“Would you like to walk through the park? I know it’s a longer way to get you back home, but I figured we could walk off what we just ate, and I can spend some more time with you.” He truly had the most beautiful smile I’d ever seen.

Smiling at him, I said, “I would actually like that.” We walked side by side to cross the street. We entered the empty park. A nice breeze gave me a slight chill, and he took off his jacket and wrapped it around me. I thought it was such a sweet gesture. He leaned closer and placed his arm around my shoulder. I was close enough to smell his cologne; it was a sweet smell mixed with his own glorious body’s scent. It was delicious. I leaned my head against the side of his chest, and we continued to stroll through the park.

We didn’t say anything, just enjoyed each other’s company. I was comforted by his scent and his strong grip around me. I could breathe his aroma all day and not get tired of that sweet smell. My thoughts began to turn on me as I imagined him ripping my clothes off and laying his naked body on top of mine. It gave me the chills. I shivered at the delicious thought, and he rubbed his palm against my arm to warm me. If he only knew what caused me to shiver…

When we reached the front of my building, I surprisingly didn’t want to go in. I enjoyed a beautiful night with Marcus, and he was leaving. I’d be alone, thinking of him in my dreams. He stood in front of me, and I couldn’t help but move in closer and inhale his scent. “You smell so good,” I whispered, unable to control my thoughts.

He cupped my cheek with his hand and lifted my face till our eyes met: his dark brown eyes to my emerald green. His thumb gently rubbed against my cheek. “Your eyes are so beautiful; you’re beautiful,” he whispered back. “Promise me you’ll think about what I said about us spending more time together.” I nodded while my eyes remained locked to his.

He licked his lips in a different way this time. He took his time; it was a more erotic lick and ended with a slight bite to the bottom lip. He ducked his head, tilting to the right. He was going to kiss me! I could feel the electricity going through my veins, and he hadn’t even touched me yet.

I closed my eyes, anticipating his mouth. My heart raced as I felt them: his soft warm lips against mine. I felt his mouth open, and he slid his tongue into my mouth. He was gentle, sucking on my bottom lip and returning his tongue back inside in soft circular motions. I wanted more, so I deepened the kiss, forcing my tongue in as far as I could go. He moaned and pulled my hips to his.

I dragged my fingers through his soft, thick hair and tugged lightly. He groaned again, and I felt his erection pressing against my body. Just thinking that my kiss could have that effect on him made me want him more. I rose on my tiptoes, so I could further the kiss.

His left hand was at my waist, pressing me against him, and his right hand was in my hair, his fingers wrestling through my ponytail. His mouth tasted of wine and salt, and I craved him. I’d never wanted a man so much. I would’ve taken him right there in the middle of the sidewalk if I didn’t care that others were watching. I was lost in his spell, and at that moment I didn’t care if anyone watched.

He broke from the kiss first at the sound of the door closing behind us. I looked up, and there was my third floor neighbor. I scowled at the old witch, disliking her even more for interrupting my moment.

She walked down the stairs and glanced at us suspiciously. Marcus gave her a polite nod, and I shot an annoyed smirk at her. She continued down the street, walking her pug. I touched my lips to calm the soreness of the kiss. Once my neighbor was out of earshot, he snapped back in my direction with intense eyes. “Mia,” he breathed. I tried to catch my breath as well.

As if I needed any more distractions, I felt my phone vibrate against my back pocket. I took it out to see a text from Jeremy.

Jeremy (10:22pm): Where are you?

Me (10:23pm): On my way up.

Shoving the phone back in my pocket, I sighed heavily. “I have to go.” He nodded. I was midway through shrugging his jacket off when he grabbed my arm to stop me.

“Keep it, that way you can have my scent near you, and hopefully it will make the decision about us easier for you.” He flashed that dimple and gorgeous smile I was beginning to love and leaned down to plant a small kiss on my forehead. Without another word, he strode to his car which was parked only a few feet away. I watched him get in before I entered the building. What just happened?

Hopefully it was dark enough that he couldn’t see from the rear-view mirror my stupid, girly, ear-to-ear grin. He tasted so good, his lips were so soft, and he was such a great kisser. I was sure I’d replay that kiss in my mind the rest of the night. Was that his plan to kiss me so passionately that I had no choice but to want more? Well it worked. What was I supposed to do? He gave me the best kiss I’d ever had and then left me deprived.

After taking a few moments to calm my racing heart, I entered my apartment with thoughts of Marcus, but they were instantly placed on standby. The brunette from the club last night startled me as she peeked from over the open refrigerator door. She straightened and slowly closed the fridge. She didn’t move, and her expression was one of a deer in the headlights. Jeremy rushed out his bedroom door and nodded, which meant it was my cue.

“What the fuck is going on here!” I yelled, throwing my clutch and Marcus’ jacket on the dining room table.

“Please, baby, let me explain.” Jeremy was holding his hands up to stop my movement.

“Oh don’t ‘baby’ me, who the fuck is this?” I dramatically turned my body and waved my arm in her direction. She was shocked and confused; her eyes went from Jeremy and to me and back several times. The realization that she was naked came to her, so she quickly covered her breasts with her arms.

“Uh, you … you have a girlfriend?” she stuttered at Jeremy.

“Try fiancée, sweetie! You have ten seconds to throw your shit on and get the fuck out of my apartment!” I glared at her. She didn’t move, and I placed my hand on my hip. “Now!” She ran to Jeremy’s room and back out, throwing her dress over her head. Rushing by me, she grabbed her purse and phone from the dining room table and hurried out the door barefoot, not saying a word or apologizing. I looked at Jeremy and rolled my eyes. He ran over to me, kissing both of my cheeks.

“You are a true talent, my dear Mia!” He placed his arms around my shoulders and led me to the sofa. I lay back and rested my head against the arm of the couch with my legs thrown across his thighs.

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