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Slowly and surely, her moans began to fill the air, and rather than stay still, she wriggled her ass to get him to take more.

When she was ready, he took her a little harder, feeding his cock to her hungry anus and increasing the thrusts.

She began to play with her pussy, and with each touch of her clit, her ass tightened. He waited for her to come, to find her release, and when she did, he held her tightly and took her harder, feeling his own orgasm start to build.

He slammed in hard and deep and flooded her with his cum, claiming another precious part of her as his.

Kissing her neck, he wasn’t in a rush to move, but he did roll them to their sides so he wasn’t crushing her.

“You’re amazing,” she said. “I don’t want to ever leave you.”


He smiled.

Unfortunately, he still had a job to do.

Chapter Eight

Three days later

Neither of them had spoken about their night.

Meghan sure wasn’t going to bring it up. She hadn’t passed out from exhaustion, but they had slept together and it had been a deep one. She had woken to his cock still in her ass as they’d been in the same position. They’d showered, cleaned the hotel room, and left.

Three days later, they’d been in yet another hotel room, and now were on their third different hotel, and she watched as Riley got ready.

“Do you not have your own place?”

“Yes, but I rarely go there.”


“Anyone could be hunting it. I’m not stupid.”

“But you’re taking advice from people who are messaging you?”

He’d gotten a text before they landed at the hotel, still within the same city run by Peace.

Riley stopped by the bed. “What’s your problem?”

“I don’t want to be left here waiting, Riley. I can help.” She didn’t want to be left alone where she was tempted to go and get a pregnancy test. Did they have ones where she’d be able to know three days after the fact? Also, why would she want to be left alone dwelling on what could never be?

Riley had said so himself—they didn’t have any future.

“You’re a high risk.”

“I’m not. Let’s face it, you’re planning on this being your final mission. Why not dress me up, you know, taunt David? It could be fun.” She wasn’t a good actress, but going into David’s lair and showing him she wasn’t dead, that she could do.

Riley frowned and watched her. “You want me to take this fight to him?”

“How about we speed things up a bit? You don’t know if he’s even aware all the things happening to him, are you? He probably thinks you’re dead. Where are you going tonight?” she asked.

He looked at her. It was one of his blank expressions that said he didn’t trust her and wouldn’t be sharing information so soon with her.

“Seriously, you’re going to do that? I’m willing to die for you. Please give me a little credit here with not luring you into some den and plot, or whatever it is you think I’m doing.”

“It is dangerous.”

“So? It’s not stopping you.”

“Because I’ve done this before.”

“Ugh, so what? Because I don’t have any experience in killing people, you think I’m not going to be good at it.”

He stepped closer, capturing her chin and forcing her to look up at him. “Taking a man’s life or even a woman’s life, it isn’t easy. When they look you in the eye, begging, giving you so many reasons why they should live.”

“You found it easy to just end them.”

“I’m trained. I’ve practiced in this field, Meghan. Not you.”

“Then don’t make it so I have to kill. Look, I can help or not, but leaving me here, doesn’t that put you at more risk?”

“Why does it?” he asked.

“I may not stay here.”

“You want me to tie you up so I know you’ll stay here.”

She rolled her eyes. “Use me, Riley.”

“Believe me, when I come back, I will.”

“Not like that. I mean actually put me to some use. I think you’d be pleasantly surprised.”

He folded his arms, and she knew she was at least a little convincing. The only reason she wanted to go with him was so she wasn’t alone.

How crazy was that?

She’d been alone her whole life. There was nothing new for her, but right now, she was a little afraid of being by herself. There was nothing wrong with wanting a little company, right?

She didn’t know who she was trying to convince right now.

“Fine. He’s got a shipment of heroin coming in by the docks. It’s always a low-key shipment. However, with this one, he’s desperate. His last supply ended up burning the night’s sky. They always come in on little speedboats. Men pretending to fish to get past the guards. This time, he’s got one of the men he paid off to keep a blind eye. The men have doubled.”

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