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“There’s no other woman in my life. There’s no one else but you.” His breath is against my bare shoulder, and I close my eyes.

What would it take to make him lose control? What would it take for me to push him there? Before I can find out, his arm snakes around my waist and he pulls me even closer to him. I feel a hard length against my ass and it surprises me. I audibly gasp at the size of it, but I don’t make a move to pull away. Instead I press my ass against it more firmly as his lips move down my neck.

“You’re seventeen for ten more hours,” he whispers as his hand moves slowly down my body. “Be careful with how you tease me until then.”

He cups my sex over my pants, and I feel the heat of his palm even through the material. My mouth falls open, but no sound comes out. Instead I feel the pressure of his possessive and intimate hold and there’s no room for discussion. It belongs to him.

“Ten more hours,” he says, before he releases me and opens the door.

I walk on shaky legs to my meeting with Chad. Washington is close behind me the whole way as the throb in my panties makes it nearly impossible to think.

Chapter Three


I stand by the door and watch her advisor go over her options. I’m trying not to kill him with my stare, but every time Honor smiles at him I want to choke him with my bare hands. The little shit keeps looking down her shirt. Doesn’t he know she’s seventeen?

Not that it stopped me from rubbing against her sweet little pussy. I casually bring my hand to my face and inhale, trying desperately to smell her. How fucking long have I waited? I’m a complete bastard because I was okay with her being locked away so men like Chad couldn’t leer at her. Meanwhile I was jerking off to her long before I should have been. I should be ashamed, but no one has ever made me question myself or my job. I’ve been so close to giving it up, but I knew if I did I couldn’t be near her like I am now. But I want to throw it all away and take her with me. I want to lock her up in my bedroom and keep her as a pet, but the president wouldn’t look too fondly on that.


She leans forward and points to something on the paper in front of him, and he takes the opportunity to look down her shirt. I’m at his side in a second looking down exactly where he is. He jerks his head up and his cheeks flush at being caught.

“Time’s up,” I say and look over at Honor. “You have other obligations.” I want to call her sweet pea, but I bite my tongue before it comes out.

How much longer can I wait to claim what belongs to me? It’s barbaric and it’s probably going to get me a cell in Sing Sing, but I don’t care anymore. I’ve been trained to kill and to do it without getting caught. Right now I feel like putting all of that training to use on Chad. Fuck, even his name makes me want to punch him in the face.

“We’re almost finished here,” he says, like he doesn’t see my face. Or know that I’m only seconds away from ending his life.

“I think I have what I need,” Honor chirps, and the dickhead doesn’t know how lucky he is that my girl is saving his ass.

“You have my number if you have any more questions,” he says, turning his full attention on her ass as she turns around to grab her bag. “Or if you just want to talk.”

“She doesn’t want to talk.” I take her bag from her with one hand and wrap the other around her upper arm, leading her away from the boy who is trying to move in on what’s mine. I bring my watch to my mouth. “Freedom is on the move.”

I’ve got a microphone embedded into it, which feeds back to the entire security team. Good thing I set it to cut off when I was in her wing. I don’t need anyone knowing all the filthy things I said to her. Or what I’m going to do to her at midnight.

“If I didn’t know better I’d say you were jealous,” she says right before she smiles brightly to a passing staff member. “Good afternoon.”

“Do you have to be so nice to everyone?” I say as I release her upper arm. I have to be so careful not to draw attention, but my control is running thin. Being so close to what is almost mine has it that way.

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