a kiss on my swollen lips. My smile widened, and I giggled. He raised an eyebrow. “What’s so funny?”

“So that’s what they call the Energizer Bunny?” I laughed. He chuckled and lowered me into the bed so that we were lying side by side looking at each other. I held my head up with my hand and watched as he stared at me mesmerized.

With his hand, he caressed my body from the side of my breast to my hip and back up, slowly tracing my curves. “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen.”

“I truly doubt that,” I said as I rolled my eyes. He’s gorgeous; I’m average.

“Why are you so insecure? You’re beautiful from head to toe. Any girl would be jealous of you. Your curvy body, beautiful big green eyes, and those lips…those lips are juicy and delicious.” He smiled as he caressed his thumb against my bottom lip before placing a small kiss against them.

“I don’t know. It’s a female thing, I guess.” I shrugged. Leaning in, I laid my head against his chest. I listened to his heartbeat which was soothing. We lay in silence and fell asleep in each other’s arms.


I had more orgasms in three days than I’d had in my entire life. We had sex in every area of the beach house: the living room, kitchen, bedroom, shower, even on the beach. We were able to goof around and play games but also have deep conversations. I felt closer to him than I had with any man. The weekend was ending, and I was beginning my new externship position the next day. I was nervous. What if he’s different around me? How will he act? Will he be the same goofy, sexual, and fun Marcus that I have grown to know? Of course he’ll have to be professional and the powerful man at work, but will he dismiss me and pretend I don’t exist? I knew that if that were the case, I would have to suck it up, but it still left a slight twinge in my belly.

I looked over at Marcus who was on a phone call as we drove to the airport. He made such a commitment to me over the weekend by shutting off both of his phones the entire day. He gave me his full attention by day only to turn it back on at night to make sure there were no emergencies. I was thankful for that as I knew he was a busy man. He ended his call and placed his arm around me. He must have sensed the worry in my eyes. “What’s wrong?” he asked, placing a kiss on the top of my head.

“I was thinking about how this is going to work at the office.”

“What do you mean?” His lips remained on my head as he mumbled beneath them.

“Well you know … we’re just getting to know each other, so maybe we should keep this private until we feel as though we can take it to the next step?”

He remained quiet for a moment. I wish I could read his mind, I wondered what he was thinking. “Is that what you want?” He ran his fingers through my hair.

It was obvious that was what he wanted. “Yes, I’d like to keep it strictly professional around the office. I wouldn’t want people to think any less of me.”

He sighed before responding. “Okay, we can keep it strictly professional for now.”


Four hours later, we pulled in front of my apartment. I was tired and had to get myself ready for work the next day, but I was disappointed the weekend was over. Surprisingly I was feeling attached and almost pouted because of the distance we would have. I shook that thought out of my head and stepped out of the car door that Marcus had opened for me. I reached up and gave him a tight hug. I truly did not want to let go. His scent was so sweet and his body so strong I felt safe and warm with him. He returned the hug gently, lifting me up from the ground. When he placed me back down, we embraced with an intimate kiss.

“Marcus, thank you for everything, this entire weekend was amazing,” I said as I pulled back with my arms still wrapped around his neck.

“Thank you for coming and giving me a chance. You don’t know how much it means to me that you were willing to do this.” I smiled and gave him one last kiss before walking into the building.

When I entered my apartment, there was a strong nasty smell in the air. I walked over to the kitchen to see that the garbage can was completely full. Ugh! I can’t believe Jeremy! He only had one task while I was gone and that was to take the trash out, and he just dismissed it altogether. I lifted the bag from the trash can and tied it. I went back down the stairs to throw it in the dumpster by the alley.

When I reached the entrance door to the building, I could see through the side glass that Marcus was still out front. He was talking to a man. The man was handsome with a full set of salt and pepper hair. He looked older than Marcus but by no more than ten or fifteen years. He was also shorter by four inches. Though he wasn’t muscular and tall, his stance was that of a powerful man. He puffed on a cigar and waved his hand while he talked. Marcus looked upset. I couldn’t make out what they were saying, so I cracked open the door to eavesdrop.

“What? Have I not fucking taught yah brother or you nothing? You don’t chase pussy; the fucking pussy chases you.” The man’s voice was loud and raspy with a strong Boston accent.

Marcus shook his head. “What? Yah fucking following me or something now!”

“Jimmie was looking for yah, and so was I,” he said, shrugging while taking a puff of his cigar.

“That cock-sucker knew I was on vacation!” I was surprised to hear Marcus curse. I was wrong about his light Boston accent. He seemed angry, and I could tell that when he got angry his true Boston roots showed.

“Vacation, huh? Since when do you take vacation?” Marcus didn’t answer. Instead he bit down on his lip to keep from exploding. The man continued. “Well, he said you were planning on coming back, yah know, to finish the job. We tried calling yah, but you wouldn’t answer. It took every inch of my fucking bone not to get on a plane and fly to the Bahamas to drag your ass back here. When yah say yah gonna finish a job, yah fucking finish the job, Marky!” The older man growled pointing his finger into Marcus’ chest emphasizing the last few words.

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